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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan



2009 - 2010



The votes are in and The world has decided! These are your most favorite paranomal investigators in America or possibly the world.





Brad Steiger is an American writer and paranormal researcher. His many works take us to strange far away places. They often open and bring us a deeper understandings of a truly paranormal world made normal.

Steiger is also an award-winning writer with more than five decades of experience exploring the highly strange activities associated with miricales, supernatural phenomena, paranormal and unusual occurences.

He is the author of Conspiracies and Secret Societies; Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Houses; and The Werewolf Book. And considered the number #1 expert in the field of the paranormal research and investigation. His vast knowledge is shared among the pages of over 160 books, and "Real Vampires, Night Stalkers and Creatures of the Darkside" is his latest Number One Bestseller to date.

Brad Steiger Official Web Site Visit It Here Now: "www.bradandsherry.com"



Steiger was born on 19 February 1936. And is considered one of their most notabnle nativies to the town of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Growing up in Iowa was an experience that forever marked his personal being with the real scars of understanding and eye opening insights that he still relates to us today. His youth had a profound effect on his beliefs in the stenge other worldly occurences of unexplained mysteries, and the paranormal.

Steiger's first published articles on the unexplained mysteries of our world appeared in 1956, and he since then he has now written over more than 2,000 articles with paranormal, or supernatural themes. From 1970-'73, his weekly newspaper column, The Strange World of Brad Steiger, was carried domestically in over 80 newspapers and overseas from Bombay to Tokyo. The internationl acclaim it brought to him still shines brightly today.

Steiger is married to Sherry Hansen Steiger, a former model. He is a former high school teacher, and college instructor. He began writing when he was a school teacher in his native Iowa when he had writings published in Fate Magazine and other publications. Steiger claims to be politically independent, and cynical of politics. He lists his political heroes, however, as Jonathan Swift, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. When asked about individuals he admired, Steiger listed Ralph Waldo Emerson, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, William James, Fredric W.H. Myers, Rudolf Steiner, Sir William Crookes, and Mario Lanza as those he would have liked to have met.

Photo above: Brad Steiger and is lovely wife Sherry Hansen Steiger. Sherry herself is the author or co-author of over 40 books. From the mid-1980s through 2002, they lectured and conducted seminars throughout the United States and overseas. They have two sons, three daughters, and nine grandchildren, eight girls, and one boy.

Brad Steiger: Official Web Site

Steiger is a former high school teacher, and college instructor. He began writing when he was a school teacher in his native Iowa when he had writings published in Fate Magazine and other publications. Throughout the 1960s Steiger co-wrote 22 books with other writers. Steiger claims to be politically independent, and cynical of politics. He lists his political heroes, however, as Jonathan Swift, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. When asked about individuals he admired, Steiger listed Ralph Waldo Emerson, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, William James, Fredric W.H. Myers, Rudolf Steiner, Sir William Crookes, and Mario Lanza as those he would have liked to have met.

In an online interview with Dan Schneider, Steiger claimed to be an 'Emersonian transcendentalist,' and summed up his philosophy this way:

I believe humankind is part of a larger community of intelligence's, a complex hierarchy of powers and principalities, a potentially rich kingdom of interrelated species, both physical and nonphysical. I believe that humankind’s one truly essential factor is its spirituality. The artificial concepts to which we have given the designation of sciences are no truer than dreams, visions, and inspirations. The quest for absolute proof or objective truth may always be meaningless and unattainable when it seeks to define and limit our Soul, which I believe is eternal, evolving higher, seeking to return to the Source from whence it came. I believe that technology plays a far smaller role in the lives of nations than the spirit, for the essence of humankind is its intellect and its Soul. Machines, associations, political parties, and trade balances are but transitory realities that must ultimately wither, decay, and come to nothing. The only lasting truths are Soul, imagination, and inspiration.

Awards and Honors:

1974: San Francisco, the Genie, for Metaphysical Writer of the Year

1977: Philadelphia, the Dani, for Services to Humanity

1987: Inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame

1996: Minneapolis, Lifetime Achievement Award at the National UFO and Unexplained Phenomena Conference

Television appearances include Nightline with Ted Koppel, ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, NBC Evening News with Tom Brokaw, This Week [with David Brinkley, Sam Donaldson, and Cokie Roberts] The Mike Douglas Show, The David Suskind Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Entertainment Tonight, Haunted Hollywood [for HBO], Inside Edition, The Unexplained [A&E], Giants: The Myth and the Mystery [The Learning Channel]. Fangs vs. Fiction [A&E]. The television series Could It Be a Miracle? features Brad and Sherry in 22 episodes.


Steiger guests on many radio programs in numerous cities throughout the United States, and he is a regular on Jeff Rense's Sightings on the Radio, George Noory's Coast to Coast, Erskine Overnight, The Allan Handelman Show.


He has been interviewed and featured in articles in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle, Arizona Republic, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Milwaukee Sentinel, Baltimore News American, Las Vegas Sun, The East Village Other, Publishers Weekly, Editor and Publisher, Des Moines Register, Dearborn Press, Fate, Family Weekly, Parade, Minneapolis Tribune, Wilmington News-Journal, The New Republic, South Bend Tribune, Library Journal, Buffalo Evening News, Scottsdale Progress, Phoenix Gazette, Scottsdale Magazine, Alamogordo Daily News, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, National Enquirer, National Examiner, The Globe.

Motion Pictures: In 1977, Steiger's bestselling biography of the great silent screen lover Valentino was made into a motion picture by British director Ken Russell, starring Rudolf Nureyev. In that same year, Steiger co-scripted the documentary film Unknown Powers [with Jack Palance as narrator], winner of the Film Advisory Board's Award of Excellence for 1978.

Works of Fiction: In 1956, Steiger began publishing short stories of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction in a wide variety of magazines, including Alfred Hitchcock's, The Saint, Trapped, and Fantastic. Among his novels are The Hypnotist, The Chindi, Alien Rapture: The Chosen [with Edgar Fouche].

What the critics say about Brad Steiger's work:

Baltimore News American: "To a growing number of people, Brad Steiger...may be one of the keys to discoveries of the truth about our origins."

Los Angeles Times: "Steiger is...loving and inspirational and not without intellectual substance."

San Francisco Examiner: "Suspend disbelief when you talk to this man...He is intelligent, articulate, plausible."

Chicago Sun-Times: "Steiger is a calm-spoken man who could be the neighbor next door--if folks in your neighborhood research UFOs and things that go bump in the night."

Minneapolis Tribune: "Steiger is one of those rare students of borderline phenomena able to explore bizarre and improbable events--without lapsing into the guileless credulity of the cultist."

Los Angeles Herald Examiner: "Steiger approaches his subject matter dispassionately and lets the reader make up his own mind."

Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Steiger does not talk in the agitated voice of an alarmist...or a gloom and doom spokesman. He speaks slowly and calmly...His contact with other intelligences does not make him feel special. They have showed him that we are all one."

Milwaukee Sentinel: "Brad Steiger's writing style moves at the pace of a whodunit, never losing clarity...Prepare to question a lifetime of comfortable beliefs when talking to Steiger, because he will quietly and systematically undermine most of them."

Knickerbocker News: "Students of the unexplained are as familiar with the name of Brad Steiger as parents are with the name of Dr. Spock."

The Arizona Republic: "Though Steiger's background has all the traditional trappings [Iowa farmer's son...the product of orthodox Lutheranism], his books are anything but traditional, dealing with UFOs, ghosts, ESP, and psychic phenomena. Steiger can make subjects such as these seem not so far- fetched...He is full of thought-provoking ideas."

Las Vegas Sun: "Watching Brad Steiger stand at a lecturn conducting a lecture is an unusual experience. His personality seems to reach out to touch everyone."

Oklahoma Daily: "A veteran of seeking answers in the realm where the questions are still uncertain, Steiger is one of the most widely known and respected investigators of unexplained occurrences."

Daily Illini: "Brad Steiger is probably the most popular author ever on the subject of unexplained phenomena...If he can show people that there is a part of themselves that is non-material, then he has, he feels, accomplished a spiritual purpose."

Fate Magazine: "Brad Steiger is the best of the popular authors...He is familiar not only with the popular literature but with scientific parapsychology as well."

Journal of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship: "Of the serious writers in the English language today, Brad Steiger is one of a small company that can utilize a clarity of language to blend his deep insights of his material with a story- telling style that literally sweeps one along as an involuntary speed-reader."

