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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Shannon McCabe:

This Ghostgirl Is A Very Haunted Busy Lady

Shannon Mccabe and "Rocket" on the go!

Shannon Mccabe and "Rocket" on the go in the Hi-Tech Ectoplamsic-mobile!

By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

The Glamorous Ghost Girl, a California Paranormal researcher Shannon McCabe. She has been studying the paranormal for well over 14 years. Though she is a skeptic by all means she is someone who researchers individuals claims that ghost and paranormal phenomena is rampant in America. Mccabe is also one half of the team of herself and the fabulous Psychic Medium, Nancy Bradley.

The Ghost Girls

McCabe is the president of one of the largest paranormal group in California, Haunted & Paranormal Investigations International (H.P.I. International). The prestigious group boasts some strong up and coming people in the paranormal field today : Alicia Perry, Justin Kohn, Chris Grissom, Michelle Paykel, John Wachter, Bryan Coleman, Kristen Sheley, Donna Reynolds, Michelle Stump, Nancy Towne, Jennifer Baca, Carol Gillis, Tim Hawkins, Holly Delaughter, Tanya Douglas, and last but not least Carrina Hanson. Mccabe hs worked with the people individually and belives that they all know what they are up against when it comes to hunting for real ghosts and paranormal activity.

Mccabe is labeled by most as a critical thinker. She gathers information from all senses, verbal and/or written expressions, reflection, observation, experience and reasoning. Critical thinking has its basis in intellectual criteria that go beyond subject-matter divisions and which include: clarity, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance and fairness. And these traits she holds dear to her heart.

Within the framework of scientific skepticism, the process of critical thinking involves acquiring information and evaluating it to reach a well-justified conclusion or answer. Part of critical thinking comprises informal logic. However, a large part of critical thinking goes beyond informal logic and includes assessment of beliefs and identification of prejudice, bias, propaganda, self-deception, distortion, misinformation, etc. Given research in cognitive psychology, some educators believe that schools should focus more on teaching their students critical thinking skills, intellectual standards, and cultivating intellectual traits (such as intellectual humility, intellectual empathy, intellectual integrity, and fair-mindedness) than on memorizing facts by rote learning.

Shannon Maccabe

You might wonder what a skeptical person like Mccabe is doing investigating ghosts?

The truth is she wants to open the eyes of those around her to what is normal and help define the line that is considered the supernatural or paranormal. Mccabe believes that you must step into each situation objectively. you can not look into situations believing everything you hear and see. As it is taught in certain introductory science classes, pseudoscience is any subject that appears superficially to be scientific or whose proponents state is scientific but nevertheless contravenes the testability requirement, or substantially deviates from other fundamental aspects of the scientific method.

In ordinary usage, Mccabe's skepticism (or scepticism), is an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or toward a particular paranormal phenomena. Her pyrrhonism is a position that refrains from making truth claims as such: A location is definitely 100% haunted. And that she feels so many others throw around to freely.

A a scientific (or empirical) skeptic, Mccabe is one who questions the reliability of certain kinds of claims by subjecting them to a systematic investigation. The Mccabe's personal scientific method details the specific process by which this investigation of reality is conducted. Considering the rigor of the scientific method, science itself may simply be thought of as an organized form of skepticism.

This does not mean that the scientific skeptic is necessarily a scientist who conducts live experiments (though this may be the case), but that the skeptic generally accepts claims that are in his/her view likely to be true based on testable hypotheses and critical thinking.

Common topics that Mccabe likes to discuss and questions include: The health claims surrounding certain foods, procedures, and medicines, such as homeopathy, Reiki, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), vertebral subluxations; the plausibility of supernatural entities (such as ghosts, poltergeists, angels, Demons, the devil and gods as well as the existence of ESP/telekinesis, psychic powers, and telepathy (and thus the credibility of parapsychology); topics in cryptozoology, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, alien visitations, UFOs, crop circles, astrology, repressed memories, creationism, intelligent design, dowsing, conspiracy theories, and other claims She see's as a skeptic as unlikely to be true on scientific grounds. As of Late she has set her sights on 2012 The Mayan Calendars prediction as being the end of the world.

