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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Paranormal Investigators Directory

Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Invetigators web sites and their groups from around the world. HAUNTEDAMERICATOURS.COM Web resources focused on ghosts, spirituality, the paranormal, and more.


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Abbey Ghost Hunters
We are a Scarborough, North Yorkshire, non profit paranormal investigator group. We research and investigate purported ghost sightings, hauntings, and we have a very informative Web site and offer reports from investigations to read. We have great photos with explanations, we also arrange ghost tours and ghost hunts for charity.

Adsagsona Paranormal Society
The Adsagsona Paranormal Society (APS) is a non-profit organization physically based in Nashville, Tennessee, but extending its membership internationally via the World Wide Web. Our membership consists of everyday people with a common set of goals. The APS's goals are to investigate ghosts and hauntings in order to prove the existence of life beyond the physical realm and extending into the spiritual, to assist others with spirit presences in their lives while educating them on life after death, and to further paranormal research as an acceptable scientific endeavor.

AfterDarkParanormal Investigations

We are a Louisville, Kentucky family ghost hunting service.

Alabama Ghost Research Society

The only ghost research society in Alabama directed toward the understanding and knowledge of ghosts, paranormal occurances, and hauntings within the state. Located in south Alabama.

Alberta Paranormal Investigations HAPIA
HAPIA (Haunting and Paranormal Investigations Alberta) is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigations and pursuit of knowledge when it comes to the unexplained in and around Alberta, Canada. From our investigations we present photos, EVP, and Videos. We go into each investigation with a scientific attitude and try to search for the truth or the fake. Our team consists of an actual ordained Witch, a psychic, and two technical people. Our two lead investigators have over 20 years experience.

All About Ghosts
Ghosts, hauntings, and more! The limelight is on you! Share your pictures and stories here!

American Association of Paranormal Investigators (AAPI)
American Association of Paranormal Investigators is a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to practicing of the scientific method in documentation of paranormal phenomena. Our assemblage combines the fundamentals of modern technological equipment, scientific methods as well as psychic ability. AAPI's purpose is to study the paranormal & research the field.

American Association of Paranormal Research

The group of researchers spans across America all sharing the same goal of proving the reality of the paranormal.

American Paranormal Investigations
American Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit organization located in Sacramento, California. We search for answers were normal explanations cannot be found. But before assuming what's going on is ghost, spirit, or haunting; we try to "debunk" the event. When we are not helping those in need, we are filming for a new television show, "California Haunts."

Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle, Tacoma
Washington State's most advanced technical research group in the Pacific Northwest. We combine Hi-Tech equipment with psychic development research & training. Our group has earned the respect from some of the biggest names in the paranormal field and has provided some of the most interesting findings.

American Ghost Society (AGS)

Paranormal research network based in Illinois with members across the country. The AGS checks into ghost sightings and paranormal evidence in a non-metaphysical manner, preferring scientific evidence over psychic impressions. The group's membership tops several hundred with local chapters meeting every other month.

American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR)
Founded in 1885, the ASPR is the oldest parapsychological membership organization in the United States. The New York City-based group offers online research and a newsletter to its members.

Angels & Ghosts
Explore the world of ghosts and angels by examining the evidence presented through pictures and photos; stories and accounts; as well as historical, spiritual, and religious evidences.

The Answers People Seek
Ghosts, and poltergeists. Have you experienced ghostly phenomena? ESP, also known as the sixth sense, has anyone experienced this? Mediumship and Psychic protection, do you hear messages from the dead? And do you know how to protect yourself from evil spirits? Tell us your experiences or views on ouija boards, sťances or any other tools used to contact spirits, are they good or bad? Fate and Reincarnation. Do you think you may have lived before? Do you believe your life has already bean decided for you? You can even share with us your dreams and nightmares. and much more. Your experiences might well be one of the answers for someone else. If none of that interests you or you feel you have nothing you can contribute just yet, then why not join in on the Games, Quizzes, Tests and Jokes forum. For the fun and frustrating things in life.

Alternate Realities Center ~ The ARC
Founded in February 1994, By Stacey Allen Mcgee, it is based in the small town of Unicoi nestled in Southern Appalachian Mountains near Johnson City, Tennessee which is located in upper eastern region of the State. The ARC holds area meetings and offers several walking tours for area residents and area travelers who find themselves passing through the Southern Appalachian Mountains and wish to learn more about our rich history and urban legend, as well as the art and science of ghost hunting. In addition, The ARC explores the world of unexplained mysteries, engaging phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a strong commitment to scientific methodology and procedures with efforts to focus on the Human equation. Our mission is to continuously represent new inspiration for new paradigm thinking and ideas in an effort to bring about new directions for the potentials of human consciousness, while bringing about a broader sense of self-awareness.

Arizona Ghost2Ghosts
We are the Arizona Chapter of Ghost2Ghosts which is based in the UK. We are paranormal investigators -- our goal is to find evidence that paranormal activity does exist. We use psychic abilities as well as scientific methods.

Arizona Paranormal Investigations
We are a highly trained, non-profit paranormal investigation group serving Arizona and the southwest. There is never a charge for an investigation.

Arkansas Paranormal Investigations
API Provides professional and confidential on-site investigations of paranormal activity using various types of electronic equipment. Our goal is to assist you in understanding what is happening and to ease your fear of the unknown. We do this free of charge.

Atlantic-Gulf Paranormal Society
The Atlantic-Gulf Paranormal Society is newer paranormal research organization based in north central Florida.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS)

Ghost haunting New England paranormal spirit poltergeist demon Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts investigator investigation pictures orb vortex stories.

Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research
The site includes pictures, links, and stories revolving around the paranormal world. With many years experience, we perform investigations of supernatural phenomenon.

Austin Paranormal Research Society
A small, yet dedicated group of people who investigate haunted locations in central Texas, with particular attention paid to The Alamo and The Menger Hotel. EXCELLENT results and some truly amazing and unique photos of paranormal activity! Be sure to check out "Best Pictures"!

Bay Area Paranormal Investigations (BAPI)
Bay Area Paranormal Investigations (BAPI) was created to research, investigate, analyze, and document anomalous events that fall outside the realm of conventional scientific research. Since 1999 we have had investigators located throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and conducted investigations in Northern California. Our primary areas of interest include hauntings, apparitions, poltergeist activity, and psychic phenomena.

Berkshire Paranormal
Berkshire Paranormal Group - Paranormal Investigations and Research. Offering paranormal investigation services, events, and tours in Western Massachusetts.

Bridget Baginsky and Matt Shorten
A site covering the basics of UFOlogy, cryptozoology, paranormal occurrences, psychic phenomena and anything else unexplainable.

The British Columbia Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research Into The Supernatural
BCSPIRITS is a paranormal research society that conducts investigations of hauntings and other supernatural phenomena throughout the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group UK
We are a team of dedicated paranormal investigators based in Nottinghamshire UK. We come from all walks of life, but have captured outstanding things on picture and video. We have been recognized for our scenically-based study by television here in the UK [Living TV] and the BBC. With our international clairvoyant and trance medium, Sandra Sinclair we have been called to investigate many venues, from historical places to public bars, houses, and other places of interest. However, we are keen to further develop our study and hope that some interested parties who read this would be prepared to furnish us with information on current paranormal activity or poltergeist activity.

Beyond Our Realm
We are a group of paranormal investigators based in southern Illinois. All our services are done free of charge.

Blueivvy Paranormal

Ghost investigations in Fort Worth, Mineral Wells and Weatherford, Texas. Blueivvy.com is affiliated with MysticGhost and has an extensive section on the Baker Hotel. Full reports of haunted locations and photos.

The British Paranormal Alliance
A UK-based Paranormal Research group, with a small core team focusing on quality research as well as promoting the sharing of ideas, information, and knowledge between other groups. Web site contains lots of useful information including that submitted by members of other established teams.

Bucks County Paranormal Society
We are a small group of ghost hunters located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We investigate rumors of hauntings and of the paranormal in general around the Tri-Sate area then post the findings to our Web site. We also provide investigations of local homes and places of business.

Bump in the Night Investigations
Bump in the Night Investigations is a not-for-profit team covering Indiana and Chicago, Illinois. We investigate paranormal activity by taking Photographs, voice recordings, video, and using other measurements that help us detect paranormal phenomenon that cannot be explained otherwise. We offer home and business Investigations free of charge and maintain privacy to all those individuals requesting our help.