Triad Magazine: "To say Brad Steiger is a writer and speaker could be likened to calling Ludwig Van Beethoven a musician. Steiger has played a gigantic role in evolving the exploration of psychic phenomena from the sensationalistic to the realm of the realistic and the understandable."

Probe Magazine: "Without pedantic lectures resolving every mystery, without sanctimoniously showing us 'the way,' Steiger relates well-researched facts, tightly integrates them into the carefully woven tapestry of our reality,and presents possible answers."


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Brad Steiger: Official Web Site.




Mark Nesbitt

Author, Historian & Paranormal Investigator

It could be said that Mark Nesbitt’s first ghost investigations took place in the 1970s when he was a National Park Service Ranger at Gettysburg. Patrolling the battlefield at night could be a downright thrilling experience. When his shift was done, he would head for home, one of the historic buildings on the battlefield—buildings that had been used as hospitals during the battle. More than once, in the middle of the night, he was awakened by strange noises which appeared to have no source—at least no visible source.




Mark Nesbitt has over the years gathered many ghost stories from park rangers, visitors and people who live in the Gettysburg area. Nesbitt tries to gather factual data on the stories he receives so he can offer a background as to why these ghost stories may have evolved. His stories are factual and interesting and do not just talk about battlefield soldiers and civilians , all are also involved in famous ghost stories in Gettysburg!

The entire Ghost Of Gettysburg series is well researched, documented and written. And presents each haunting in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner and maintains the perfect balance of skepticism and belief.

Mark's newest book: "Haunted Pennsylania" is now available. Order your copy today!

Mark’s collecting of these experiences and other ghostly stories about the historic battlefield eventually became the crux for his national award-winning book Ghosts of Gettysburg (1991). Five more books in the series followed, along with The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide: Gettysburg & Beyond (2005).

After 25 years of interviewing individuals who had experienced the paranormal—often in the haunted sites where the events happened—Mark, in 1994, became truly proactive in the field of paranormal investigation. On the darkened Gettysburg Battlefield, Mark, along with Rick Fisher, founder and president of Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania, began seeking out the ghosts he had written about for so many years. Since then, Mark has participated in, or led, over one hundred investigations of scores of haunted sites in Gettysburg, and on the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Court House, Wilderness, and Chancellorsville Battlefields; in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Johnstown, Pennsylvania; in Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, and other states. He has also conducted hands-on workshops on paranormal investigation techniques for those interested in learning more about this field.

Mark’s forte is EVP—electronic voice phenomena—of which he has several hundred examples. His collection of EVP is the core of his next book, Dead Men Talking: The Spirit Voices of the Civil War.

Mark Nesbitt leading a Paranormal Investigation.

Mark Nesbitt leading a Paranormal Investigation Workshop at The Ghosts of Gettysburg headquarters building.

Also See:

Ghost TV Dead On Productions is a partnership between historian Mark Nesbitt, author of the highly acclaimed Ghosts of Gettysburg series, and Investigative Medium Laine Crosby, marketing strategist and former director of marketing for high-tech ventures, including the launch of The Weather Channel New Media and weather.com.

Ghost TV Dead On Productions

The duo also co-host the talk show Ghost Talkers. The show includes interviews with psychics, authors, historians, and paranormal investigators. The first season’s topics include: unpublished Gettysburg ghost stories, capturing electronic voice phenomenon, psychic encounters, demonology, possessed possessions, and all things paranormal. “We noticed a void in the market- audiences’ desires were not being met,” said executive producer Laine Crosby, an ex-marketing executive who now works as an Investigative Medium. “Although national cable networks have begun to offer quality programming about the paranormal, with the exception of the random podcast, the Internet seems to be dead silent. We are the first non-television network to launch this unique programming in the high-tech world.” www.ghostchannel.tv


Special Events
Please join Mark Nesbitt and all of us at the Ghosts of Gettysburg for these book signings and other special events.

 Ghost Of Gettysburg


3. Dale Kaczmarek

Dale David Kaczmarek

Dale David Kaczmarek

Dale D. Kaczmarek

Dale D. Kaczmarek, PRESIDENT:Ghost Research Society, oversees all functions of the main branch located in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He currently publishes and edits The Journal and formerly the Ghost Trackers Newsletter, directs "Excursions Into The Unknown, Inc." and coordinates the Midwest Ghost Exposition.

Editor of Ghost Trackers Newsletter, Author of "Windy City Ghosts" and "Windy City Ghosts 2", "A Field Guide to Spirit Photography", "Illuminating the Darkness: The Mystery of Spooklights", Bibliography of Ghost Movies, Ghostly Websites, Glossary of Occult Terms, Greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Psychic Directory, International Directory of Psychic Sciences, National Catalog of Occult Bookstores, National Register of Haunted Locations, Occult Publications Directory.


The Ghost Research Society was formed as a clearing house for reports of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeist and life after death encounters. The society members actively research and investigate all reports that come their way including private homes and businesses. The society also analyzes alleged spirit photographs, video and audio tapes that they come across from ordinary people or society members.


Investigating the unexplained since 1977...


Ghost Research Society (www.ghostresearch.org)
© 1997/2009 Dale Kaczmarek. All rights reserved.
Web site created by Dale Kaczmarek and Matt Hucke.
Site design and hosting by cynico network consulting http://www.ghostresearch.org/


Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, Paranormal Course & Ghost Investigation

Patti Starr is the President and owner of Ghost Chasers International, Inc., which is based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is an experienced and accomplished paranormal investigator with a goal to prove that life goes on even after death.

Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter Course & Ghost Investigation

Certified Ghost Hunter Course , Ghost Investigation

Patti sets out to find and document paranormal activity in the field of ghost hunting. Her investigative research for ghosts includes electromagnetic field detection, observing electrostatic field disturbances, capturing anomalous images with infrared videography, 3-D photography, digital photography, 35 mm photography, motion detector camera, recorded EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) with audio recording devices, monitoring the temperature with infrared thermometers, along with other advanced techniques to collect data.

Patti also includes prayers of protection before and after the investigation along with metaphysical tools to assist as well. She brings the science and the sensitive together to complete her success in ghost hunting.

Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter,President of GCI, Member of American Society of Dowsers
Patti has been involved in ghost hunting for years and decided in 1996 to formally organize her own group of ghost hunters. She is currently teaching “Introductory to Ghost Hunting” and “Advanced Ghost Hunting” at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

For those who would rather finish these same LCC classes in one day can take her all-day Saturday intro class or the all-day Sunday advanced/certification class at her Ghost Hunter Shop location, 835 Porter Place, Lexington, KY.

Certified Ghost Hunter Home Study Course is offered by Patti as well. You can click here to read about the course and the many tools she has to offer you in developing your skills as a ghost hunter.

Patti is currently touring with, workshops, ghost hunting get-a-way weekends, ghost walks, and performing on the college circuit with world renowned Phychic Medium, Chip Coffey .

Patti is the President and owner of GCI (Ghost Chasers International, Inc.), which was founded in 1996 and is based in Lexington, Kentucky. She leads an experienced, accomplished, group of investigators with a goal to prove that life goes on even after death. Her team sets out to find and document paranormal activity in the field of ghost hunting. She has been written about in several magazines and newspapers, appeared on local and national TV shows.

The investigative research for ghosts includes electromagnetic field detection, observing electrostatic field disturbances, capturing anomalous images with infrared videography, 3-D photography, digital photography, 35 mm photography, recorded EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) with audio recording devices, monitoring the temperature with laser thermometers, along with other advanced techniques to collect data. Patti also includes prayers of protection before and after the investigation along with metaphysical tools such as dowsing to assist as well. She brings the science and the sensitive together to complete her success in ghost hunting.

Being raised in a strict Baptist environment in Wellford South Carolina, until she was sixteen years old, Patti (Russell) Starr realized early that there was much more to life than the boundaries presented to her. The author struggled with the facts given to her about life and death for many years while trying to make sense of the unsolved mysteries of other unknown forces. Knowing that she wanted to understand more about the taboo subject of death, dying, the soul and the spirit world, fed her curiosity to search for more answers.

Over the last few years, Patti became very active in researching and conducting ghost investigations. Her sightings, conversations and visitation with ghosts and spirits began to put more meaning into her understanding of life and death situations. Her study of the spirit world involves scientific procedures as well as a spiritual approach. The combination of these two methods, the science and the sensitive, has yielded many wondrous effects.

