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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Reese the Magnificent

Born December 4,1943 master psychic reader advisor Reese was born of an Illustrious family of powerful psychics and mediums on Maryland's majestic eastern shore. The peaceful ebb tide of the beautiful serene Chesapeake Bay still mightily flows through his very veins.

In Growing up in a wonderful family of psychics, it was at the tender age of 6 when his great amazing powers were first witnessed by his maternal Grand Mother, Mary North.

Living through much confusion during his middle teen years, Reese, was subjected to religious fundamentalist teachings, saying that psychic awareness and powers did not exist. Or they were works of the devil. This suppressed his talents. In no way did this diminish his abilities, nor did they wavier.

In his late 20's a psychic premonition and a need to find his true calling surfaced. Through deep meditatively soul searching, he became fully aware of these mystical psychic gifts and set out to reopen the channels in his mind.

In finding his Powers he attributes and credits his lifetime psychic journey to four psychic master mentors in his life.

Louise Wolf his maternal Grand Mothers sister, was the most influential psychic family member. It is because of her insights and tender teachings that he knew what road he must follow. Elizabeth Gilbert, Fort Lauderdale's well known adept psychic, taught him how to tune in and sharpen his great psychic abilities. Teaching him how to read Cards, Palms, Tea Leaves and Crystal Ball quite extensively. Rev. Rosy Martin world renowned psychic advisor of Miramar, Florida guided him personally. Carol Corbin expanded his Tarot Knowledge and Candle Magic Artistry. She helped perfectly fine tune his clairvoyance and ESP talents. To these perfect four he credits his vast knowledge, talents and understanding. For without their deep extensive teachings, his life, his powers, all might have gone untapped.

Encouraged Reese followed his psychic insights. On visiting New Orleans many times over the years. He felt drawn to return over and over again. Only in moving to New Orleans his true fame and acclaim has only risen. The excitement and lure of this truly magical haunted American City captured his psychic spirit and has certainly never let loose.

The haunting call of the old French Quarter haunted him in his dreams many, many times. Reese said openly to family and clients. And in following the urgency of that dream he has become almost overnight the French Quarters premiere and most famous wonderfully adept reader master psychic advisor, Reese the Magnificent Psychic Wizard King of Bourbon Street.

Reese of New Orleans as he is sometimes called, Is certainly always very well recognized and respected, you can always find him meticulously well dressed in beautiful custom tailored one of kind magnificent trademark wizard garb. Complete with Cloak And hat and bedazzling elaborate fantastic hand sewn styling. These well tailored superb costumes or also hand decorated with jewels, metal and Magical symbols and styling's in ever true stunning New Orleans style.

His time in New Orleans has established him internationally and has only enhanced his accessibility and acclaim. Drawn again by water he has settled and changed his lifestyle to now be his home. Once again touched by the echoing tidal swells and long deep magic roots of New Orleans Mighty Mississippi River.

Psychic Readings should be considered for reasons of entertainment value only. Reese is a independent contractor Psychic/Reader/Advisor and is not part of www.hauntedamericatours.com staff.

Reese of New Orleans Master Psychic is ready and waiting to read for you. Love problems? Worries? Finacial fears? His Psychic insight has helped many world wide. let a true caring professional psychic help you see things you need to see.

Is there a message waiting for you from the other side? Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards or a Straight Psychic Phone reading are available. Reese is here waiting to Read for you now!
Reese invites you to experience a psychic reading with him. Reese's accuracy will astound you...His great abilities will amaze all.

Reese has read for Thousands of people over the years. With insight and  psychic abilites he has really helped many find their way in this world. What are you waiting for? Need help, get a reading now!
With his deep insights and many years of wisdom let his wonderful spirits help you to see your way to a new horizon.

Reese beleives that his place here on earth is to do the work of the Heavenly spirits that do so guide him. Honest in his convictions, he speaks the truth. Many consult him daily for his words of comfort and  psychic wisdom so why don't you! He's waiting to be there for you Now! .

Reese will tell you exactly what he see's .If you do not fear his truths he speaks ...Contact him now for what has been called by his clients "The Greatest psychic reading of your life."

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