Recently Mccabe as been asked to participate on an upcoming episode of Showtime's Penn & Teller: "Bullshit'. Showtime Producers have as of October 2008 invited McCabe to investigate the year of the end of the world 2012!


Shannon Mccabe


A word About 2012 Research From Ms. Mccabe Herself:

There are many unsolved mysteries to this Mayan Calendar and the 2012 mystery. And I, Shannon McCabe, plan on finding out just what they are… Stay tuned, in the next month when I return from Chichen Itza I will recount everything I saw, felt, heard, and experienced at the Mayan Ruins.

In fact, Showtime has gotten me a really cool HD, infrared camera to record a digital diary of the trip. I will also be bringing all my other equipment so that I can possibly capture some EVP’s and maybe even some UFO activity, remember the “Mother Ship” that Riley Martin talks of?

And although Penn & Teller are probably going to rip me to shreds for my findings, I welcome them with open arms. I have been a very big fan of their skeptical humor, and those who know me, know I am a hard core skeptic myself.

I am sure as Bullshit that they will make me look like a complete idiot and I am loving’ it! Chichen Itza here we come!

Shannon McCabe
President, H.P.I. International
(Haunted & Paranormal Investigations)

Shannon McCabe

Ghost Girls TV


Mccabe also hosted an episode of a new paranormal series called "Conversations with a Serial Killer" out of the UK, airing in late 2008. She and fellow paranormal investigator and Celebrities Psychic, Nancy Bradley, also have another TV show together called "Ghost Girls".

Critical thinkers such as Mccabe gather information from using all senses, verbal and/or written expressions, reflection, observation, experience and reasoning. Critical thinking has its basis in intellectual criteria that go beyond subject-matter divisions and which include: clarity, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance and fairness. All this she uses when working on understanding and qualifying a haunted persons story, life and location. But of course her research is done with a collaborate effort of those she work s with in such matters. Team work is always the key to understanding ghosts and things that are just off the scale of normalcy.

Meet The HPI Haunted & Paranormal Investigations International (H.P.I. International) Top Notch Group of Paranormal Investigators who honestly think their way through an investigation and not just go through the motions.:

John Wachter John Wachter - Vice President / Lead Investigator:

Early in my childhood I developed a fascination with monsters when I saw Godzilla, Mothra and the original Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman.

In my teen years I was interested in UFO`s, ghosts and the opposite sex! All my life I have been intrigued by spooky stuff. I took a night school class in the 80`s taught by a local psychic that proved to me there is more out there. First day of class she did readings of people based on objects of theirs that she held and got images and feelings from. I learned to do it to an extent. I also tried Transcendental Meditation, which was very interesting if you separated the gimmick aspects of it. When it came to the paranormal I had no clue that folks actually investigated this stuff, and when I first saw ``Ghost Hunters`` on the Sci Fi Channel, that REALLY piqued my interest. I spent a lot of time on the Internet learning all I could about the topic. (You may have seen me on the ``Ghoststudy`` message boards - I picked up lots of useful info there and elsewhere).

Around this time last year I decided to look for a local group that did this type of thing, and hooked up with HPI. To my knowledge, I have not had a bona fide paranormal experience, although when I was a kid I often heard a voice call my name that did not seem to come from anywhere. I thought it was my parents calling for me, but that wasn`t the case. Anyway, I tend to be skeptical and try to find a natural reason for anything that appears to be out of the ordinary before I accept it is paranormal. I see so many pictures of dust orbs, hair/lint/camera straps that people really want to believe is a ghost. So, I want to get evidence of the REAL deal, and that`s why I`m here....aside from the free beer I was promised!
Jennifer Baca Jennifer Baca - Lead Investigator/ Location Scout:

I grew up as a military brat in far exotic places such as Yokota-Japan, Del Rio-Texas, and Okinawa-Japan with minor stints in Guam & Sacramento, CA at a very young age. I graduated high school on Okinawa with dreams to become an actress - HA! Or a marine biologist. After high school I pursued a career in the Navy to boost my finances, help with college and make a good impression on resumes, always with the intention of exploring other opportunities when my 4 yrs. was up with the military. I became an electrician with the Navy and was stationed onboard the USS Camden out of Bremerton, Washington. After getting out in '95 and trying out other venues, I felt that being an electrician was my best option. After working a couple of years in the electrical field doing construction & low-voltage stuff, I met my hubby while attending apprenticeship training here in Sacramento. We married in 2003 and I managed to squeeze out two beautiful children who are now in the ``Pawns of Satan`` phase in their lives. Despite that, I enjoy being a stay-at-home mother while my hubby, Tony, works full-time as a superintendent for a General Contractor. We live happily, most of the time in a nice house in Antelope. My hobbies include doing investigations with HPI! YEAH BABY! Um, and what else, oh yeah...riding quads, scuba diving, traveling & shopping!!! I'm living the American dream, Baby!
Bryan Coleman - Official H.P.I.Cameraman:

We are so lucky to have Bryan Coleman filming the H.P.I. Investigations! Thank you Bryan!
Holly Delaughter Holly Delaughter - Investigator/ Sensitive/ C.H.T.:

Holly DeLaughter, 38, California native. Holly is one of our newest members and will serve HPI paranormal well with her Hypnotherapy skills and her sensitivity to paranormal activity. Holly is the most well traveled Californian we know... she lives 3 hours south of our base in Sacramento, but she is here in a jiffy if we need her! Holly is a mother, writer, photographer, artist, and C.H.T, trained by the Sylvia Browne Corporation (SBHTC) and she is on a High Sense Perception Mission to promote truth & healing.
Tanya Douglas Tanya Douglas - Michigan Branch:

Carol Gillis Carol Gillis - Treasurer :

I was born and raised in Los Gatos California, a beautiful little town at the foot of the Santa Cruz mountains. When I was 20 I got bored with it all and joined the Navy were I went to exotic lands and met wonderful people. In all my travels I made sure to check out the ``night life`` and have seen and felt a lot of things I could not imagine. After 20 years of roaming the world I got a job in Sacramento and settled down to my short lived mundane life. Then I met Shannon. Needless to say life is an adventure again. I also bought a Harley and joined a motorcycle club. I look forward to more paranormal adventures with the group. I have been to many haunted places, the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle and high street (they locked plague victims in their homes to die). Nagasaki Japan and Tokyo (I had a lot of past life flash backs there).
Chris Grissom Chris Grissom - Lead Investigator:

I grew up in Merced, Ca, where the heat is sweltering and the fog is thick. I was very active in sports most of my life. Soon after high school graduation, I decided that I need to do something with my life. So I went into the military, and spent four years holding an M-16, and counting rivits on airplanes. The pay wasn't great, but I now have great memories. After my service was complete, I decided to live in Sacramento, Ca. I now have a great job I enjoy, and a wife I adore. Then one October morning, my life changed forever. I was blessed by God, and was giving the love of my life. My daughter was born, and I was humbled from that moment on. I cherish every smile, hug, and kiss I get from her.

As far as the paranormal goes, I have had experiences as a child. Like hearing my name being called out when nobody else was home. I have been woken up several times at night, having my hair played with, only to turn around and find nobody there. I grew up wondering, and now as an adult I finally decided it was time to find some answers. I found HPI, and decided this was a perfect opportunity to get some of those questions answered.
Carrina Hanson Carrina Hanson - California Central Coast branch:

Tim Hawkins Tim Hawkins - Secretary / Lead Investigator:

I grew up in Long Beach, CA and have always been fascinated by ghost stories and such. My birthday is at the end of October, so Halloween was always my favorite holiday. I moved to Sacramento over 10 years ago. Shortly after moving here, I rented a house in Carmichael where strange things began to happen. A picture flying off the wall, crying heard in another room, the door to the guest room opening at night, and a wandering burning smell. I don`t live in that house anymore, but, suffice it to say, that whole experience peaked my curiosity. I found H.P.I. in February of 2007 and decided jump right in and become a member of the Board. I try to bring a healthy dose of skepticism to each investigation, but am still waiting for that big moment when we ``catch`` a ghost.
Justin Kohn - Investigator / Assistant Webmaster:

Born and raised in California, I've grown up living my whole life in the Sacramento valley. I am the offspring of fellow H.P.I. investigator Nancy Towne, however, scientific proof of this alleged connection is still inconclusive at this time. I grew up rooting for the monsters in my favorite monster flicks, including classics such as Jaws, Critters, Godzilla, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Travel has always been one of my favorite diversions, and I enjoy any excuse to travel anyplace I have never been to before. I often take trips to the Calaveras wine country to relax and enjoy another love of mine, good wines! Among other things, I am also a heavy armored fighter within the S.C.A., a home brewer, a minister, and a practitioner of Reiki. A diehard computer junkie, I've previously worked for several years as the Lead Technition for H&R Block in Sacramento, setting up and maintaining the office networks and server systems, as well as doing Tech Support and Dispatch for Central and Northern California. I now own and run my own online business from home.