Patti has been featured on many local and national television programs throughout the US. She was featured on the Food Network, the “Best of” during a show called, “The Best of Food Fright” which was filmed at the haunted historic Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky. Patti has also been featured with world renowned Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey, (www.chipcoffey.com) also a former resident of Spartanburg, South Carolina, on the A&E Network, “Airline” filmed while they conducted a ghost investigation in Birmingham, Alabama, at the haunted Sloss Furnaces.

Patti Starr and Chip Coffey are a Ghost Chaser Team and are available for bookings through GP Entertainment. They are now seen all over the US on the College Circuit. Their PowerPoint program consists of numerous photographs, videos and audio recordings captured during investigations of haunted locations ... as well as chilling stories of all their ghostly encounters!

For more information about booking Patti and Chip at your favorite college, contact Rich or Tim at GP Entertainment at (866) 812-8248 or via E-mail at:



An Entertaining and Enlightening Trip into the Spirit World, Presented by
Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter


Call Patti 859-576-5517 Or Email Patti at patti@ghosthunter.com



STACEY ALLEN MCGEE, Certified Ghost Hunter and Tour Director for Appalachian GhostWalks Founder of The Alternate Realities Center

Stacey Allen McGee ~ Founder and Director

Certified Ghost Hunter
The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center Founder and Director
Appalachian GhostWalks Tour Director and Ghost Guide With Over
Twelve Years Experience In Paranormal Investigations


"The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center", founded in February 1994, was created by The ARC Founder and International Director, Stacey Allen McGee. The organization is based in the small town of Unicoi nestled in Southern Appalachian Mountains near Johnson City, Tennessee which is located in upper eastern region of the State. The ARC holds area meetings to discuss all manner of the paranormal, offers an alien abduction support group, and offers several walking tours for area residents and area travelers who find themselves passing through the Southern Appalachian Mountains and wish to learn more about our rich history and urban legend, as well as the art and science of ghost hunting.

In recent interview, the founder of The ARC has express that to describe me, is to describe my work. The ARC explores the world of unexplained mysteries, engaging phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a strong commitment to scientific methodology and procedures with efforts to focus on the Human equation. Our mission is to continuously represent new inspiration for new paradigm thinking and ideas in an effort to bring about new directions for the potentials of human consciousness, while bringing about a broader sense of self-awareness.

"The ARC" is not a cult, single-cause institute, or political action group. However, the organization does consider the study of phenomena with unexplained origins which manifest themselves in the reality of this physical world to be of utmost importance to our further mental and spiritual development as a species in the cosmic scheme of life. Reality is not always quantifiable. Just because something can not be measured, cataloged, or photographed does not mean that it does not exist. However, The ARC utilizes sensitive electronic equipment to document paranormal activity when and where ever possible.

Although not exactly proven, yet theorized by known science, we assume that our Universe is one of many and that each Universe has many levels of existence; In other words, it is multiplanar. In this we may extrapolate that there could be many different 'realities'. Furthermore, the organization embraces and celebrates the individual differences of Human beings, recognizing that one individual's perception of the Universe may not be that of another's. "The ARC" sponsors public awareness events as a means by which we may acknowledge the complexity of the known Universe.

Our primary purpose is the attempt to present data and scientific evidence that will alter the 'paradigms' of our modern society. Those who are not familiar with this term will be happy to know that a 'paradigm', in its most basic sense, is a 'mental map'. It is the way we perceive, understand, and interpret the world around us. It may also be defined as the accepted 'truth' about the way all things are suppose to be, or behave.

Often, the accepted way of doing things, or the way we think about our world invokes frustration as it becomes no longer convenient, or appropriate to suit our immediate need. The desire for change often leads us to open our eyes, as well as our minds, and search beyond the accepted truth. When the act of looking 'outside the box' inspires a 'change of mind', we refer to this as a 'paradigm shift'.

Over the years, The ARC, and it's progenitors ~ the United States UFO Information and Research Center, the Southern Appalachian UFO Network, the Northeast Tennessee UFO Network, and the Northeast Tennessee Mutual UFO Network, have had a number of articles and other media coverage. The ARC has had stories in several publications, but when we were published in first and collector's edition of the magaizine "X-Pose'", a magazine published and distributed in several countries in Europe and Canada, we were simply overjoyed. We were in good company as we shared this first edition publication with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny of the X-Files. Also, The ARC was featured on the Emmy Award winning television documentary "Liars and Legends" hosted by Grammy Award winner Bubba Knight. An archive of our newspaper and magazine articles, television and radio interviews, and other past media attention will appear on our website soon.

Have you experienced things in your home you can’t explain? Perhaps you have heard noises that go "bump" in the night, or have unusual cold spots in your home? Ever been walking in the forest and saw a footprint, or a creature you could not find in a zoological catalogue? Have you seen unusual objects in the day, or night time sky and would like to talk with someone? Ever had an episode of unexplained time loss, otherwise known as "missing time"? CONTACT US - we are here to help.

The organization most certainly encourages individual exploration of both the 'outer' as well as the 'inner' world. Our focus is to promote and maintain global awareness and open mindedness, broadening our scope of acceptance as a species to what is possible in the Universe. In support of our purpose and goals, with "The ARC" approaching it thirteenth anniversary, one could best describe the organization by its more than a decade-old motto... "People helping people to find the truth".

"Appalachian GhostWalks" was created by The ARC Founder who also serves as the Tour Director. Stacey Allen attended school for Tourism at the National Career Institue in Tampa, Florida in 1988 through 1989. He has worked in the travel industry for many years and is assisted by two volunteer staff members ~ Michael W. Combs, CGH and Susan E. James, CGH. Both officers volunteer their time to help develop and present an educational, enlightening, and entertaining experience on each of our walking tours.

The ARC also offers a Ghost Hunter Certification Class! If you and your family are looking for a really FUN weekend, Appalachian GhostWalks can put together a "Ghost Hunter Weekend" Package which includes the"Ghostology", or "Ghost Hunting" 101 class, as well as one more of their Haunted Historic GhostWalks and Tours located all across the Southern Appalachian Mountain region. These can include a stay at a haunted bed and breakfast, presentatations in your home, or at your place of business, birthday parties, and endless other possibilities. Upon completion of the class, participants receive a Certificate of Achievement and life-time membership with The ARC.

For more information on all of our Ghost Tours in the Southern Appalachian Mountains please visit our website at www.AppalachianGhostWalks.com and visit www.AlternateRealitiesCenter.com to learn more about the Alternate Realities Center, or it's founder.


The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center", founded in February 1994, is based in the small town of Unicoi nestled in Southern Appalachian Mountains near Johnson City, Tennessee which is located in upper eastern region of the State. The ARC holds area meetings and offers several walking tours for area residents and area travelers who find themselves passing through the Southern Appalachian Mountains and wish to learn more about our rich history and urban legend, as well as the art and science of ghost hunting...

In addition, The ARC explores the world of unexplained mysteries, engaging phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a strong commitment to scientific methodology and procedures with efforts to focus on the Human equation. Our mission is to continuously represent new inspiration for new paradigm thinking and ideas in an effort to bring about new directions for the potentials of human consciousness, while bringing about a broader sense of self-awareness... Meet the real Ghosts of Southern Appalachia with True Ghost Stories and AuthenticHaunted Places on Appalachian GhostWalks' All Hallows Eve Ghost Tours... Tours Nightly!

6. Greg Myers

Greg Myers

Greg Myers

Greg Myers - President aranormal Task Force™
Founding Director - Lead Investigator - EVP Specialist Administrator MPR Divison


Greg became part of MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ in August of 2005 serving as a co- administrator, lead investigator and EVP specialist. While serving with MPR, Greg became an
instrumental element in the collection and analysis of evidence in a case involving an extreme "inhuman" haunting and possession. This Haunting was featured on the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" series as the Season 3 opener in October 2006. Greg then co-founded PARANORMAL TASK FORCE, Inc. in October 2006. PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™, Inc. is a not for profit incorporation which educates and promotes the awareness of paranormal research as well as other historical and
paranormal related issues along with providing assistance to the public and other organizations.

MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ now serves as its non-extreme investigative and research division while other divisions will be launched making Paranormal Task Force™, Inc. a "One Stop" resource for all paranormal needs of clients, the public and other organizations as well.