California Ghosts.com
Ghosts and hauntings of California.

Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigation (CAPRI)

Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigations (aka CAPRI) operates from Jacksonville, North Carolina. We research and investigate all manner of paranormal incidences including: hauntings, UFOs, Big Foot, and much more. We are a free service and we will never call you crazy!

Can You See It Now?
Paranormal Investigations in the Central Illinois Area.

The Center for Paranormal Investigations
The Center for Paranormal Investigations is a group that is dedicated to the scientific investigation of the paranormal. We are a non-profit group that is headed by founder and president, Patrick Cartwright Jr. Our mission is to investigate and document paranormal phenomena in Pennsylvania and New York. We at The Center for Paranormal Investigations are committed to providing the most comprehensive and least intrusive investigations possible. We are based in Historic Bradford County Pennsylvania (northeast PA) but have members in New York and Pennsylvania.

Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters
Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters is a small group of family and friends that have been interested in paranormal research for some time. Based out of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we are a small group of ghost hunters the serve western Massachusetts.

Central Florida Ghost Research
The Central Florida Ghost Research organization is a scientific based, paranormal investigative agency located in Palm Coast, Florida. The CFLGR organization is a structured, not for profit organization which provides its services to the public free of charge. The CFLGR organization fully investigates claims of paranormal activity and makes an attempt to apply current-day technology and scientific theory in the hopes of better understanding paranormal activity and it's residual effects within our environment.

Central Minnesota Ghostbusters

We are real-life Ghostbusters! We have experience in the study of supernatural research including ghostly activity and demonology. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to helping out mostly the Central Minnesota community with ghost problems and other paranormal related problems. We have proven methods to successfully get rid of ghosts! Contact the professionals. Who you gonna e-mail? Us! We're here to educate and help.

Central New York Ghost Hunters
Central New York Ghost Hunters was founded in 1998 by Stacey Jones in Syracuse, New York. This Ghosthunter organization investigated claims into the paranormal, mostly reports of ghosts and hauntings. Central New York Ghost Hunters always welcomes new members and would love to hear from believers and skeptics. Central New York Ghost Hunters serves the Utica, Cortland, Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Ithaca, and Rochester areas. For more information please visit our site.

Central Ohio Paranormal Society
Paranormal investigators in the central Ohio area. Site includes: investigations notes, evidence, EVP, cemetery photos, and links to other great paranormal sites.

Central And Southeastern Paranormal Exploration & Research (CASPER) Group
We are the Central And Southeastern Paranormal Exploration & Research (CASPER) Group. Our group is based in London, Kentucky. We are interested in the paranormal and traveling to haunted places to do investigations.

Chasing Midnight
A journey into darkness, from the lost ghost towns of tombstone, the sky's above Roswell, and ground zero in the radioactive desert of new Mexico. Where Billy the Kid fought his last battle, and the grave of Lee Harvey-Oswald forever holds its secrets. The shores of Loch Ness, and in the footsteps of Jack The Ripper. Haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, strange and mysterious places, where monsters walk, legends and realities collide and it is always midnight.

Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators
CVPI is based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. We strive to provide understanding of your paranormal experiences. We investigate ghosts, hauntings, UFO's, Bigfoot, and more. We use scientific methods along with audio/video/photo recordings to provide evidence.

Christian County Ghost Hunters Society
The Christian County Ghost Hunters Society is located in Taylorville, Illinois and does phenomena investigating in and around the Christian County area. We have been around since 2002.

ClubZero Ghost Group
We are non profit paranormal investigators and researchers based in the United Kingdom dedicated to the studies of paranormal phenomena.

Coastal Spirit Chasers
We are a dedicated paranormal investigation team based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We cover the coastal regions of the Carolinas.

The Connecticut Ghost Hunters
The Connecticut Ghost Hunters is a group of paranormal investigators from Connecticut. We love what we do. If you have a case, go to our site and email us.

Connecticut Paranormal Investigations
Based in Connecticut, trying to deliver Connecticut with the best paranormal investigations, information, pictures, videos, and answers by working with and talking to the ghost hunters of Connecticut.

Connecticut Paranormal Research Team
The Connecticut Paranormal Research Team is an extremely active group of paranormal researchers, ready, willing, and able to try solving anyone's ghostly problems. We do complete investigations, utilizing every available option ranging from using scientific tools to searching public records. CTPRT operates in the southern New England area. Arrangements can be made for investigations outside our area.

Connellsville Ghost Hunters Organization
Non-profit organization trained and ethical investigators serving the southeastern Pennsylvania. We offer free membership and investigate hauntings for both residential and businesses.

Corpus Christi Paranormal
A south Texas-based paranormal group dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal activity.

Corpus Christi Spook Central
Corpus Christi Spook Central is dedicated to the research, investigation, and documentation of the paranormal. We conduct investigations in Corpus Christi, Texas and the surrounding areas. Come check out our evidence videos, EVP, and pictures.

Crossroads Paranormal
Based of out Indiana, Crossroads Paranormal believes in putting people above paranormal. We are devoted to the rational exploration of the paranormal by means of science and logic.

Dark Prairie Anomalous Research Team
We collect data from haunted locations for the purpose of research and submission to the scientific community for review. We promote professionalism, integrity, and education to the client and offer an objective and structured investigation. Feel free to browse around our site and see if our services fit your needs. Texas Area of Operations: Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Liberty, Montgomery, Waller, and Fort Bend counties.

Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group
A not for profit group that has the experience, knowledge and latest equipment to document spirit activity in indoor & outdoor settings. Certified.

DC Metro Area Ghost Watchers
Investigating ghosts and hauntings in Washington DC, northern Virginia, and southern Maryland.

Deadframe Paranormal Research Group
Deadframe is a family based organization located in northeast Ohio, specializing in photo/video and audio documentation as well as field investigations in and surrounding Ohio.

The DeadWatch Society
We are a paranormal research team located in southwest Michigan. We offer confidential, professional investigations to private homeowners as well as commercial entities.

Dearne Valley Paranormal Investigations - D.V.P.I
Dearne Valley Paranormal cover all Yorkshire, England investigating urban legends and ghost stories. We have been established since April 2005 with the aim of investigating the area's most haunted properties and to establish links with other groups around the country. We are a small but highly dedicated team whose professionalism, commitment, and knowledge of the paranormal has quickly led us to be regarded as one of the country's most thorough and scientific units. Whether it's a home, a public house, a business, or a grand stately home, D.V.P.I is always willing to investigate.

Decatur Extreme Ghosthunters
The local Ghosthunting group of Decatur, Illinois

Delaware County Paranormal Research
We are a group of people who research, investigate, and document all aspects of the paranormal, especially ghosts and spirits. We discuss and practice scientific methods of paranormal research and documentation, as well as experimental methods. We are located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, but serve the surrounding areas.

Des Moines Iowa Extreme Paranormal Advanced Research Team (DIEPART)
We are based out of the greater Des Moines, Iowa area and our team members come from all over central Iowa. We offer a free detailed study of your possible paranormal activities. We don't charge for any services. We usually will spend hours at just one location gathering information that we need to try to determine if there is paranormal activity of any kind going on. help@diepart.com - The Iowa Ghost Hunters.

Distraught Entities Analysis Division (D.E.A.D)
We are a paranormal group based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a small group with big ambitions. We answer the call for help when needed, but until that call when stay as active as possible. We have a good group who mesh well together. Our experience is plentiful and we are always up for an investigation. Please see our site for more details... this is just the tip.

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team
Paranormal research team in eastern Kentucky.

East Central Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations
East Central Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations covers the triangular area between Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We also travel elsewhere in the state for investigations of exceptional interest.

East Coast Hauntings Organization (E.C.H.O.)
We are located in Bath, North Carolina and cover the east coast states doing scientific paranormal investigations. E.C.H.O. is founded by a parapsychologist and professional investigators who document hauntings, apparitions, and all other anomalous events. Site contains photos, investigation info, dictionary, links, media events, and membership guidelines. We investigate historic sites, residences, commercial establishments, and undeveloped properties for clients in need or solely for research documentation purposes. Confidentiality is always a consideration with us. E.C.H.O. participated on the show Proof Positive shown on the Sci Fi channel as the Firehouse Phantom episode. We are professional and willing to investigate any paranormal event.

