Shannon McCabe & Alicia Perry of HPI's did a great presentation on "Haunted West Sacramento"
Gloria Young of Ghost Trackers, presentation was on "Ghosts at the Brookdale, and Other Hauntings"! Celebrity Psychic Nancy Bradley & Robert Reppart of Gold Rush Ghosts - The Celebrities Psychic Nancy Bradley is one of only 4 recognized psychics in California, and she's been noted as a top ten psychic in the world for 19 years! Robert Reppert, owner and head investigator for "Gold Rush Ghosts Investigations", displayed one million dollars worth of the top ghost hunting equipment! Michael Cline of Bay Area Paranormal's presentation, "An Interactive study on Remote Viewing"

Dale Kaczmarek is President of the Ghost Trackers, Newsletter, editor of Ghost Trackers Newsletter, and director of Excursions Into The Unknown, Inc., the only year-round ghost tour of haunted Chicagoland locations. Dale Kaczmarek is also the author of "Windy City Ghosts", "Windy City Ghosts II", "AField Guide to Spirit Photography" and "Illuminating the Darkness: TheMystery of Spooklights". Ghost Research Society http://www.ghostresearch.org

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Many explored the town of Brookdale or head to Santa Cruz for dinner! Then joined in at the Brookroom for Nancy Bradley's Seance! The official Ghost hunt began with almost the whole hotel to explore. An a few Paranormal occurrences did happen! "Real ghost photos - real ghost stories." you decide!

HPI PARANORMAL, H.P.I. Haunted and Paranormal Investigations www.hpiparanormal.net

A thank you:
"I would personally like to thank everyone that joined us at the Northern CA Paranormal Conference at the Brookdale Lodge. It was incredible to meet all the other ghost hunting groups from all over CA. And I cannot wait to have our next one! We have so much planned so stay tuned... "

"I would also like to thank the entire staff of Haunted America Tours for their continued support and all they do for us at H.P.I. Paranormal!!!"

"I would personally like to thank everyone that made the Northen CA Paranormal Conference a success, Nancy Bradley for your incredible insight into the psychic realm, Robert Reppert for showing us the latest in ghost hunting gear. Michael Cline for teaching us how to use Remote Viewing in our daily lives. Alicia Perry for an incredible story about a "West Sac Haunting". Mary Casiano for getting it all down on video. Carol Gillis for selling our shirts so fabulously. Scott Mosbaugh, John Wachter, and Kristen Sheley for leading an incredible ghost hunt. Tim Hawkins for keeping my life in line. Brian Colbert for your help during our setup. Mike Henderson for designing our T-shirts, Gloria Young for teaching us about the hauntings at the Brookdale. Melanie, Lovey, Roger, Elaine and all of the Brookdale Lodge Staff. And yes, even the band! We'll see you all again next year! And a great big thank you to Paul Dale Roberts for writing our story, to Ricardo Pustanio for the gorgeous watercolor painting, and the staff Haunted America Tours for their incredible support in publishing our stories!"

Sincerely, Shannon McCabe
President, H.P.I. Paranormal

Lady Luna, Nancy Bradley & Shannon McCabe of HPI

Lady Luna is the proprietor of a metaphysical store called Earth Central in Loomis, CA www.EarthCentral.net She was a vendor at the Northern CA Paranormal Conference Psychic Nancy Bradley can be found at www.NancyBradley.org
Nancy spoke on spirits vs. ghosts and how to capture your own psychic abilities. She also the group in a seance held in the haunted "log cabin" on the grounds of the Brookdale Lodge.

HPI PARANORMAL CONFERENCE 2007: Carol Gillis Treasurer of HPI

Carol Gillis is H.P.I. Paranormals treasurer, and long time friend of Shannon McCabe

HPI PARANORMAL CONFERENCE 2007: Michael Cline of Bay Area Paranormal BAPI speaks on Remote Viewing.

Michael Cline of Bay Area Paranormal (BAPI) www.BayAreaParanormal.com speaks on "Remote Viewing". He had a psychic friend of his in Texas go to an undisclosed area and had the guests of the conference try to determine her location by Remote Viewing. The psychic in Texas was Dee Disparti www.blogtalkradio.com/paranormalperceptions

HPI PARANORMAL CONFERENCE 2007: Brian Colbert of HPI takes notes. Brian Colbert is one of H.P.I. Paranormals top investigators.

HPI PARANORMAL CONFERENCE 2007: Many ghosts were in attendance at the Brookdale Lodge on this weekend. Here you can see an orb in motion over the brook running directly through the Lodge. This is the brook that the famous "Sarah" drowned in.

HPI PARANORMAL CONFERENCE 2007 : The Spectacular View at the Brookdale Lodge.






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