"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"






MPR's Para-Forum: www.para-forum.com
Alternate Web URL: www.catchmyghost.com
MPR on "I Am Haunted": www.iamhaunted.com/catchmyghost
MPR on MySpace: www.myspace.com/

Greg has had personal paranormal encounters since being a teen and has years of paranormal
investigative experience. He is well versed with haunting classifications, paranormal investigative
techniques and leadership through example. Greg has served as a technician and supervisor while
serving in the military and has further enhanced his education and abilities with legal issues while
serving over ten years in the legal field. With his background of legal issues, lobbying experience and
issue advocation, he hopes to apply these skills to the enactment and strengthening of "haunted
house" and "psychological impact" disclosure laws for prospective property owners, tenets and
lessees. Greg also has an extensive background in genealogical research and familiarization with
record research vital to the research of potential haunted properties.

Greg is one that shares the philosophy that paranormal investigations can come with many unknown
dangers which are not properly addressed by most of the paranormal research field. This and other
important issues are overlooked and need further advocation to current and future researchers and
investigators within this field. Greg adheres to a Humanistic Approach to investigations which always
places the client first above everything else.

Greg became part of MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ in August of 2005 serving as a co-
administrator, lead investigator and EVP specialist. While serving with MPR, Greg became an
instrumental element in the collection and analysis of evidence in a case involving an extreme
"inhuman" haunting and possession. This Haunting was featured on the Discovery Channel's "A
Haunting" series as the Season 3 opener in October 2006. Greg then co-founded PARANORMAL TASK
FORCE, Inc. in October 2006. PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™, Inc. is a not for profit incorporation which
educates and promotes the awareness of paranormal research as well as other historical and
paranormal related issues along with providing assistance to the public and other organizations.
MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ now serves as its non-extreme investigative and research
division while other divisions will be launched making Paranormal Task Force™, Inc. a "One Stop"
resource for all paranormal needs of clients, the public and other organizations as well.

Greg has been a featured guest on many radio stations across the US, UK, and Canada and has
completed filming in 2007 with Keith Age and The Booth Brothers for "Children of the Grave" which was
released October 2, 2007 on DVD and aired on the SciFi Network in 2008 and recently finished filming
for another Booth Brothers (Spooked Television Releasing) production titled "The Possessed" which
should be released on DVD in 2008 and air on the SciFi Network sometime after that. He also served
as a Location Manager for that project. He also completed filming for the Exspiro Productions
documentary "The Other Side" which was released in 2007. Greg has also authored articles and short
stories concerning his experiences within the paranormal realms and theories related to such which
are published on the World Wide Web. Some of these articles and stories have been selected for
inclusion in “Weird Encounters” and “Weird Missouri” which will be published in the near future.

Greg has also recently been added to the League of Paranormal Gentlemen and is also a Missouri
Statewide Representative for the American Ghost Society (AGS). He was also voted as one of the top
10 best most haunted up and coming people, places and things to investigate on Haunted America
Tours (www.hauntedamericatours.com).


Patrick Burns


Patrick Burns (born 1968) is an American paranormal investigator, best known as star of the TruTV (formerly Court TV) series Haunting Evidence. He is the founder of the popular website Ghost Hounds, which in 2001 was featured in an Emmy award-winning Turner documentary "Interact Atlanta - 'Ghost Hounds'". Burns is also the organizer and director of Ghostock, a paranormal investigators convention held twice annually in Savannah, Georgia and is a professional photographer through Patrick Burns Photography.

External links


Haunting Evidence intro

This bold series takes the paranormal and crime-solving phenomenon one step further by following psychic profiler Carla Baron, medium John J. Oliver and paranormal investigator Patrick Burns as they visit the frightening scenes of the most baffling criminal mysteries of recent history, including the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Madeleine McCann, George Allen Smith, Natalee Holloway and the "Zodiac Killer." Working together, can this unconventional team of experts find clues that will provide new insights into these investigations?

Patrick Burns Demo Reel A

Haunting Evidence is an American documentary television series following the travels of a psychic profiler, a medium, and a paranormal investigator. The trio travels the United States investigating "cold case" homicide and missing persons cases. The series began production in October 2005 and premiered on Court TV in mid-June 2006, with a run of nine episodes. Season 2 began on June 20, 2007. Episode 107 "Mystery in the Desert" from season one has been closed, with the perpetrator of the crime Gabriel Avila linked to Sepich via DNA evidence.

Season 1

Mystery on the Appalachian Trail (Julianne Williams & Laura Winans) (December 21, 2005)
Mystery in the Ashes (Tara Baker) (December 21, 2005)
Forgotten Fiancée (Amanda Tusing) (June 14, 2006)
The Missing D.A. (Ray Gricar) (June 21, 2006)
Hidden Truth (Timothy Stone) (July 5, 2006)
Missing Teacher (Tara Grinstead) (July 19, 2006)
Mystery in the Desert (Katie Sepich) (July 26, 2006)
Abduction at Comins Pond (Molly Bish) (August 2, 2006)
Lady of the Dunes (August 9, 2006)

Patrick Burns investigates the Queen Marys engine room

Season 2

Missing in Paradise (Natalee Holloway) (June 20, 2007)
Women of Calder Field (June 27, 2007)
Long Journey Home (July 4, 2007)
Buried Secrets (James Lacouture) (July 11, 2007)
Dupont Circle Mystery (Joyce Chiang & Chandra Levy) (July 18, 2007)
The Ruins at Land's End (July 25, 2007)
Five Hundred Miles Away (Judith Smith) (August 1, 2007)
Deep in the Desert (August 8, 2007)
Wiregrass Murders (August 15, 2007)
North Carolina Burning (August 22, 2007)
Haunted in Villisca (August 29, 2007)

Season 3

The JonBenet Mystery (October 4, 2008)

The cast is currently comprised of psychic profiler Carla Baron, medium John J. Oliver, and paranormal investigator Patrick Burns. The premise of the series is to shed new light on unsolved crimes utilizing this "team of unconventional investigators

Many feel the show could be carried by the great patrick Burns alone. the man knows his stuff and is very passionate about what he does. This deep intensity and serious altitude is what makes may love the show and why they voted it to number 1.

Official web site http://www.trutv.com/shows/haunting_evidence/index.html

The Other Side: A Teens Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal

The Other Side: A Teens Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal


It used to be you needed a crystal, a psychic, or a Oijia board to make contact with the spirit world. So who would think science would make it possible for just about anyone to experience a ghostly connection? Cameras, recorders, computers, magnetic field readers and other scientific means are now the tools of the trade. But there’s so much available, how does the average teen weed through it all to create the best possible ghost hunting team? Here to help sort it all out are three of today’s leading investigators of the field.

Together, Patrick Burns, Dave Schrader, and Marley Gibson have more than ten years of experience. They’ve put together this guide to impart their knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation of ghost hunters.

What’s included:
How to set up a ghost hunting team
The equipment needed and how to use it
Where to look for spirits

Safety, safety, and more safety

Ghost hunting is equal parts science and belief. Patrick, Dave, and Marley are here to help with science part.

About the Author
Marley Gibson grew up in a southern town very much like her fictional Radisson. She never saw any ghosts growing up--that she knows of--although she has been on a few ghost hunts recently with the famed New England Ghost Project and has gotten some very interesting pictures. Marley is a member of the New England Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She is the Creator and Founder of Chick Lit Writers RWA, and was twice named to "Outstanding Young Women of America." She lives in the Boston area with her best friend, personal webmaster, and hubby, Mike. She can be found online at www.marleygibson.com or at her blog www.booksboysbuzz.com.

Patrick Burns is the star of TruTV's Haunting Evidence. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dave Schrader hosts KTLK FM's Darkness Radio. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


8. John Zaffis Jr.

John Zaffis Jr.

A well-known paranormal investigator who has appeared on television and is the nephew of Ed and Lorraine Warren. This led into John's involvement with cases of possession and exorcism and working with prominent exorcists in this field. Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Malachi Martin and the Rev Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today. He runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England which he founded in 1998.

Ghosts and poltergeists where among some of his first-hand paranormal experiences, as well as the demonic and diabolical. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), or the calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the Discovery Channel's documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live, and many other print and news media events. John is also in the books of Ed and Lorraine Warren Graveyards and In A Dark Place. John's first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities. His second book The Trouble Within is due out in the Fall of 2006. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 and displays hundreds of artifacts collected over John's 30 years as a paranormal researcher and investigator.