Both a believer and a skeptic at heart, I would rather find and understand every possible explanation for a paranormal occurrence than hold faith in a false assumption. Without proof, you only have blind faith. In this way I hope to see the hoaxes from the facts, and distinguish what we want to see, with what we really see. With the aid of H.P.I., I hope to study and shed some light on the Paranormal, and either explain away or prove it once and for all. I also own a small collection of reportedly haunted items, which keep me company on my desk at home during those late nights...
Michelle Payke Michelle Paykel - Investigator:

I was born in San Francisco, CA but moved to the Sacramento area before I was a year old. I attended Del Campo High School and went on to American River and, Sacramento State College in which I studied Business and Dramatic Arts.

These are some of the experiences that I have had. I have always had a liking for the supernatural and paranormal activities ever since I was about eight years old, when I saw my first apparition. It was my Grandfather who had past away in our home in Carmichael. Before he had passed away he would come to the door of my bedroom and stand there and say good night. After he had passed away I would be visited by this glowing figure with my Grandfather's hat. It wouldn't make any noise but just stand there in the doorway for a brief moment and then slip away. At first, I admit I was scared. It wasn't until later that I figured out that it was my departed Grandfather saying goodnight to me like he did when he was alive. Years later, the night my father passed away, my husband at the time and I were in the bedroom next to my father's. All of sudden we heard drawers opening and closing and things moving around in my father's room. No one else was in there or home for that matter. We both looked at each other asking each other if they had heard it. When I look back on it now, I wish I had gone into the room, but at the time I was too afraid to look. They say that you are more susceptible to seeing ghosts when you are younger. This was proven to me
when my daughter had seen my father after he had passed away.? She was about 2-3 years old when I was holding her on my lap on our front porch. This was the same house in which I saw my Grandfather years earlier. My daughter was facing the kitchen window. She started smiling and waving and giggling. I had asked her who she was laughing at. She told me that she saw Grandpa in the kitchen. Mind you that my father had passed away. Of course I turned around and saw nothing. But she did.

Being a part of H.P.I. has given me a chance to find out more about what we can't always see. I look forward to welcoming all the new members and of course all the new and exciting investigations that we encounter.

Alicia Perry Alicia Perry - Webmaster:

Alicia is an AWESOME webmaster!

Her web site is: Newrain Designs
Donna Reynolds - Investigator:

Donna is our sweet, earthy investigator. She brings a lot of really great energy to her investigations and the clients feel really comfortable with her. She is a practicing Wiccan and has taught us a lot!
Kristen Sheley Kristen Sheley - Historian / Investigator:

I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland that is best known for being the World Headquarters of Nike. After an uneventful childhood, I went off to college at the University of Oregon to earn a journalism degree. Then, jaded by the world of contemporary media, I earned a Masters of Education to teach high school English. A job offer took me from my hometown to Sacramento in 2003, and I`ve been here since. In my ``free`` time, I write fiction and am the author of a YA series called ``Partners in Time``, which you can easily find at the local Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobel, etc.

Regarding ghosts, I have been interested in those since I can remember. I was quite the reader as a child and devoured fiction and non-fiction books about haunted places and ghosts. For a time, my mom fretted about me because the non-fiction books on ghosts were set next to books on demons and the occult in our local library. As I grew up, I collected articles in The Oregonian newspaper about haunted locations (local or otherwise) that were printed, usually around Halloween, and loved the show ``Unsolved Mysteries`` for the occasional pieces they had about haunted places. In high school, I spent a semester doing a 60 page research paper on ghosts, impressing a teacher who thought that the selection of such a topic would not be taken seriously.