East Coast Paranormal Investigative Team
We have been in the field for over seven years, first starting in North Carolina, now based in the Hudson Valley, New York area. We have specialists in many fields of the paranormal including EVP and ghost photography. We have captured EVP at an abandoned hotel in Pine Hill, New York and have captured two entities on video at the Phoenicia Library (which used to be the town funeral home). We conduct investigations free of charge in homes and businesses. This is for research purposes, and all investigations are done in a professional manner.

East Kentucky Paranormal Investigation Team
We are a paranormal group based in east Kentucky investigating reported haunting activity throughout the eastern Kentucky area and beyond.

East Valley Paranormal Society
Based out of Mesa, Arizona, our ghost investigating team, E.V.P.S. is dedicated to providing the public with education and answers about the paranormal. Our directors and team members are all involved in every aspect of an investigation and will do what is necessary to debunk the situation before coming to the conclusion that a place is haunted. Got ghosts? Call E.V.P.S.

Eastern Missouri Paranormal Society
A Jefferson County, Missouri based group that has been continuously active since 1997. We are also the Missouri Chapter of ISPI. We Investigate reports of hauntings and ghost sightings. Whether you are the hunter or the haunted, we are here to help you.

Eastern Pennsylvania Ghost Researchers (EPGR)
EPGR is a non-profit group of paranormal investigators from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. We investigate/research the paranormal in a completely professional way.

Eastern Paranormal
Eastern Paranormal is dedicated to examining paranormal phenomena, collecting evidence which might be supportive in proving the existence of paranormal phenomena, and providing education and assistance to those who are experiencing phenomena they believe to be paranormal in origin.

Eerie Investigations
We explore all facets of the paranormal and are located in the Piedmont-Triad, North Carolina.

Entity Seekers Paranormal Investigators (ESPI)
Entity Seekers P. I. is a paranormal research team composed of unique individuals with a wide background of interests, talents and capabilities. Our purpose as an organization is to LEARN, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN the possibilities of the unknown. ESPI's goals are to seek out proof, document evidence and explore paranormal activity as well as other phenomenon.

Evening Shades Arkansas Paranormal Investigations
Evening Shades Arkansas Paranormal Investigations - Discussion forums and investigation evidence for state of Arkansas paranormal sites and neighboring areas.

Evergreen Paranormal
We are a small paranormal research investigative team from the Pacific Northwest in Washington state, who have devoted their spare time researching and understanding about events surrounding paranormal phenomena that occur in our everyday lives. Our team has lead the path by being first to investigate places such as Thornewood Castle (home to Rose Red), the Timberline, the Bush House in Index, and the Oxford Saloon.

Fantom Finders Paranormal Investigations of Nevada and Texas
Dedicated to researching and investigating the unknown using scientific means in Southern Nevada and Western Texas. Site is filled with photos, investigations, stories, and fun facts.

Florida Ghost Chapter
We are an independent research group designed to investigate paranormal activity throughout the state of Florida. We were started in early 2005 by William R. Napier. Today we are a full sized group. If you live in Florida and have a story to tell, visit us.

Florida Ghost Chapter
The Florida Ghost Chapter has been founded by Ronnie DeAngelis and is located in Marco Island, Florida. We are a sub division of the New York Ghost Chapter founded by Dr. Frances Bennett who holds a Ph.D in Parapsychology.

Florida Paranormal Investigation (FPI)
A new twist on an old subject -- retired government agents seeking the truth or lack thereof for the paranormal.

Forgotten Time Society
This site is about ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from the US and the world, uniting to combine some knowledge of the paranormal world, with a small amount of what was learned. This site is brand new and doesn't have much added to it as of yet. Join today! no strings, and no commitments.

Garden State Ghost Hunters Society
We are a fee free paranormal society. We specialize in ghost investigations and have one of the most respected teams in the tri-state area. We investigate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Please look us up if you are in need of true investigators.

Gemini Investigators For Truth (G.I.F.T.)
Gemini Investigators For Truth are investigators for paranormal activity from Guildford Surrey, England. We are not a tour or membership group but like to share our findings (with clients' permission only). We offer free investigations and privacy. Come and browse... all are welcome.

The Georgia Ghost Society
The Georgia Ghost Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to ghost research, investigating unexplained phenomena associated with paranormal, supernatural and preternatural hauntings and offering assistance to those experiencing these unusual and sometimes frightening events. We are members of The American Ghost Society and The New England Society for Psychic Research.

Georgia Paranormal Society
The Georgia Paranormal Society is an organization created with the purpose of investigating paranormal activity and, using scientific methods, proving or disproving the existence of paranormal phenomena. Everyone has their own paranormal stories, either through direct observation or through stories discussed among friends or family members. Every member of our organization has had their own experiences with the unexplained and a desire to learn more about the world that is beyond our current physical science. Each member of our team brings with them a unique set of views and skills which help create a tight-knit, well-rounded investigation team.

Ghastly Ghost Hunter
Haunted pictures, videos and EVP's from Texas to Scotland. Multi award winning media coverage.

GHG Ghost Hunters
We are a group of paranormal researchers located in Pensacola, Florida. Most of our research and investigations are conducted in the Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama area, but we have ventured West to the plantation homes of Louisiana, East to the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, Florida and south to Cassadaga, Florida.

Ghost 2 Ghosts
Ghost 2 Ghosts are a UK-based ghost hunting team. Our Web site includes a large forum community, paranormal articles, ghost hunting equipment shop where you are sure to pick up a bargain, and we also have our very own search engine!

The Ghost Bar
Where ghost hunters unite! Ghost photos and stories of paranormal encounters, resources, and more.

Ghost Chicks
The Ghost Chicks, your all-access pass to the paranormal. We are a paranormal investigation agency that offers unique excursions while researching the world of the paranormal. We welcome you to join us for a fantastic journey. An eclectic group of women who will "take you away from it all" for an adventure and a fun-filled weekend. Please 'trip' with us to places like Savannah, Georgia, St. Francisville, Louisiana (The Myrtles), and Cassadaga, Florida

Ghost Connections UK

We are a team of paranormal investigators based in Kent, UK. We investigate castles, theatres, public houses, and many more haunted locations. We have a small, core team that undertake research. We are always looking for new members to join.

Ghost Country
Full of info on ghosts all over the U.K. plus, maybe you're the extra team member we're looking for?

Ghost Guides
Paranormal site of Jim Graczyk, author of A Field Guide to Chicago Hauntings.

Ghost and Haunting Advice UK
Free and confidential ghost and haunting advice and investigation service. True stories and photographs. Psychic readings also available.

Ghost Hauntings UK
If you are interested in the Paranormal, you will love it on this site. We have investigations, photographs, and the A-Z of UK Haunted places. We also have friendly family of members.

Ghost Hounds
Paranormal Investigators Network. Features photo, video, and EVP gallery, message boards, news, tutorials, nightly chat room and more!

Ghost Haunted
A network of paranormal teams from all over the U.K, with over 25 years of experience on board.

Ghost Hunters
We are dedicated to researching and investigating the paranormal. Here you will find information about our investigations and research conducted by us, along with ghost stories and ghost photographs from all across the world.

Ghost Hunters of Denmark
Photos and accounts of paranormal happenings in Demark. Most of the text is in Danish.

Ghost Hunters Guild
This is a Yahoo club dedicated to ghost hunting in Connecticut. We have a lot of pictures and we have monthly ghost hunts -- come check it out.

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team
Ghost hunters based in Ohio investigate hauntings at residences and businesses in Ohio and surrounding areas. We do not charge for investigations. Site includes investigation reports, evp, photos, and videos.

Ghost Hunters Scotland
Ghost Hunters Scotland consists of a mixed amateur group of believers and skeptics who investigate suspected haunted locations in West Central Scotland. All investigations are photographed, filmed and scientifically tested and you can see the results posted here on this site. Lonewooolf and Dez are both in the early stages of developing their sensitive psychic abilities and they work with our mediums whose talents range from clairvoyancy, to clairaudience, and clairesentience.

Ghost Hunters Of South Texas - G.H.O.S.T.
South Texas Web site listing local paranormal investigators and investigations, local haunted attractions, and more.