John Zaffis has over thirty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. John Zaffis (b. 1955) is a paranormal researcher based in Connecticut. He runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England which he founded in 1998.



He has appeared on the radio show Coast to Coast in June of 2005 and on the morning of February 10, 2006. During an exorcism in which he assisted in he witnessed a woman levitate out of a chair. It took five people to hold her down.

Zaffis has made appearances on Unsolved Mysteries, the Discovery Channel documentaries, Little Lost Souls and Haunting in Connecticut. Currently he co-hosts the Paranormal Nights radio show with Brendan Keenan. He runs the useum of the Paranormal located in Stratford, Connecticut.

9. Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley work in the paranormal has led her into intense study, research and investigation of a wide range of topics, which been have featured in more than 30 books and encyclopedias, hundreds of articles and numerous presentations. Along the way Guiley has had many experiences that have illuminated some of the mysteries of the multiverse -- the multi-dimensional universe of which we are a part.

Guiley has written for FATE magazine since 1991 and am currently consulting editor. In 2000 she formed Visionary Living, Inc. as a media company for her work. In 2001 she obtained her PhD from the International Institute for Integral Human Sciences in Montreal.



Ghosts & the Paranormal,The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, The Encyclopedia of the Strange, Mystical and Unexplained, The Atlas of the Mysterious in North America, Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience, Moonscapes: A Celebration of Lunar Astronomy, Magic, Legend and Lore, Vampires, Werewolves and Shape-shifters, The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters, The Complete Vampire Companion, Vampires Among Us, Magic, Alchemy and Witchcraft, The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy, The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft, Angels and Fairies, The Encyclopedia of Angels, Ask the Angels, I Bring You Glad Tidings, An Angel in Your Pocket, Angels of Mercy, Angel Magic for Love and Romance, Fairy Magic, Reincarnation, Tales of Reincarnation, Dreams, The Encyclopedia of Dreams: Symbols and Interpretations, Dreamwork for the Soul, Dreamspeak: How To Understand the Messages in Your Dreams, The Dreamer’s Way: Using Proactive Dreaming for Creativity and Healing, The Tao of Dreaming, Intuition and Psychic Skills, Breakthrough Intuition: How To Achieve A Life of Abundance by Listening to the Voice Within, The Tarot, The Mystical Tarot, The Angels Tarot, The Alchemical Tarot, Soulmates, Heart & Soul: A Spiritual Course for Finding Your Perfect Soulmate, Saints, The Encyclopedia of Saints, The Quotable Saint, Miracles and Prayer, A Miracle in Your Pocket, Prayer Works, Wellness: Prayers for Comfort and Healing, Blessings: Prayers for the Home and Family, The Miracle of Prayer: True Stories of Blessed Healings

AFFILIATIONS: Professional Fellow, International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, Montreal, Honorary Life Member, Ghost Club, London, Member, Society for Psychical Research, London, Member, American Ghost Society, Decatur, Ill., Member, Dracula Society, London, Advisor, Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition, Advisor, Coalition for Paranormal Research in New Jersey, Officer, Vampire Empire, New York City, Officer, International Society for the Study of Ghosts and Apparitions, NYC




Jason Hawes

Founder of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)

Jason Conrad Hawes is the co-founder (with Grant Wilson) of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island. He is also one of the stars and co-producers of Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters, which as of 2007 is now beginning its 4th season. Hawes has varied interests outside of TAPS which include the fine arts and fishing. In addition, he has written four sci-fi/thriller screenplays He and his wife, Kris, have five children, three girls and twin boys. Hawes and fellow TAPS founder, Grant Wilson, are best friends and were coworkers when they shared aday job as plumbers for Roto Rooter. www.scifi.com/ghosthunters

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of TAPS

Jason Hawes (born December 27, 1971 in Canandaigua, New York) is the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island. He is also one of the stars and co-producers of Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters, which has just started its fifth season.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Ghost Hunters is a reality television series produced by Pilgrim Films featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, Roto-Rooter plumbers who investigate claimed hauntings and ghosts as the creators of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).The group claims to attempt to help individuals or groups who feel they have paranormal activity by collecting evidence, which they also use for their own research purposes. They also share information through their website. TAPS sends a group of 3 to 6 members to perform an 8-12 hour investigation employing a number of infrared and digital video cameras, thermal camera devices, EMF Detectors, digital thermometers and other equipment throughout the site in question. While at a site, the members of the team often find common explanations for the claims of the occupants. In conclusion the team will report on its findings, and express their opinion that a site is 'haunted' or 'not haunted.'


Jason Conrad Hawes is the co-founder (with Grant Wilson) of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island. He is also one of the stars and co-producers of Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters, which as of 2007 is now beginning its 4th season. Hawes has varied interests outside of TAPS which include the fine arts and fishing. In addition, he has written four sci-fi/thriller screenplays He and his wife, Kris, have five children, three girls and twin boys. Hawes and fellow TAPS founder, Grant Wilson, are best friends and were coworkers when they shared aday job as plumbers for Roto Rooter. www.scifi.com/ghosthunters

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The show debuted in October 2004 on the American Sci-Fi Channel. It should not be confused with the original 1996 Inca Productions show Ghosthunters produced for the Discovery Channel. The format was sold to the US to become Ghost Hunters. The only remaining link between the two shows is presenter Ian Cashmore who anchored the UK/Europe show. Cashmore piloted the U.S. show, but chose not to remain part of the US venture after he filmed the promos

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, along with other team members who belong to the group they founded, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), investigate locations of interest by using electronic equipment which they believe is capable of detecting paranormal activity. TAPS' equipment includes digital thermometers, EMF (electromagnetic field) scanners, infrared and night vision cameras, handheld digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, and laptop computers.

Other gear not typically shown on screen are an Ion Generator — a device that charges the air with electricity and theorized to help spirits manifest, and the White Noise Generator — an audio device that makes a static background noise and theorized to act as a catalyst for assisting entities in making EVPs

DVD Release Date: February 15, 2007

Ghost Hunters: Live from ''The Stanley'' Hotel

Ghost Hunters: Live from ''The Stanley'' Hotel - Buy it here now!

Jason, Grant and the 'Ghost Hunters' team revisit the notoriously haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado for a live Halloween-night investigation! Stephen King took up residence at the Stanley while writing his best-selling novel The Shining and the spooky goings on at the hotel reportedly served as the inspiration for his best-selling tome. Viewers will be sent on the ultimate Halloween adventure, joining the 'Ghost Hunters' in as they investigate the infamously haunted hotel. Also joining the investigation is a special guest from 'ECW' (Extreme Championship Wrestling); ghost hunting novice CM Punk!



Ghost Hunters is a reality television series featuring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who work a day job as Roto-Rooter plumbers and investigate places that are reported to be haunted.

The show debuted in October 2004 on the American Sci-Fi Channel. It should not be confused with the original 1996 Inca Productions show Ghosthunters produced for the Discovery Channel. The format was sold to the US to become Ghost Hunters. The only remaining link between the two shows is presenter Ian Cashmore who anchored the UK/Europe show. Cashmore piloted the U.S. show, but chose not to remain part of the US venture after he filmed the promos.

The 'Ghost Hunters' originally investigated the Stanley in February 2006 and were met with a flurry of unexplainable occurrences including a hotel room that was a veritable hotbed of paranormal activity. Continually intrigued by the locale, our 'Ghost Hunters' will return to the Stanley for the show's first-ever live investigation, spending more time exploring some of the hotel's most notorious hot spots and enlisting viewers to help expand their search for spirits.


Ghost Hunters has garnered some of the highest ratings of any Sci-Fi Channel network programming. From the start, the show has found an audience for its mix of paranormal investigation and interpersonal drama. It has since been syndicated on NBC Universal sister network Oxygen.

In the early shows, TAPS was headquartered in a trailer located behind Jason Hawes' house, and they drove one white van to investigations. Within one season, they had moved the entire operation to a storefront in downtown Warwick, RI, and acquired several new TAPS vehicles equipped with surveillance instrumentation.

In addition to their successful television venture, TAPS operates a website where they share their stories, photographs, and ghost hunting videos with an ever-growing membership list. Because of the popularity of the show, TAPS cast members have signed contracts with at least two talent agencies, Escape Artistry and GP Entertainment, to manage their appearances at lectures, conferences and public events.

