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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





A Real ghost Lives In My Mouth... How Do You Banish A Haunted Bad Breath!

Haunted Halitosis


Ever hear a strange sound or gotten a bad taste in your mouth while you were talking with someone? You realize that your breath probably isn't as minty clean and super fresh as it was earlier today.

Do you feel as if something is moving around inside your mouth haunting your molars or wisdom teeth? It might just be a real ghost! Or worse yet a demon from Hell.

Many think a mouth ghost is just a person's consciousness functioning at a different frequency.


Are you plagued by a real case of Haunted Halitosis?

Ever think a ghost might be living in your mouth? Many normal unaware people and paranormal investigators suffer from it and do not know it is because of paranormal forces living in their mouths.

There are many reasons your breath can smell bad. But what if it is because a real ghost is living in your mouth. When a severe case of Haunted Halitosis is not the reason then you know a formal exorcism on your mouth is actually warranted.

Yes Halitosis can happen for a multitude of reasons. Diet is an obvious reason. However, if you stay away from stinky foods and tobacco and still find that you have problems with bad breath, it's time to visit your dentist or doctor. But if they can find nothing wrong then an exorcist might be the real cure your looking for.

You've tried Breath mints, gum and mouthwash but the smell and the ghost just won't go away. You've searched the internet and have found only the cures for Halitosis. These may work for a while but if your mouth is haunted your in big trouble.

It has been called Zombie Breath because it smells like a rotting corpse. Spooky Tooth, Haunted Halitosis, molar ghosts. Vampire breath, Death Rattle Stench.

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2. TheraBreath
3. CloSYS
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5. Binaca
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Many ghost Hunters have had this problem and not become aware of it until someone else points it out to them.

A Ghost Hunter Ghost Tour Operator tried everything in the book to banish his evil foul smelling bad breath. But nothing worked. He never realized that a ghost had taken up residence in his mouth. Over the course of a month or two his mouth began to produce a really bad smelling odor. It actually smelled like a decaying body and a musty old moldy damp basement. You could actually smell this stench from over 12 feet away. A gurgling or rattling sound is what he would often hear as he sat alone quietly. And his snoring turned into an actual Death Rattle!

One night his wife heard a strange little voice coming out of his mouth. It actually carried on an hour long conversation with her. All she could think of was the little boy from Stephen King's "The shinning" saying that ghost lives in his mouth.

She questioned the ghost asking it it's name, when and where it lived, to why it was in her husbands mouth. In the morning she told her husband about the ghost talking to her and that's when an exhaustive search began in trying to find an exorcist to deal with the problem.

Normal Bad breath is caused by a build up of bacteria and other toxins in your mouth. Her husbands dental hygiene could be to blame is the answer that a Christian minister told her. He suggested he check in with his dentist regularly for a professional cleaning, and make sure that he was brushing and flossing every day. And was told to really pay extra attention to his tongue, where odor causing bacteria can nestle in. He also told her that he would not perform an exorcism because it was down right not possible.

But the ghost kept talking to her each night. Telling her of his life and how he was lonely and did not want to leave her husbands mouth. Her husband in fact did not believe her until the voice was actually heard by him while giving a ghost tour. It actually corrected him about the haunted hotspot on his tour. This really freaked him out as it would anyone.

At a Paranormal Conference he confided in a well known ghost Hunter from New Jersey who informed him that his foul evil haunted smelling breath could also be an indicator of a a medical disorder. Infections in your respiratory tract and sinuses can cause a rotten odor. If your dentist says your teeth and gums are healthy, but you still can't get rid of bad breath, make an appointment with your doctor. Which he did. But they could find nothing wrong.

It was not until he met a Jesuit priest who related to him that many mouth ghost are usually a sign of possession. And he was given prayers to recite which seemed to only anger the ghost.

The Priest's deepest fears that he related was that it might be a demonic force pretending to be a ghost. And in many cases this is the fact not the rule of thumb.