Ghost Hunters of Southern Territories
We are a small (but enthusiastic) group, seeking the paranormal, located in southern territories in the United States. Our goal is to bring you proof of the hauntings in the southern states. Most of the stories we hear are fascinating, frightening, and fun.

Ghost Hunters Of South Texas
We are a paranormal investigation group based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Our mission is to eliminate disbelief, reveal the truth, and unveil life after death. We believe that no one person can know the truth and that only as a collective can we learn and advance in the field of paranormal sciences.

Ghost Information Hub
Ghost Information -- maintained by and for ghost hunters -- join us for free, see photos of orbs and ghost. True tales of the paranormal. Real ghost photos and stories.

Ghost Research Society
The Ghost Research Society investigates paranormal phenomena in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. The stories are well researched and documented and the site includes many photographs. The organization offers membership into their group, sells tickets to their excursions, and offers a newsletter.

Ghost Research Society of North/Central Alabama
Ghost Research Society of North/Central Alabama is located in Chilton County, and plan on covering not only Chilton County but several of the surrounding counties (Shelby, Jefferson, Bibb, Autuga, ETC...) as well. Visitors may post their own true ghost stories and photos. There is also a message board to discuss ghosts and hauntings.

The Ghost Seeker
Dedicated to the scientific understanding of ghosts and hauntings. Ghosts, hauntings, ghost photos, orbs, we have it all.

The Ghost Stalkers' Guide
Ghosthunters Terry Smith and Mark Jean's Web site has a very extensive list of recommended equipment for hunting ghosts. The Fort Worth, Texas-based duo are actively seeking haunted locations to investigate.

The Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee
A place for Ghost Stalkers alike to come together and share experiences/interests in the ghostly phenomenon. Also see ghostly photos, read true stories, leave a message on our message board and visit other paranormal sites.

Ghost Trackers
Dedicated to the research, investigation, and documentation of ghostly activity in the San Francisco Bay area, northern California, and the surrounding western states. Among the Ghost Trackers is Gloria Young. She has been a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator for over ten years. She has written six books including "Faces of a Ghost Hunter," "The Ghost Trackers Guide to Haunted Tombstone," and "There Are No Ghosts In Santa Clara." She lectures, writes articles for various magazines, and is a regular guest on KGST Radio.

Ghosts of Idaho
Group friends located in or around Pocatello, Idaho looking to prove that ghosts exist. Established Fall of 2001.

Ghosts Incorporated
Paranormal investigators located in Houston, Texas. Our Web site offers ghostly photos, video, and information for those who are interested in the paranormal.

The Ghosts of Ohio
Non-profit organization dedicated to investigating and documenting hauntings in Ohio. Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

New England's non-profit paranormal research group.

GhostLand Society
Lake County, Illinois paranormal Investigators. We're a non-profit group that investigates claims of the paranormal, poltergeist activity, and unravels of some famous folklore stories.

A paranormal community with ghost stories, ghost pictures and discussion.

Ghostseekers of Michigan
We are a group of paranormal investigators from the thumb area of Michigan. We have been investigating since 2002. The site includes photos and EVP's from our investigations.

GhostScouts Of Maryland
GhostScouts is a fairly new ghost hunting/investigating group in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia area. We investigate accounts and claims of the paranormal as well as visit places that are reported to be haunted. We at GhostScouts love what we do and are very serious about our work and seek only those who are serious, devoted, and honest.

Ghosttrotters is a ghost and paranormal group located in southeastern Kentucky. We investigate haunted houses, cemeteries, or wherever there is a haunting. The sole purpose of this site is to display images caught on camera pertaining to ghost and the paranormal.

Grimstone Inc Paranormal Research Organization
Paranormal research organization in southeast Michigan dedicated to professionalism and scientific method.

Great Lakes Paranormal Research
Great Lakes Paranormal Research is based in Michigan and conducts free, confidential paranormal investigations. We are a friendly group of people who have a love of anything paranormal. We do research on local hauntings and legends as well as cemetery preservation projects in our local areas. We offer discussion forums for anyone interested in the paranormal on our Web site. Our focus is on the west side of the state.

Great Plains Paranormal Research Society
We are a privately-funded paranormal research group in the Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa metropolitan area. Our goal is to assist property owners in determining what, if any paranormal activity is occurring in or around their property using science and state-of-the-art technology. Our members are professional, adult, and very discrete. If you suspect your home or business is haunted please contact us. All of our paranormal research is kept confidential and best of all, it's free.

Grimstone Inc. Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal investigators of Michigan specializing in discrete scientific investigations of private homes and businesses. Established in 1999, we have been formally investigating ghosts, spirits, and hauntings.

Gulf Area Paranormal Society (GAPS)
The Gulf Area Paranormal Society was founded to investigate paranormal activity in the Gulf Coast area (Pensacola, Florida/Mobile, Alabama central area). Please come by and check out our Web site.

The Gulf States Paranormal Society
The Gulf States Paranormal Society is located in Birmingham, Alabama and was formed by a group of people who have a thirst for knowledge in the field of paranormal research and investigation. Composed of both believers and skeptics alike, our mission is to seek answers to the numerous mysteries surrounding all paranormal activity as well as investigate, explore, research, and document it. We want to help those who experience this kind of activity gain a better understanding of how and why it happens. We collect as much scientific data as possible with the hopes it will allow for the continued growth of study and interest in this field and the many questions it poses. If you are experiencing any kind of paranormal activity or haunting and would like us to investigate, please visit our Web site. All investigations are free of charge.

Halifax Hauntings
Our site is a guide to the scientific pursuit of paranormal investigations. Our group uses every method of science to prove the existence of ghosts. Our group is located in Daytona Beach, Florida and we serve the Central Florida area to anyone who might need help with a paranormal problem. We are also doing studies on some of the newest theories pertaining to the paranormal and also writing articles explaining more new theories that might help the beginning ghost hunter learn more before that first investigation. Basically, what we are is Ghost Hunting 102 and our book will be out soon to also help. We hope we can help -- good luck and good hunting!

Haunt Analyst - Georgia Ghost Hunters
New ghost photos, ghostly evp, and ectoplasm are some of the topics that haunt our site. Need an investigation? Contact Georgia Ghost Hunters Haunt Analyst. All investigations are free of charge. We are located in south central Georgia.

Haunted Alberta
Haunted Alberta - we cover topics such as the paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, write educational editorials, and much more. We are based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Haunted Happenings Investigations
Investigators of the paranormal located in the Metro-West area of Massachusetts. Haunted Happenings Paranormal Investigations believes in helping people solve their paranormal dilemmas.

H.P.I. Paranormal Investigations of Northern California
HPI Paranormal Investigations is involved in doing paranormal and haunted investigations looking for the truth behind paranormal and haunted activity. HPI has a small group of core investigators for our private investigations, and a large group of investigators to further the knowledge of documented haunted locations. Shannon McCabe Lead Investigator.

Haunted Truth - Michigan
We are a Michigan-based Web site and crew who covers everything paranormal and some urban exploration. We give the most detailed information, pictures, and facts about haunted places.

A Haunted Yorkshire Ghost Hunters
A Haunted Yorkshire, Ghost Hunters, investigate haunted locations in the Yorkshire (UK) area. Paranormal investigations are free of charge. So if your disturbed by ghosts or sprits, call in the Yorkshire Ghost Hunters!

A Haunted Yorkshire Paranormal Research Group (UK)
We are a small group of investigators who look into paranormal incidents at private and public properties (free of charge) in Yorkshire, the largest county in England. We are strictly a non-profit making group and work on a confidential basis. For further information and our Web site/forum, please click on the link, Thank you.

Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation
Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We investigate private homes, businesses, and other locations. Along with using the latest equipment, we focus on the historical aspect of haunted locations.

Hoosier Paranormal
Hoosier Paranormal Research is a group of dedicated paranormal investigators based in south-central Indiana. The purpose of HPR is to investigate allegations of ghostly or paranormal activity and to help people better understand it.

The Idaho Paranormal Society
The Idaho Paranormal Society is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to research and study of terrestrial paranormal phenomenon and help those affected by it. TIPS covers investigations in Idaho, Oregon, and Montana.