In addition to the success of the television show, TAPS have ventured into the venue of radio broadcast hosting a 3 hour weekly show called "Beyond Reality". New episodes are broadcast every Saturday from 7 - 10pm EST, though sometimes may skip a week with possibilities of the hosts being busy with other ventures. The radio show goes into topics in a vast array of areas such as cryptozoology, spiritualism, UFO's, and ghosts. The show is hosted by Grant Wilson & Jason Hawes and includes guest appearances from other TAPS members and special guests like John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Chris Fleming and others which specialize in certain fields.

Ghost Hunters has attracted various critics and skeptics, such as Joe Nickell who has criticised their methodology in the Skeptical Inquirer. Many other authors, such as Joe Nickell and Lynne Kelly question the scientific validity of the investigations conducted by the TAPS team, its methodology, and particularly its use of instrumentation, as there is no scientifically-proven link between the existence of ghosts and (for example) cold spots or electromagnetic fields (which Hawes and Wilson say are not necessarily paranormal). As Grant and Jason say "If you set out to prove a haunting, anything will seem like evidence. If you set out to disprove it, you will end up with only those things you cant explain away.". Others, such as Allison Smith contend that the show's claimed evidence of the paranormal could be easily hoaxed. With each new season, critics of Ghost Hunters continue to publish skeptical analysis and theories on the Internet, often employing frame-by-frame analysis of episode footage which they believe debunks the show's findings.

Ghost Hunters International the spin off series which premiered Wednesday, January 9, 2008 and features investigators Robb Demarest, Shannon Sylvia, Barry Fitzgerald (who appeared in the Summer 2007 Ireland episodes of Ghost Hunters), Andy Andrews, Brian Harnois, and Donna La Croix. The format is similar to Ghost Hunters but features investigations in various locations around the world. In mid season one, Donna, Brian and Shannon have departed the show and have been replaced by Dustin Pari and newcomer Brandy Green.


2005 Halloween Special - aired October 31, 2005, TAPS went to Savannah, GA to investigate the Moon River Brewery and The Sorrel Weed House, a historic museum that conducts Savannah tours.

2006 Halloween Special - Ghost Hunters Live - aired October 31, 2006 at 11PM EST. It was a six hour broadcast originating from The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. ECW Superstar CM Punk joined the Ghost Hunters throughout the investigation. The viewing audience was able to interact with the team via PDA/cellphone text messages.

2007 Halloween Special - Ghost Hunters Live - aired October 31, 2007 at 9PM EST. It was a six hour broadcast originating from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium near Louisville, KY. Joining the team was guest ECW Superstar Elijah Burke. The episode was hosted by paranormal investigator Joshua Gates from the show Destination Truth who was stationed in an on-site "interactive center" which posted real time photos to SciFi.com. Also employed was a "Panic Button" message feature where viewers could alert the investigators of any strange happenings as they occurred. Simultaneously, SciFi.com ran an online poll, "The Hunt for the Hunter", Where viewers picked the new TAPS member who chosen among three finalists, Patrick Clark, Mark Fusetti, and Deanna Hoffman. Mark Fusetti was picked as the new TAPS member during the review of the Halloween Special on November 7th.
Return to St. Augustine Light - aired January 9, 2008. TAPS conducted a special follow up investigation at St. Augustine Light in Florida. It aired before the premiere episode of Ghost Hunters International.

Elijah Burke Freaks Out on Ghost Hunters Live


2008 Halloween Special - Ghost Hunters Live - will air October 31, 2008. TAPS conducts a seven-hour, live, return investigation of Fort Delaware with guest host Joshua Gates of Destination Truth. Other guests are Robb Demarest and Donna La Croix from Ghost Hunters International and Amanda Tapping from the Sci Fi show Sanctuary and Stargate SG-1 television series.

Blog Critics of the show all wish Brian Harnois would return to the show and people like Dave Tango - Investigator/Evidence Analyst Kris Williams - Investigator/Evidence Analyst/Historical Researcher/Case Manager Heather Drolet - Investigator/Case Manager Mike Dion - Investigator/Director Kristyn Gartland - Investigator/Case Manager Jen Rossi - Investigator Joe Chin - Investigator-in-training Dustin Pari- Investigator/Film tech should leave the show. Many feel that they are not ghost hunting material.



Jeff Belanger
Author, Lecturer, and Investigator. The official Web site of Ghostvillage.com founder, author, and lecturer, Jeff Belanger. Read his Blah Blah Blog, check out his book and lecture schedule, and interact. Jeff Belanger was first introduced to ghosts and the supernatural at age ten, when he and some friends took a Ouija board to a known haunted house in Newtown, Connecticut. He has been writing about ghosts and the supernatural since 1997 when he first interviewed renowned ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. In 1998, he was tapped to research and write the script for a documentary film on Dudleytown -- an abandoned ghost town in the hills of northeastern Connecticut. The documentary project was never sold, so he took the research and wrote the definitive work on the history and haunting's behind this legendary Connecticut town. That article would be the impetus for Belanger to start www.Jeffbelangere.com.

Arthur "Art" W. Bell, III
American broadcaster and author, known primarily as the founder and a longtime host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM. He also created and formerly hosted its companion show, Dreamland.Semiretired from Coast to Coast AM, he returned from his hiatus from hosting the weekend broadcasts, but then took another leave while technical problems were worked out. Bell also owns oldies station: KNYE 95.1 FM ("The Kingdom of Nye ... Things That Go Pahrump In The Night") in Pahrump, Nevada.Between June and December of 2006, Bell broadcasted Coast to Coast AM from Metro Manila in the Philippines.



There are three annual gimmicks on Bell's program: On April Fool's Day, Art always winds up having at least one gag story that's presented in such a way that the listeners are left guessing as to whether or not their legs are really being pulled hard, such as the time when Bell took a cellphone call from a pilot who was claiming to be flying his Cessna airplane over Area 51 and wound up getting shot down while still on the line. On Halloween, his show is renamed "Ghost to Ghost A.M.", and is devoted to callers relating their allegedly real-life encounters with ghosts. Every New Year's Eve, Bell invites callers to make a prediction for the coming year based on actual precognitive experiences, not just guesses or wishful thinking. The predictions are then reviewed at the close of the next year and given a audible "Ding" if they are deemed to have been correct, or a "Bonk" if the prediction did not come true .Bell has written, or co-written, several books. They include The Quickening: Today's Trends, Tomorrow's World, The Art of Talk (an autobiography), The Source, The Edge: Man's Mysterious Past & Incredible Future, and The Coming Global Superstorm, which became the basis for the popular movie, The Day After Tomorrow. www.coasttocoastam.com


Chicago Paranormal Detectives OFFICIAL WEBSITE: chicagoparanormaldetectives.com
Chicago Paranormal Detectives OFFICIAL WEBSITE: chicagoparanormaldetectives.com

Paul F. Eno
Site of journalist and investigator Paul F. Eno, author of "Faces at the Window." Includes ghost photos from New England, Q&A, letters, and advice. The world's only father-son ghost-hunting team: author and 36-year veteran of paranormal research Paul F. Eno, and son Benjamin, 14, who recently joined in his dad's adventures. PAUL F. ENO, who has been called "the most intelligent voice in paranormal research today," is an award-winning New England journalist, a graduate of two seminaries, and holds a rare Ph.B in philosophy. Eno is much in demand as a talk-show guest around the nation, and has presented his interactive programs on the paranormal all over America and in Europe. He has appeared on the Travel, Discovery and History Channels. His unusually long experience in the field, his hair-raising adventures with famous hauntings, along with his utterly unique, riveting theories about the paranormal and its meaning for our understanding of the world and ourselves, draw capacity crowds wherever he speaks. His audiences love his wit, and are always moved by his compassion, his message of deathless hope, and the accounts of families he has helpe
d. www.newenglandghosts.com

Erika Frost




Erika Frost is a paranormal media personality and psychic. She has been seen on such TV shows as the Sci Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters," the Travel Channel's "Most Haunted," KCAL Channel 9's "Lisa's It List," "Tyra Banks," LifeTime's "Gay,Straight or Taken," and National Geographic and Discovery's "Haunted Ships". More recently she has been heard on international radio on "Coast to Coast AM With George Norry" and has been featured in various newspaper and magazine articles.

Frost has always been intrigued by the paranormal world. As a young child, she was able to make contact with the Other World. As she grew, she had an increasing sense of her gift and started a journey into the astral realm through astral projection. Through meditation she has developed a strong connection and understanding of the beautiful world of angels and fairies, in which she communicates with through card readings.