An investigation was set up and a formal Rite of Exorcism performed. In the Bible, God is depicted as animating Adam with a breath. A widespread belief concerning ghosts is that they are composed of a misty, airy, or subtle material. Anthropologists speculate that this may also stem from early beliefs that ghosts were the person within the person, most noticeable in ancient cultures as a person's breath, which upon exhaling in colder climates appears visibly as a white mist. This belief may have also fostered the metaphorical meaning of "breath" in certain languages, such as the Latin spiritus and the Greek pneuma, which by analogy became extended to mean the soul. In the Bible, God is depicted as animating Adam with a breath.

Numerous theories have been proposed by skeptics to provide non-paranormal explanations for ghosts living in a persons mouth. They can also be seen living under a persons tongue or hiding in a cavity. And these mouth sightings are not as rare as one would think.

They even show up on dental X-rays. Although the evidence for mouth ghosts is largely anecdotal, the belief in ghosts hiding or living in a mouth, anus or vagina throughout history has remained widespread and persistent. Most ghost or often expelled through exorcism by mouth or anus.

Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation: such paranormal phenomena as telepathy; a medium's paranormal powers. Mouth ghost seem to be able to cause phenomena to occur to individuals that are present also. From levitating objects to actual physical feelings of being touched or hit and scratched.

Paranormal is an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of reported anomalous phenomena. According to the Journal of Parapsychology, the term paranormal describes "any phenomenon that in one or more respects exceeds the limits of what is deemed physically possible according to current scientific assumptions." And a bad case of Paranormal Bad breath is not an exception to the rule.



Basically, something that happens in your mouth without a scientific explanation. WORDS COMING OUT THAT YOU DID NOT SPEAK. Nor any type of movement of the persons vocal chords.

Speaking in a voice that is not your own.

Speaking a unknown or dead language.

Strange sounds, voices, smells of dead rotting organisms. A strong stench as foul as hell.

A breath actually being seen as a strange mist. during normal tempature or in a heated room or climate.

Breath of the Ghost may consist of sounds of a death rattle.

A death rattle is a gurgling or rattle-like noise produced shortly before or after death by the accumulation of excessive respiratory secretions in the throat. Those who are dying may lose their ability to swallow, resulting in such an accumulation. While it is medically established that the death rattle is a strong indication that someone is near death, it can also be produced by other problems that cause interference with the swallowing reflex, for instance, brain injuries.

It is sometimes misinterpreted as the sound of the person choking to death. In terminal care, drugs such as glycopyrronium, hyoscine hydrobromide or atropine may be used to reduce secretions and minimise this effect.

Palliative Care Perspectives : Chapter 11: The Final 48 Hours : Predicting Active Dying

We have learned the most about active dying from following cancer patients, because their dying trajectories tend to be the most predictable. However, patients with other disease processes can certainly enter a pathway largely indistinguishable from that of cancer death. Morita identified four signs that heralded impending death in 100 cancer patients: the "death rattle," respiration with mandibular movement, cyanosis of the extremities, and lack of radial pulse. He measured the median time to death from the onset of these signs. They tended to occur in a rather orderly fashion, with the death rattle preceding respiration with mandibular movement (74% of the time), which in turn preceded cyanosis and pulselessness (63% of the time). The median time until death following the death rattle was 57 (+ or - 23, SD) hours, 7.6 (2.5) hours following respiration with mandibular movement, 5.1 (1.0) hours following cyanosis, and 2.6 (1.0) hour following lack of radial pulse. (I was struck by this study because until I read about mandibular movement, I had been unable to see it in my dying patients.)

As this study suggests, many patients who are actively dying have "noisy respirations." These sounds come from retained secretions in the pharynx and the upper respiratory tree. Sometimes called terminal pneumonia, it is unclear how often such secretions represent true bacterial pneumonias compared to retained normal secretions in patients who are no longer able to cough.

There are many symptoms that occur that indicate that we are approaching our death. One of the most well-known is the death rattle. The death rattle is a sound that is produced when air moves through mucus that has accumulated in the throat of a dying person after loss of the cough reflex and loss of the ability to swallow. This is a very common symptom, though it does not always occur prior to death. The death rattle does not cause any discomfort to the patient, however, family members frequently find the sound distrubing.

People susceptible to Ghost Haunting their Mouths:

Ghost Tour Guides, and those People who take ghost tours.

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigators.