Idaho Spirit Seekers
We are a team of well-trained paranormal investigators who are dedicated to the research of hauntings and other paranormal activity. Our services are all free of charge. We are the largest team in Idaho and pride ourselves on our training and confidentiality. We are located in Nampa and Boise, Idaho and also cover Oregon and Montana and anywhere else we may be called to help.

Indiana Paranormal Investigations
We investigate paranormal activity in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois using audio, video and other equipment to help us detect phenomena that cannot be explained. Our research is not limited to scientific methods, the metaphysical aspect of ghosts and hauntings is just as important in helping us understand what is happening and why. Our team is a group of mature and experienced adults who are interested in documenting paranormal activity and helping you find a solution. Visit our site for more information on Indiana ghosts, hauntings, and research.

Indiana Paranormal Investigators Society
We are a non-profit organization. We use scientific measures to proof or disprove a haunting. Our goal is to make the communities around us aware of paranormal activity.

INFINITY Paranormal Investigations Network
Infinity Paranormal Investigations Network is an online resource dedicated to its members and fellow para-investigators offering a site with a discussion forum for members to share stories and post pertinent information regarding paranormal cases, hauntings, evp, photographic evidence, and much more. Infinity's Para-Investigators Online Paranormal Assistance Program (P.O.P.A.P.) is a chat program which interacts with many groups around the globe. It's open 24/7 with fellow investigators online to assist with questions, to share stories, to lend a hand if someone is looking for a group near them to join, or to request assistance. It targets the needs of both users and investigators. Infinity's Navigator Online Para-Apprentice Program (N.O.P.A.P.) is now accepting new teams looking to form with the assistance, mentorship, and knowledge of a seasoned para-investigating team. Infinity currently has two divisions, West Virginia and Florida.

Inland Empire Society For Spirit Research
A paranormal group dedicated to educating ourselves as well as others on the paranormal subject of ghosts, spirits, and proof of life after physical death, through physical scientific data and spiritual means. Join us for stories, photos, chat, forums, articles, and more.

International Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research (ICPIR)
Our organization is just over two years old and we have some wonderful things planned for our future. While we are based in Southern California, the ICPIR Community consists of chapters located in different parts of the United States. We are a reputable community in the paranormal research field and we maintain some of the highest investigative standards there are.

International Ghost Hunters Society
This a very large site with thousands
of members and photographs. The site features an online store where you can buy videos, books, and pamphlets. You need to be a member to view most of the photographs but there are many free features on the site such as a catalog of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and ghost tales.

International Society of Paranormal Investigators (I.S.P.I.)
International Society of Paranormal Investigators Cordially invites you to join our Web site and/or organization of experienced paranormal researchers in finding the answers to the unexplained. Have you ever caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye? Heard voices when no one was there? Got the feeling someone is watching you? Has the hair on the back of your neck ever stood up on end, sending shivers up your spine? If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions... you're not alone! We are an organization, fully insured paranormal group based out of Indiana, Illinois and Texas. We specialize in haunted locations throughout the United States, Home/Commercial Investigations, Historical Information, and Genealogy.

IRIS-Investigative Research In Spirit
Shelley King is the founder of IRIS-Investigative Research in Spirit, located in Cumberland, Rhode Island. She offers private home and business spirit investigations. She also conducts seminars and workshops regarding spirit communication. She is also a travel agent who travels around the world to haunted places and can help you book a Ghostly Getaway. Shelley specializes in EVP-Electronic Voice Phenomena and has just completed a segment with the Sci Fi Channel.

Irish Ghosts and Legends
True stories of ghosts and hauntings from Ireland North and South, dare you enter?

Isle of Wight Ghost Investigations
Isle of Wight Ghost Investigations is a new group whose aim is to investigate and document the world's most haunted island! This site was set up in conjunction with Gay Baldwin (Ghost-Island) -- author of six books about the island's ghosts. We have members from across the UK as well as Canada and America. Our Core Team consists of mediums, sensitives, believers as well as sceptics, so a good mixed group. The website is open to anyone -- all are welcome!

Itasca Alliance of the Paranormal
A group of paranormal investigators located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

ITC Researcher - Electronic Spirit Comunications
ITC - Instrumental Trans-Communication, makes use of added noises by electronics enhancement that allow spirits to manipulate into voices. Several microphones, radios, light, audio software programs, along with extra noises in the system make this different from EVP. My Web site goes into much more detail. I also have never received spirit voices yet! Be the first to hear my first spirit voice!

J & J Ghost Seekers
We are fee free ghost hunters based in Pennsylvania. We are members if the International Ghost Hunters Society and our site offers a message board for stories, photos, and EVP.

Joel-Anthony Gray: Paranormal Spirituality & Beyond
Personal, metaphysical, and paranormal site for Joel-Anthony Gray, author, movie/film consultant, gothic photographer, and conference speaker. The Web site compares magical traditions and gives suggestions for protection, ritual, and healing.

Jorden-Williams Paranormal Investigations
We are a UK-based paranormal team in Salisbury. We are a team dedicated to recording and documenting our findings on our Web site. Our team is available for location investigation. Please contact us via our Web site.

Kentucky Ghosts.com
Kentucky Ghosts.com is a group located in McCreary County, Kentucky. Our website is all about displaying images caught on camera pertaining to ghosts and paranormal.

Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000
Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000 is a paranormal investigative club located in McCreaty County, Kentucky.

Khanawha Valley Ghost Hunter Society
Free investigation and dissemination of information on supernatural happenings in West Virginia.

Kindred Spirits Paranormal
Kindred Spirits Paranormal is a small, Wisconsin based, non-profit group of paranormal researchers. We conduct investigations in homes, establishments, cemeteries, and other paranormal locations. EVP plays a pivotal role in our research.

Knox County Paranormal Group
Paranormal investigation and gho
st hunting tours in Knox County, Illinois.

L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations
We use the scientific method to investigate ghostly activity, reports of UFOs, cryptzoological matters, psychic activity, and all forms of unexplainable phenomena. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we're especially interested in the Southeastern US. Our work has been featured on The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell/George Noory. Our site contains free pictures, video clips, how-to resources and more.

L.I.F.E. Foundation
Author of "The Other Side," founder of The L.I.F.E. Foundation, Living In Fear Ends. Non profit organization that refers people to Paranormal Investigators throughout the U.S. and all other countries.

Lake Erie Ghost Hunters
Lake Erie Ghost Hunters Society is dedicated to paranormal exploration. We dedicate our time to help others cohabitate with the "living impaired" and to learning the vast amounts of knowledge in the field of paranormal studies.

Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations
"You only live once... Sometimes." Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations helps the people of the Las Vegas valley understand the paranormal through education and research. LVPI is a part of the TAPS family and is also affiliated with IGHS, AAPI, MAJDA and the American Ghost Society. We use scientific means to search out the paranormal.

Leeds Haunts
A gazetteer of ghosts and haunted places in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England; the site is rapidly expanding to include the rest of Yorkshire. Many of the stories here are not available in any other print medium.

Legend Trackers of Ohio
Legend Trackers of Ohio are researchers of the unexplained. L.T. does not just investigate areas of haunts, but also invites our members to research other venues of the unexplained, such as the elusive Bigfoot, UFO's, etc. L.T.'s home base is in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. We currently are working areas of Cleveland and points along the southeastern corridor of Ohio on to the Ohio River. We also carry out many private investigations of businesses and private residences. Come and join us on our research into the world of the unexplained!

Paranormal and supernatural activity investigations, networking clubs together.

Lone Star Spirits - Ghosts of Texas
Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations group investigates various areas such as battlegrounds, places of business, and houses. The reports of each of their investigations are located online and include some photos of the locations and images of the tools they use to investigate the sites.

The Long Island Ghost Hunting Duo
We investigate stories that are made and told. Using methods of technology and mediumship, we find out what stories are true and what stories are created by the human imagination. We are currently located on Long Island, New York but travel to other states in search of the truth.

Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group
The Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group (LAPRG) investigates claims of paranormal phenomena. We focus mainly on investigations involving apparitions, ghosts, hauntings, poltergeist activity, and other related phenomena. Our group of highly skilled and motivated paranormal researchers and investigators are some of the best in the field. We strive to rule out the conventional and scientifically accepted possibilities before arriving at any paranormal conclusions or assumptions. We employ popular, scientific methods in our investigations and research, and we take much care in ensuring that sound judgments are utilized.