Erika is now using her gift aboard the Queen Mary to make contact with the ghosts that inhabit the ocean liner via Friday and Saturday "Dinner and a Ghost Tour" events. Through this tour you will learn first hand how to acknowledge and communicate with the many different spirits aboard, as well as, developing an understanding of the science behind the dead.

Steve Gonsalves
Technical manager of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island and a key member of the team behind the behind the paranormal reality show Ghost Hunters. Gonsalves, a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, started investigating the paranormal when he was only 15 and formed New England Paranormal in 2001. Gonsalves occasionally gives lectures on the paranormal, such as one called "Ghostbusters! The Science Behind Paranormal Investigations" which he presented on January 28, 2005 at the Boston Center for Adult Education. Gonsalves is passionate about what he does and started conducting paranormal work at age 15, researching and reading and going to seminars to the point where he was doing it semi-professionally at age 17. By age 20, he was leading home investigations in Worcester, Mass. In 2001, he started his own team of investigators called New England Paranormal. Shortly thereafter he teamed up with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), and was chosen to be part of their budding television series. Gonsalves has grown into the role and camera sights, and has taken on being the technical manager, in charge of all the equipment, cameras, and myriad of hand-held devices in season 2 of the show.

Joel-Anthony Gray
Director of The Society for Paranormal Investigation Ghosts Hunting Experts based in Dallas Washington D.C. New Orleans Units - Ghost hunting and paranormal Investigationw here he touches on a broad array of topics - from Feng Shui to good late night coffee houses. He is currently an author, movie/film consultant, gothic photographer and conference speaker. irector, Technical Expert, Webmaster, Photographer, Security, Acting Minister.

Brian Harnois
Technical advisor and case manager. Former Air Force MP who carries the bags, sets up the equipment and considers it his duty to protect everyone in the group. Brian Joseph Harnois is an investigator with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island, and a presenter on Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters.Harnois left TAPS and the series for a short time due to issues in his personal life, but rejoined the group in 2005 starting with their Halloween episode. www.myspace.com/darthwheezy


Gina Lanier
New Orleans native who has studied paranormal activities, the occult and hauntings for nearly thirty years. She has participated in and conducted large-scale location hauntings and recently has shifted her focus to include the investigation and study of haunted toys such as dolls, toy furniture, games and other hallmarks of childhood. Gina’s paranormal studies stem from several childhood experiences with the unknown including witnessing full body apparitions and clairaudient encounters with deceased relatives.



These experiences continued beyond childhood and this is when Gina resolved to learn as much as possible about psychic and paranormal phenomenon to determine what, exactly, was making contact with her and with others who claimed to have been contacted from the Other Side. Gina owns and operates a construction and refurbishment company in the Greater New Orleans area and this has afforded her exposure to many allegedly haunted locations and people over the years; several of these clients welcomed Gina’s expertise and insight when it came to documenting and investigating their haunted homes and businesses. GINA LANIER LOVES ANSWERING ALL YOUR QUESTIONS AND IS TRAVELING OFTEN TO INVESTIGATE HAUNTINGS SO PLEASE... Email her here directly at this contact address: mskitowhawk@cox.net. Or visit her Website at: www.ginalanier.com.

Richard Lawrence
Richard's books, tapes, DVDs and CDs have been sold in many countries - translations have included Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and French. He has taken part in literally hundreds of radio shows around the world and frequently appears on BBC Radio; is a regular guest of James Whale on Talksport, and many others. He has appeared on the Coast to Coast AM three times, which broadcasts to 475 radio shows throughout the USA. Over a period of several months in 2003 he regularly appeared as the expert in the paranormal on the weekly show hosted by Mike Allen on LBC called "The Phenomena Files". His TV appearances include several editions of GMTV on topics ranging from UFOs to angels, from psychic powers to complementary medicine. These include BBC 1's Heaven and Earth Show, ITV's Ultimate Questions with Martyn Lewis and GMTV with Eammon Holmes. He has also appeared on TV with Esther Rantzen, Gloria Hunniford, Terry Wogan, Noel Edmonds and Pete McCarthy, and a host of documentaries and magazine programmes on all the terrestrial and many of the satellite stations. In addition toThe Observer, he has written for the Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Sun, Woman's World, Here's Health, Health and Fitness and USA's Whole Life Times and Phenome-News, and New Zealand's Lifestyle magazine. He has appeared in most of Britain's national newspapers, many magazines and local papers. He has lectured in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Nigeria, and for over 20 years, has been a keynote speaker at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in London. He has spoken internationally at various venues including churches, synagogues, Buddhist temples, schools, universities, business conventions, charitable meetings and numerous conventions and bookstores, as well as to an audience of thousands at an open-air pop concert.


Shannon McCabe

Has a background in paranormal investigations as well as promotions. She has held large-scale investigations of documented haunted sites as well as smaller private investigations of homes and businesses.

"We respect and honor requests for confidentiality from clients and conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times."

If you have unusual activity in your home or workplace and would like to get to the bottom of what's going on, feel free to EMAIL us. ghost@snmproductionsco.com

Currently, Shannon is a florist/event planner for "A Florist Naturally": www.AFloristNaturally.com. does Boudoir photography: www.SnMProductionsCo.com. And gives singing lessons.

She is enjoying her time with H.P.I. Paranormal and looks forward to meeting many more "REAL" ghosts in the future!

H.P.I. Paranormal and future conferences, check out their Official website at: www.HPIparanormal.net


Larry Montz
Founder of the International Society For Paranormal Research, (ISPR). With 33 years of professional field experience, Montz is recognized worldwide for developing and implementing the most innovative new concepts in parapsychological field work, rocking the foundations of Parapsychology, a science that was officially adopted into the Academy in 1964. Because of his own clairvoyant abilities, Montz became the first field Parapsychologist to develop studies of Psi in the field, as well as incorporate these enhanced abilities as additional methods of data collection (1970s). After revolutionizing paranormal field research, Montz has continued to stay far in the forefront of progressive research with his growing endeavors of blending scientific studies with the general public; works which have spanned more than a decade. Montz became the first recognizable parapsychological expert in the early 1990s through a continuous variety of int'l television and radio programming in addition to int'l print. Montz was the first to bring together, for the first time in history, the most talented, widely accomplished and knowledgeable experts in the field of paranormal research on one team.

Tommy Netzband
Creator and host of the Haunted Haight Walking Tour www.hauntedhaight.com. He also in the founder and President of the San Francisco Ghost Society, a paranormal group that researches claims on of the supernatural in the city of San Francisco.

Tommy Netzband

Tommy is often called a "ghost historian" for his passion for researching the history of ghosts. Come discover the macabre history of San Francisco and learn all about the ghosts of Haight-Ashbury .Email: hauntedhaight@yahoo.com. Also see: Tommy Netsband info here!

Ed Okonowicz
He has worked as an editor and writer at the University of Delaware, where he continues to teach courses in storytelling, communication and writing. A professional storyteller, Ed presents a number of programs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. He is a member of the Delaware Humanities Forum Speakers Bureau and Visiting Scholars Program and has served on the Maryland State Arts Council Traditional/Folk Arts Advisory Panel.

Richard Senate - Ghost Hunter

Rebecca Shott
Featured on ABC's "Scariest Places on Earth" as a truly talented medium and clairvoyant. She uses her proven abilities to conduct private and commercial ghost hunts, investigations and research. Rebecca provides years worth of personal, educational and interesting information as well as the results of her investigations and experiences, all of which is posted online, including written reports and photographs depicting true and false anomalies. She offers her services, time and professionalism free of charge.

Richard L. Smith



Investigator, EVP specialist, author, and founder/webmaster of www.paratexas.com. As a paranormal Investigator, Rich was naturally led into the study of Electronics Voice Phenomena because of his background in electronics, beginning with schooling and service with US Naval Intelligence (aviation) in the operation and maintenance of audio and video analysis systems of radio and radar signals.


Rich's approach to EVP study has taken him beyond the normally "random" EVP audio presentations usually seen by the public, and his criteria requires that the spirit take the time to communicate back and forth with reliability and purpose. He has identified particular spirits by name, some who are acting as "guides" for him, and others who are just what he refers to as "spirit companions".