Necromancers, Mediums, Psychics and Tarot Card readers seem to be more at risk then normal individuals. Though more cases have cropped up from individuals who just dabble in seeking out haunted locations.



If you think you are suffering from a real ghost or demonic forces haunting your mouth or anus you need to seek out professional help right away. My goal is to alert all those that are too embarrassed to get professional help . Many Paranormal Investigators today or more open to having a real conversation with these ghost that live inside of people.

Demonic forces are often the culprits that haunt a person rather then an actual ghost. Or at least that's what many believe who investigate and encounter such forces. Many well Known's in the field have not only encountered These paranormal encounters but have had it happen to them but do not wish to come forward or be named.

Exorcist and Demonologist often have had very disturbing encounters with entities that haunt living beings. Demonologist Kenneth Deel Joins The Tim Yancey Encounters Paranormal Radio Series: Program. Discussing His 28 Years Of Research And Investigation Of Violent Demonic Hauntings.


Violent Mouth ghost have been known to speak out during Church meatings, Funerals and Weddings. It kind of goes back to someone saying the devil made me say that. Some Mouth ghost will enter a person and actually leave them as quick as they came. Many Demonologist And Lisa Lee Harp Waugh the American Necromancer believe it is because it is all they were meant to do. Or they get bored with the individual they inhabit.

Waugh suggest that if you find that you are haunted in the mouth seek help right away. And the less interactions with others often will help get rid of the problem. "These Paranormal Forces that haunt a mouth often are just looking for interactions with the living beings," she states. " They draw upon arguing with individuals, scaring them and just getting reactions to their supernatural abilities". "If you ignore the mouth ghost it might just leave on it's on." "If your lucky!" "But get Help right away!"

Many voodooist will tell you a spirit of a Ghede can live in your mouth. They utter curses and use horrible lanugage at in appropriate times and in the wrong company.

Waugh says that also sometimes these bad mouth spirits are set upon a person by a curse from a voodoo hoodoo paractioner. Many Mambo's in Haiti, Galveston, Houston, Chicago, Miami and New Orleans are well known for dispelling Bad Mouth Breath ghost. It will cost you a few dollars to get them to help you but it's worth every penny.

Please also see: ROMAN RITUAL AND DEMONOLOGISTS By Kenneth Deel


+ Saint Michael be my protector and evict this spirit or demon from my mouth.

As it was you that caste out the Devil Lucifer from Heaven, I o so pray to you to caste out this foul spirit that lives within me.

By your powers through Our Lord In Heaven free me of this evil that has set itself upon me. And deliver me into the peace I so richly deserve.

Help Me Saint Michael protect me and help me resist the evil that so closely taunts my every word.


Meet a modern exorcist


THe Rev. Gary Thomas knew was dealing with a man who’s life was falling apart.

The man was a scientist, and a skeptic about supernatural evil. So is Thomas, a modern-day exorcist.

The subject of demonic possession is still controversial, as illustrated by the media storm that greeted the revised exorcism rite 10 years ago. While it warned exorcists not to confuse possession with mental illness, it also affirmed ancient teachings about spiritual warfare.

Truth is, Thomas said, the events of the recent Holy Week make no sense without real demons, real temptations and a real hell.

Thomas took a Vatican-approved course on demonic possession while in Rome a few years ago. The second-career priest participated in more than 80 exorcisms. These experiences form the heart of The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, by U.S. journalist Matt Baglio.

Modern exorcists are urged to work with doctors to evaluate those who are suffering. They also use confession, healing rites and Mass to restore spiritual health .

It’s one thing to hear a demon on a recording. Face-to-face encounters are another matter. The classic signs of possession have long been: superhuman strength, speaking languages they have never studied or bizarre physical reactions to contact with holy things. Most people seeking exorcisms are simply ill or emotionally distressed.

“You may see case after case in which there are other explanations for what these people are suffering,” Thomas said. “Every now and then ... you are dealing with the real thing. That’s when you know that sin is real, hell is real and Satan is real. That’s when you learn what the cross and the resurrection are all about.”

Terry Mattingly is director of the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/religion/6377539.html


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You say You Don't You Believe In Real Ghosts And Haunting's?