Louisiana Spirit Hunters: Paranormal Investigations
New Orleans is known to be a great site to find some lingering spirits. Do some research in your area, almost all of the ground in Louisiana has history attached to it. If you have ever been haunted or are currently being haunted, or having experiences in dealing with various entities please visit our Web site and email us. ParaScience: investigations of ghosts, hauntings, spirits, poltergeists, and supernatural activity.

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society was founded in 1996, by Keith Age, the Louisville, Kentucky representative for the American Ghost Society and a 25-year veteran in the area of Paranormal investigation. Age founded the L.G.H.S. primarily as a teaching tool in order to help people come together with other like-minded individuals to try and foster a better understanding of the unknown.

The search for the paranormal in Delaware.

Madison Researchers Into The Paranormal
The homepage for MRIP, Madison Researchers Into The Paranormal. Located in Madison, Wisconsin with members in several states in the upper Midwest. We charge nothing for an investigation and we protect your privacy. No case too big or too small, with over 100+ years of collective member experience in investigations, we'll find the answer.

MAGIS (or the Minnesota Area Ghost Investigation Society) is a group committed to researching, investigating, and assisting people who are struggling to learn more about any instances of paranormal activity in their home or business.

Maine Paranormal
Researching hauntings, legends, myths, and all things paranormal in the Maine area. The site includes extensive research into the Jonathon Buck Witch's Curse, with a page dedicated to debunking it.

Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association
This site's strongest feature is its detailed overview of haunted Maryland locations. The multi-page directory lists towns and haunted locations all over Maryland. MG&SA also includes some ghost hunting tips, glossary, and a link to contact them.

Maryland Paranormal Research
We are a small group who investigates all Paranormal activity. We provide our services free of charge but donations are accepted and go toward purchasing new equipment. We also provide photographic (standard as well as Infrared) services to other paranormal groups.

Maryland Paranormal Research Society
A group of paranormal investigators located within Maryland. We research haunted locations within and around Maryland using scientific and spiritual evidence.

Maryland Paranormal Research Team
The Maryland Paranormal Research Team is based in Dundalk, Maryland. We do not charge for investigations. We have meetings every two weeks and we will help other groups that are just getting started as well.

Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters
Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters (formerly the Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee) is the oldest and most experienced paranormal investigation team in western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, and northern Mississippi. We have investigated and documented reports of ghosts, hauntings, and paranormal activity in the Memphis and the Mid South area since March 2001, and always post our investigation results online for public scrutiny. We use scientific methods and state-of-the-art electronic equipment to provide reliable investigative evidence while helping people understand and cope with possible paranormal activity in their homes or businesses. Our ultimate goal is to obtain indisputable scientific proof of life after death. Investigations are confidential and free.

Metroplex Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal investigations in North Texas and the surrounding areas.

Michigan Paranormal Encounters
Michigan Paranormal Encounters is based on the philosophy of integrity and objectivity in the study of the paranormal. Trained and experienced investigators work with clients throughout Michigan. Each brings their own special talent to every case. State of the art equipment provides investigators with essential tools to rule out natural causes for unexplained phenomena, before paranormal explanations are explored. Healthy skepticism is encouraged and practiced. In many cases, frightening and disruptive occurrences can be explained by things that are in no way paranormal. If it is determined that paranormal forces are at work, investigators work with clients to resolve the issue in the most effective way possible while offering support and understanding throughout the process. Client confidentiality is strictly observed in all cases and guaranteed in writing. Michigan Paranormal Encounters does not charge for its services.

Midnight Society
A group of film makers that go to haunted places in North Carolina and film their journeys.

Miller's Paranormal Research
Free investigations of haunts in Missouri and Kansas, unusual and growing photo gallery, info on grave dowsing, see Ripley's Smallest Tombstone, awards, links and more!

Missouri Paranormal Research
Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR) is a professional team of experienced paranormal investigators and researchers. MPR combines a unique blend of both humanistic values and scientific techniques which result in a well formulated balanced approach to paranormal investigations and research. Along with our adherence to a strict set of protocols and standards, our methods result in superior client satisfaction, collection of quality evidence beneficial to the overall progression of the paranormal research and investigative field, and in some cases bring peace or closure for the source of the haunting.

Minnesota Ghost Hunters Society
Minnesota paranormal investigators - EVP, photographs, and a chatroom. Come visit our Web site for information on how to join or how to have us come to your home/area/business.

The official home of the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group located in Mankato, Minnesota. Serving the eastern half of southern Minnesota from the Twin Cities to the Iowa border. Our site is also a directory for haunted locations throughout the state of Minnesota.

Missouri Office of Paranormal Investigations
We are a small paranormal group located in St. Charles, Missouri.

Missouri Paranormal Research Society
An independent group of volunteers out of St. Charles, Missouri, who are devoted to the scientific investigation and analysis of paranormal occurrences. Our investigations take us throughout much of Missouri and eastern Illinois.

Monster Tracker examines cryptozoology, especially the Lake Erie Monster
Monster Tracker is located on the shores of Lake Erie where we record, monitor, and video Lake Erie in the hope of gathering data and proof of the Lake Erie Monster. We examine and report on all aspects of cryptozoology including other lake monsters, bigfoot, yeti, and other strange and bizarre creatures.

Montreal Paranormal Investigations
Photographs and personal experiences of a Sensitive in haunted buildings.

From spirit clearing to leyline relocation, you'll find everything you need here. We are a dedicated paranormal team based in Ireland. There's a monthly paranormal diary, book reviews, tips and advice on ghosts and spirits, Feng Shui, Crystal Healing, and much more.

Mr. F's Views
A personal view into all things paranormal including ghost hunts, results, essential kit, and spooky definitions. Also there is a gallery, guestbook, and forum to enter -- plus much more.

N.W. Pennsylvania Hauntings - Paranormal Investigators
N. W. Pennsylvania Hauntings - Paranormal Investigators. Located in North West Pennsylvania and serving: Crawford, Erie, Mercer, and the surrounding counties. We Investigate private homes, buildings, cemeteries, or any site where paranormal activity is thought to be.

New England Anomalies Research
We are a Rhode Island-based organization made up of individuals with over 30 years of combined paranormal investigative experience. We are interested in documenting and proving (or disproving) the existence of paranormal activity and offer assistance to those experiencing trauma associated with a haunting/paranormal phenomena.

New England Paranormal Investagators
New England Paranormal Investigators (N.E.P.I.) is a group started in 2004 by Tyler Tersavich and Patrick Flynn. Both from Massachusetts. We are always looking for new members so please visit our Web site.

New England Paranormal Video Research Group
The New England Paranormal Video Research Group is dedicated to the documentation of the paranormal. We do not just document but also help people with paranormal problems. One of the founders, Matthew, dedicates his time from family and work to run NEPVRG. He has gone to countless seminars and conferences to better his understanding of the paranormal and how to better help people in need with their paranormal problems. His next trip is to New Bedford, Massachusetts where he will be sitting in on a seminar by the Lead Demonologist for TAPS, the hit TV series on SCI-FI.

New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society
Providing free paranormal investigations to those who request them and training those individuals who want to learn how to conduct paranormal investigations. Founded in 1998, the organization is comprised of over 300 members and is an Associate Club of the International Ghost Hunters Society and as such complies with their investigative protocols.

New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (NYPAPS)
We travel from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania to Herkimer County, New York doing investigations on both public and private buildings.

National Ghost Hunters Society
Paranormal Experts, with photos, education, stories and lots of information.

Nevada Spooks
We are a group of individuals who share the same passion and interests in ghost hunting and paranormal research. We aim to treat each and every investigation with professionalism and integrity.

The Nocturne Society
Focusing investigations around southern Wisconsin and reporting events from around the world. Featuring opinionated articles and posts of your paranormal experiences.

North America Ghost Hunters
North America Ghosthunters is a new non profit organization that is here to help those that have problems with the paranormal.

North Carolina Paranormal Investigations
We are a small team of ghost hunters based in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We are dedicated to researching the paranormal and helping others who may be experiencing supernatural activity. Feel free to contact us if you need help with a haunting or just wish to be heard.