During my teenage journalistic endeavors, I wrote a story about the haunted McLoughlan House in Oregon City , Ore. for my high school`s newspaper, interviewing the curator-at-the-time about her experiences there. I also wrote a story about the haunted auditorium in South Eugene High School for the UO`s student newspaper, after a tip from a college roommate, and was able to track down a student who had possibly captured the ghost on film.

Article URL: http://www.uoregon.edu/~bmurray/ghost1.html

In spite of being in many authentically haunted places, however, I have yet to see or sense anything strange. I want that experience - but I am also supremely skeptical and logical, trying to find earthy reasons and explanations for supernatural activity. I suppose that makes me a ``skeptical believer`` and something that is probably a good attitude to have when conducting investigations.
Michelle Stump Michelle Stump - Researcher/Investigator:

As a child, Michele spent her summers at an old ranch in Ice House, California that her mother was the caretaker of. The ranch house was the home of the late Victor Forni, of Foothill fame. She experienced some paranormal activity in the house over the years. Her mother was touched on the shoulder, brother was thrown out of bed and witnessed ?an old man? in the window many times. Michele witnessed footsteps pass her and run up the stairs when she was the only one there.

Michele brings something unique to HPI. A self proclaimed skeptic that will look for plausible explanations before determining the possibility of a haunting. This ghost hunter has a voracious interest in the historical significance of the locations that she investigate's. Architectural design, area history, significant events, artifacts, headstone carvings, genealogy, geography, and any other research are instrumental in getting to the bottom of any paranormal activity. She has also been known to research any events, people, or other information to substantiate any psychic claims.

To Michele, an old, run down, spooky building is beautiful. A graveyard at night is one of her favorite places to be. It is her pleasure to share her hobbies and interests with such a dedicated group of people in HPI. Michele lives in the foothills with her two daughters.
Nancy Towne - Investigator:

I am a native Californian, living in Sacramento for over 25 years. I am the mother of 3 (now grown into incredible adults) and grandmother to 3 adorable girls.

My great grandmother was a healer which answers to me why I have such an interest in healing and energy work. I have been involved in wild animal rehabilitation, Theatre make-up artistry, and I am a Reiki Master, Herbalist and Aromatherapist.

Throughout the years I have done various customer service type work, the highlights being a Dangerous Goods Specialist and Human Resources Manager. I have owned and operated several businesses throughout my life and find my internet businesses to be the most fun.

In the past I have lived in a home with a gentle spirit who would open the door to check on my children as they slept then close the door again. Ghost hunting has become an interest to follow what 'goes bump in the night'. I am blessed to ghost hunt alongside my son, Justin, who is also an H.P.I. investigator.

Mccabe considers these the above Paranormal people the most dedicated individual to finding out the truth about all that goes bump in sunny California.


Please also see: 20 Questions With Shannon Mccabe here.

When you speak to those that know Mccabe they will tell you the lady never stops. Always busy working on something to fill her many diverse interest. From planning her next paranormal investigation, researching the recent paranormal findings of others, or just finding the time to relax from a very over haunted life.

Mccabe has had her run in's with self-described " paranormal debunkers". And those scientific skeptics who aim to expose in public what they see as the truth behind many paranomal and supernatural specific extraordinary claims. Though Mccabe is a bit more relaxed in her beliefs. Debunkers or detractors may publish books, air TV programs, create web sites, or use other means to advocate their message. But Mccabe says you can't take away from her the things that she has personally ofyen experienced.

In some case's Mccabe as a Ghostgirls or HPI case researcher may challenge the haunted claimants stories. Often haunted individuals will premeditate a outright fraud or even stage elaborate hoaxes to prove their point or pull the wool over the groups or publics eyes. Just look at the Great Bigfoot Hoax of 2008 for instance. But. Mccabe is strong believer that paranormal drama should be left to works of fiction and the particular writers that tend to over embellish a paranormal investigation to the nth degree just to cash in on the publicity.

Because debunkers often challenge popular ideas like those of Mccabe's and HPI, she is not a stranger to today's' paranormal communities ghosts and controversy. She is ever on the watch for the real deal herself.

If you have unusual activity in your home or workplace and would like to get to the bottom of what's going on, feel free to contact HPI Or Shannon Mccabe directly at 1-888-709-4HPI.



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