One spirit in particular who calls herself "Rachael" has a seven year history of EVP communication with Richard, and claims to have lived with him in a previous incarnation as his wife while he was a merchant sea captain in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

Rich gives private instruction in EVP technique in Alvin, Texas www.evpschool.com and is the renowned author of the book "Everyplace I Go is Haunted"

Visit Richard L. Sniths's Official Web Site Paranormal Investigations of Texas www. Paratexas.com Here:


Dr. Barry Taff

"The most respected paranomal Investigator in America"

Dr. Barry Taff


Dr. Barry Taff earned his doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering from UCLA. He holds six medical patents. From 1969 through 1978 he worked out of the former parapsychology laboratory at UCLA's Neuro-psychiatric Institute as a research associate where he studied telepathy, precognition, and remote viewing. Dr. Taff has consulted for the Department of Defense, the CIA, NSA, FBI and other agencies vital to national security and is to this day bound by a national security agreement. With regard to paranormal research, Taff investigated more than 4000 cases, spanning 40 plus years, of alleged poltergeists, UFO’s, doppelgangers demonic possession and haunting. His most famous case became the best selling book and motion picture, “The Entity”.

One of the cases Dr. Taft investigated in 1974 gained international fame as the book and motion picture, The Entity, staring Barbara Hershey, released by Fox in 1983. Dr. Taft served as technical director on The Entity as well as being represented in the film by the character, “Gene Kraft”. What’s unknown by themedia is the fact that, in real life, The Entity followed its femalevictim for quite some time after our initial investigation,continuing its vociferous nature. The victims current whereaboutsor condition is unknown.

Dr. Taft has appeared on numerous TV and radio programsincluding CBS News, KNBC News, Strange Universe, Unsolved Mysteries, The Joan River’s Show, A current Affair, Hard Copy,Sightings, Judge for Yourself, The Extraordinary, The Montel Williams Show, The Wil Shriner Show, The Suzanne Somers Show, was a recurring guest on NBC’s The Other Side, Haunted History, Mysteries & Scandals, ABC’s World’s Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape, The Girls Next Door and most recently the Sci-Fi Channel’s An Unknown Encounter & California’s Most Haunted (highest rated shows in Sc-Fi’s history) for which Dr. Taft also served as creative consultant and technical advisor. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Joshua P. Warren has lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains his entire life. At the age of 13, he wrote his First published book. Since then, he has had nine more books published, including the regional best-seller, Haunted Asheville, and How to Hunt Ghosts (released by Simon and Schuster), and is the president of his multimedia productions company, Shadowbox Enterprises, LLC. His articles have been published internationally, and he has been covered by such mainstream media as CNN, Fox News, Southern Living, Delta Sky, FATE, New Woman, The New York Times, FHM and Something About the Author; and made the cover of the science journal, Electric Space Craft. A winner of the University ofNorth Carolina Thomas Wolfe Award for Fiction, he wrote columns for the Asheville Citizen-Times from 1992 to 1995. His first novel, The Evil in Asheville, was released in 2000.

He has consulted for government, business, and law enforcement, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Language Institute (DLI), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the FBI, Interpol, LAPD, California Highway Patrol, Santa Barbara Sherriff’s Department, and the Westminster Police Department. He has served as a technical advisor or script doctor on the films Logan’s Run, Demon Seed, Altered States, Poltergeist, and the Entity. Dr. Taft has written numerous articles for magazines and journals, and has been featured in many books on the paranormal subjects ranging for precognition to UFO’s.

Troy Taylor


Author of OVER 50 books about history, hauntings and the unexplained in America for Whitechapel Press and Barnes & Noble Press respectively. Troy Taylor is the author of 49 books about history, hauntings and the unexplained in America for Whitechapel Press and Barnes & Noble Press respectively. He is the founder and president of the “American Ghost Society”, a national network of ghost hunters that collects stories of ghost sightings and haunted houses and uses investigative techniques to track down evidence of the supernatural. Taylor was born on September 24, 1966 in Decatur, Illinois, a Midwestern city that is steeped in legend and lore. Even the hospital in which he was born is allegedly haunted by a phantom nun! He grew up fascinated with “things that go bump in the night”, as well as the writings of haunted travel writer Richard Winer and legendary ghost hunter, Harry Price. In school, Taylor was well-known for his interest in the paranormal and often took friends on informal ghost tours of haunted places all over downstate Illinois. He would later turn this interest into his full-time career.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh
Known as "The Great American Necromancer",.Waugh speaks to the dead on a daily basis. Her Conversations with these spirits and entities might just suprise you. Waugh's web site focus is on direct communication with the dead usuing necromantic rituals and a Frank;s Box: ghosthuntersofamerica.com


A professional Necromancer and founder of the Sorcerers Guild of greater Houston, Texas. Waugh has been practicing and conducting rituals for many paranormal investigators for over 20 years. Waugh also paints many spiritual and common murals and lives in a small Texas town with her three dogs. She also over the years makes ceremonial candles and is active in ghost hunting in the deep South. Summoning the dead to communicate with the living is a natural daily occurrence for Waugh. "I have been doing this since I was a child." " When I lived in Galveston, Texas about 15 years ago, I was introduced to the ancient rights of ceremonial Necromancy as a ritual by a great shaman called Freebird, and because of him and his diligence to the art, I still practice it until this day." "However, if a spirit has something vital to impart to you, they will call upon you, not vice-versa and no ritual is needed".


The Warrens
This site features information on Ed and Lorraine Warren of Monroe, Connecticut, the world-renowned ghost hunters. Included is a lengthy interview with Ed Warren, a calendar of their upcoming speaking engagements, as well as some photographs of the paranormal.

Mitchel Whitington

Author and speaker on the subject of the supernatural www.ghostinmysuitcase.com. While traveling around the country, he has investigated haunted places from one coast to the other, and is a popular speaker at paranormal conferences. Mitchel relies more on experiences than photographs or recordings, and believes that investigators must respect the spirits and locations that they visit.

'Mitchel Whitington the Most Haunted and Best Paranormal Author in Texas!'

"Mitchel Whitington the Most Haunted and Best Paranormal Author in Texas!"

He is the author of several books on the paranormal, including regional worls such as "Ghosts of North Texas" and "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods." He is also named editor on four "Haunted Encounters" anthologies: "Real Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences," "Personal Stories of Departed Pets," "Ghost Stories From Around The World," and "Departed Family and Friends."

Mitchel has also contributed to the books "Haunted Tales of America's Jails" and "Haunted Texas Highways".

As a speaker, you will find him traveling around the country at conferences ranging from L.A. to Las Vegas to San Antonio. Whenever he speaks, his credo is simple: keep an open mind, and have fun.

Visit Mitchel Whitington's Official Web site www.ghostinmysuitcase.com

Grant Steven Wilson
Co-founder (with Jason Hawes) of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island, and co-star and co-producer of the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters, which as of 2007 is now beginning its 4th season. He and his wife, Reanna, have three young children, all boys. He is also a writer and illustrator of fantasy characters and role-playing game characters. He has been working on his unfinished legendarium since the age of 12 and now says that his finished series of books will number to twenty five 800-page volumes. Though his stories began with invented languages, he says he was not inspired by Tolkien. However, he is a big fan of Tolkien at this point. He is a follower of the Mormon religion[. He is popular in the world of paranormal studies and frequently visits colleges to lecture on the topic of parapsychology. He is also popular for being the warm member, or the "heart," of TAPS. www.myspace.com/grantwilsonpiano




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This Month we feature Christopher Balzano, teacher and folklorist living in the Boston area. He has been investigating the unknown for twelve years and running Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads, a website dedicated to the paranormal and local folklore of Massachusetts, for more than five. His writing has appeared in such respected publications as “The Haunted Times” and “Mystery Magazine” as well as “Unexplained Paranormal Magazine.” His investigations have been covered by “The Boston Globe”, “The Boston Herald”, “The Standard Times” and “Worchester Magazine” and he has been asked to speak about urban legends and the paranormal at conferences throughout New England. He is a regular on several paranormal radio shows, including “The Ghost Chronicles” and “Spooky Southcoast” and has appeared in documentaries and television specials on the supernatural. He was one of the featured writers in Jeff Belanger’s Encyclopedia of Haunted Places and contributed to the collection Weird Hauntings and the soon to be released, Weird Massachusetts. His writing and research have also been featured in Thomas D’Agostino’s Haunted New Hampshire and Haunted Massachusetts and the recently released Ghostly Tails from America’s Jails. Read More Here!

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