North Carolina Paranormal Research
Do you need help? North Carolina Paranormal Research conducts investigations in western North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

North Carolina Ghost Hunting Society (NCGHS)
With a common interest in discovering and understanding the paranormal, the team of investigators comprising the North Carolina Ghost Hunting Society (NCGHS) is determined to find, record, and analyze ghost and spirit activity, primarily in the eastern area of North Carolina.

North Carolina Piedmont Paranormal Research Society
Located in the Foothills and Piedmont regions of North Carolina, the members of NCPPRS are dedicated to researching, learning, and educating others about the paranormal world. Although we are still young, our group is eager to investigate any potentially haunted location - confidential, professional, and caring. Come join us! We have several investigations in the works.

North Salem Paranormal Research Society
Based in North Salem, New Hampshire, our Web site features original articles, investigations, images, and stories regarding the paranormal. Join us as we explore the unknown.

North Wales Paranormal Research
Paranormal research society based in North Wales but conducting investigations throughout the UK. We're interested in researching the paranormal from a scientific point of view, and, because of this, we use as much equipment as possible whilst conducting investigations. Our current equipment list includes video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm cameras, EMF meters, 2G EMF meters, Negative Ion Detectors, dictaphones, motion sensors, thermo-hygrometers, CCTV equipment, to name just a few! Our aim is to capture evidence of the paranormal on as much equipment as possible. So far we've some very interesting results so hopefully this will continue well into the future! Keep your eyes peeled for us on TV (so far we've been on Living TV and the BBC), listen out for us on the radio, and look out for us in the newspapers and magazines. We offer open membership, for more information, please see our website.

Northern Illinois Ghost Hunting Team (NIGHT)
A group of paranormal investigators based in Rockford, Illinois. We do confidential investigations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana.

Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators
The Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators are dedicated to the research of the paranormal.  We professionally collect evidence of the other side as well as assisting people get rid of any unwanted guests that have worn out their welcome.  We are open to any suggestions, comments and observations that you may have.

Northern New York Paranormal Research Society (NNYPRS)
Based out of Malone, New York, NNYPRS investigates all aspects of the paranormal all over the state. NNYPRS -- seek truth.

Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society
N.W.C.P.S. is a paranormal investigations group based in Torrington, Connecticut. We are a non-profit group. We have investigated homes, historical buildings, and cemeteries throughout the northwest corner of Connecticut.

Northwest Indiana Shadowchasers
The Northwest Indiana Shadowchasers is a new group dedicated to paranormal research in Northwest Indiana. Sites include; Salesians Prep School, Gypsies Graveyard, Crown Point Courthouse.

Northwest Minnesota Paranormal Society
A paranormal research group locted in Northwest Minnesota; we have investigations, posted evp, and pictures. Contact us to request help in our area of the country.

NWA Ghost Connection
The Northwest Arkansas Ghost Connection is a non-profit organization based out of Rogers, Arkansas. Our group consists of six physical members from the Northwest Arkansas area with a common goal of finding the truth. We investigate mostly within the Northwest Arkansas area, but are always open to out of town, or even out of state investigations. If you have questions, or wish to request an investigation, click on our "Contact Us" link.

O.C.P.R. - The Orange County Paranormal Research Team
O.C.P.R. - The Orange County Paranormal Research Team - i
s based in Orange County, California. O.C.P.R. is currently seeking dedicated individuals in the southern California area to join our team of paranormal investigators.

Ocean County New Jersey Paranormal Investigators

We are a small group of paranormal investigators in the Brick/Point Pleasant area of Ocean County, New Jersey. Our Web site tells you how and why we do our research. It includes a bio page of our team, our definition of paranormal activity, evidence, and much more.

Oklahoma Paranormal Society
Paranormal investigators in Oklahoma.

Olathe Society for Paranormal Research and Investigations
We are a paranormal research and investigation group dedicat
ed to gaining a better understanding of paranormal phenomenon and other related areas through the use of science, technology, an open mind, and the will to explore. Inside you will find the O.S.P.R.I. portal system complete with daily news, comprehensive interactive forums, and more. Please feel free to explore our site. While here, please don't forget to register with the O.S.P.R.I. for full access to all the content and information on the site. We are located in Olathe, Kansas.

P.I.T. - Paranormal Investigating Team of South New Jersey
Dedicated to the scientific pursuit of paranormal investigation also EVP and video ITC research.

P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Investigations
P.O.R.T.A.L. is a professional paranormal investigations group led by a parapsychologist and certified investigators. We specialize in scientific investigations of commercial, residential, a nd historic sites. We provide reports and data of our findings to clients. Confidentiality is very important to us. Visit our web site for photos, informations, links, and more. If you need help, please email us.

P.R.I.S.M. Paranormal Researchers In Southeast Michigan
P.R.I.S.M (Paranormal Researchers In Southeast Michigan) is a paranormal investigation group in southeastern lower Michigan/Livingston County that is committed to researching and investigating paranormal activity and ghosts in Whitmore Lake, Michigan and the surrounding areas.

P.R.O.O.F Paranormal
We are a paranormal investigation group based in Indianapolis, Indiana but cover the Midwest. We use scientific methods in order to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts and hauntings. Visit proofparanormal.com for more info!

Paranormal investigators located in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. If you have a problem, or just a question, Email us, we would be glad to help.

Ghost investigations, photos, stories, articles and forums.

ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers
ParaHaunt is a group of talented paranormal researchers (Ghost Hunters) based in Michigan. We also have Demonologists on staff and handle potential demonic hauntings. Our mission is to assist the community as well as surrounding states in the understanding and education of paranormal phenomena. We perform paranormal investigations for businesses, private residences, as well as specific locations. We not only try to communicate with spirits, we help trapped entities "cross over" to a better place. Our Goal is to prove the existence of an after life through scientific methods, experimentation, and research. We do not support the use of Ouija Boards. Our investigations are Free of charge. No one should have to live in fear from paranormal occurrences.

Paranormal Animal Research Group (P.A.R.G.)
This is a forum for discussing ghost-animal encounters and investigations, as well as animal sensitivity to spirits. Members are encouraged to share their experiences with ghost-animals and to upload photos of paranormal anomalies to the group's photo section.

The Paranormal Challengers
We are The Paranormal Challengers, a group of individuals whose purpose is to answer the questions to the unknown by either bringing to light the truths behind the myths of the paranormal, or debunking them. Our research ranges into various realms: We will investigate hauntings to sightings. We will examine the presence of Orbs or spirits. We will explore the legends of surrounding areas. We will look into mysteries that have gone unanswered and unexplained. We will probe into the questions that need answers. Our Research team is based out of Owasso, Oklahoma.

Paranormal Expeditions
Experienced father/daughter investigative team located in Birmingham, Alabama. Web site includes monthly newsletter, equipment tips, links to other favorite sites, as well as general contact information. Stop and sign our guest book and we will automatically add you to our mailing list.

Paranormal Investigators
We investigate paranormal phenomena, research, and document it.

Paranormal Investigation of New York City
Certified Paranormal Investigation / Parapsychology research. Esp, OBE, Aftrlife, Near death, Spirit contact, Ghost Hunting. Serving all of New York City.

Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky
We are a team devoted to the scientific research and documentation of paranormal activity.

Paranormal Investigations of Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties
We are a dedicated and professional paranormal Investigation group located in Queens, New York. We follow the standards and protocols of the IGHS. We have seven full time and three part time investigators. We use the scientific approach to our investigations along with an open mind. We never charge for any investigations that we perform and all investigations are confidential, unless otherwise specified by our clients.

The Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah
The PI-TEAM of Utah is dedicated to professional and confidential paranormal research in the northern Utah area. Our site includes videos, evp, photos, and investigation notes.

Paranormal Investigators of San Diego
We are a paranormal team that investigates unexplained phenomena in southern California.

Paranormal Investigators of Southwest Missouri
A new group in Southwest Missouri who investigate the Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri areas.

Paranormal Research in Southern Maryland (PRISM)
PRISM - Paranormal Research in Southern Maryland researches and investigates locations and sites of suspected and/or reported paranormal or unexplained activity. We are a volunteer group that is built of those who seek the truth to the things that go "bump" in the night. We travel to places of interest or as invited guests to investigate ghostly activity.

Paranormal Research Team
The Paranormal Research Team (PRT) are dedicated to professional and authoritative research into supernatural phenomena in the United Kingdom. We carry out investigations in a professional and completely impartial manner. We assess unexplained activities that have occurred and attempt to find answers that either support or oppose a paranormal explanation. We do this with a team of investigators consisting of sensitives, historians, and skeptics. We gather data on each investigation by methods including photographic and video evidence and by monitoring the area by means or IR thermometers and EMF meters.

Paranormal Psychic Researchers Of Washington
We are a team of paranormal researchers located in Washington State who deal with all types of paranormal activities. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of work. Our psychics share years of experience and hold separate talents within their field of work, making the team both reliable and accurate. We, together as a team, have made it our goal to help all communities that are experiencing "the unexplained."

Paranormal Explorers
A group of non-profit ghost h
unters (Alberta Paranormal Researchers Association), seeking out the proof to hauntings and other paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal Investigators & Research Association
Our team is made up of serious investigators, simply looking for the truth. Our evidence is posted for all to see, hear and read... not to convince you of an afterlife, but to allow you to come to your own conclusions. Even though we are interested in investigating and researching paranormal activity, we are very skeptical... even of our own work. We try to naturally duplicate every positive result before accepting something as "unexplained". Our team is based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, with members in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Allentown areas. We are an unofficial non-profit team, performing our investigations free of charge. Our goal is to find evidence of the paranormal, not to make a buck!

Paranormal Researchers Of Maryland
Maryland Paranormal Research Group Submit your own photos for our visitors photo section. You will be given full credit for your work. And your addition will be appreciated.

Paranormal Researchers Of Ohio Valley
PROOV is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is dedicated to the investigation of ghosts, hauntings, and other unexplained phenomena through scientific and psychical means. If you have had a paranormal experience or know of phenomena we could investigate, contact us at ohiovalleyparanormal@yahoo.com. Investigations are free, strictly confidential, and professional.

Paranormal Seekers
A group of female paranormal investigators from the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Paranormal Society of Greater Louisville
Paranormal Society of Greater Louisville, is a non-profit paranormal investigation group. We do not charge for investigations. To schedule an investigation or for more information, please call or email us.

Paranormal Utah
We are dedicated to the investigation of ghostly phenomenon, hauntings, EVP, and Pictures of Utah locations. We list our findings here to share with other investigative groups and the public.

The Paranormal World
Great site with tons of Famous and original ghost photos and stories. Read others' ghost stories and submit your own stories and photos. Listen to our E.V.P section, or head over to our articles section as well as our famous hauntings page, with stories on Annabelle the haunted doll, and the Amityville Horror house.

Pararap Paranormal Investigators of Texas. We observe, document, and evaluate the unexplained in a professional and caring manner and support those that are affected by experiences with the paranormal. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas.

Researching ghost and haunt phenomenon in the Kentucky and Indiana Area. We utilize the most modern technology including computer assisted data collection, light optics, and more.

Peace River Ghost Tracker
We are ghost hunters in Port Charlotte which is located in southwestern Florida. Peace River Ghost Tracker are an experienced paranormal investigation team that goes out to any site that has reports of paranormal or unexplained activity. We look to the natural and the unknown to find out the possible causes. We document everything while we are on site by using film, video, recording devices, and paper. We do not jump to conclusions to justify our findings. We have a long process to rule out any other possible explanations to what we hear or see. We also study the area and the history of the place being researched which is very important.

Pennsylvania Paranormal society

Paranormal investigations for Adams and York counties in Pennsylvania, visit our Web site for more information.

The Phantom Hunters
We are a group of paranormal investigators in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. We were formed in 1999 and have been doing ghost investigations all through the DFW area. We have had great results on our investigations. We have a great team of people in all areas of research, such as EVP, EMF, Video, etc. We do not charge for an investigation, but donations are welcome. So if you or anyone you know has had any paranormal activity, or know of any haunted areas, please let us know, we would love to hear from you and set up an investigation.

Phasma Venator Paranormal
Phasma Venator - investigators of everything paranormal and supernatural. Please visit our site to see our free intro movie, photo galleries, equipment reviews, and your thoughts on a free chat/discussion room.

Preternatural Research Society
The Preternatural Research Society offers free investigations in the New Jersey/New Yor area. View our Web site for evidence, case studies, and more. The PRS also specializes in negative and demonic cases.

PROS Investigations
The PROS Investigation team of Oklahoma City is the most active research group in Oklahoma. All types of paranormal activity including hauntings, UFOs, and NDEs reported are professionally investigated documented. The Web site is updated weekly and each investigation (with the client's permission) is prepared in a full report including audio/video/photographic evidence and archived on the site. The PROS team does not charge a fee for the investigations. Directors Lisa and Ron may be contacted through the members page on the Web site to answer questions or report paranormal activity.

PsyTech is a dedicated team of paranormal researchers based in Central Kentucky. We conduct our investigations free of charge. Our Web site contains ghost hunting information, photos, and EVP collected by our team. We attribute our success to dowsing, which enables us to locate the energies present during investigations. We also teach EVP and Dowsing workshops, and have been asked to speak at several national conferences.

Red Moon Group
Research and investigations of the paranormal located in Ohio. We are a group who comes together to share our interest in ghost/spirit tracking. We allow skeptics and believers to share opinions and ideas without judgment. I hope you enjoy our Web site and if you're in the area, join us.

Red Moon Group
This new paranormal research group launched their Web site in late October, 2000. The site's "Occurrences" section features an overview of many Iowa haunts, and includes address for each location. This is a good starting point for those seeking haunted locales in Iowa.

Research and Evidence of the After Life (R.E.A.L.)
Co-Founded by Jason A. Sipple and Justin M. Sipple, R.E.A.L (Research and Evidence of the AfterLife) is a paranormal investigation group based out of Dover, Delaware that serves the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group
T.R.I.P.R.G., based in Northern Rhode Island since 1984, is a 100% non-profit group comprising men and women from all walks of life; with a wide assortment of professional careers and religious beliefs behind us. We are firmly dedicated to the serious study and investigation of paranormal phenomena throughout Southern New England as well as helping others understand and cope with paranormal phenomena through one of our many speaking engagements. Our resources have been called upon by students, educators, Historical Societies and law enforcement agencies alike. We have never and will never accept any compensation whatsoever for helping others and assure our clients of our absolute commitment to their confidentiality in writing. Our group uses modern, state-of-the-art detection and monitoring equipment during all phases of our investigations, including private cases. We require all of our investigators, regardless of past experience, to undergo a thorough training process in all of our equipment's function and proper use before they are allowed into the field on an actual case. Response to a request for help is usually within 24 hours.

R.I.P. Researchers Into the Paranormal
We are from central Florida and we research the paranormal. We go to haunted locations with our equipment, though we are not mediums. We have a great time and we love what we do. Please visit our site. We have EVP and pictures.

R.I.P. - Research in Progress at ASUP
R.I.P. - Research in Progress - The online journal of the Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon, a 35 year old research group best known for their investigations of Amityville and Mothman, to name a few. This is the Texas division.

Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena
Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena is a site that documents and investigates strange and unusual occurrences in the Rutgers University area in New Jersey, predominantly New Brunswick and Piscataway. Strange animal sightings, paranormal oddities, and unexplainable phenomena are collected and explored. On the banks of the Raritan River, Rutgers and its surrounding areas have a deep-rooted history -- from the days of the Lenni Lenape Indians to the modern university setting and everything in between -- the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the establishment of Johnson and Johnson, the infamous Hall-Mills murder trial, and the Manhattan Project. The region provides the perfect backdrop for investigating and documenting true stories and accounts of unexplained phenomena. The Rutgers Rarities team is dedicated to the finding the Truth and the Truth will be told.

S.P.I. Colorado
We are a Colorado based paranormal investigation group.

Salem Spirit Trackers
We are Based out of Keizer, Oregon, which is right next to Salem. We specialize in paranormal investigations. If you feel you have a legitimate haunting, and would like to have it investigated, email us and we'll try to set something up. This is a free service, and we would really like to help. It's the goal of our staff to be courteous and professional, and above all discrete.

San Diego Paranormal
Bonnie Vent appeared on "Let's Talk Paranormal" with Tracie Austin-Peters. The topic was the psycho-phone. Appeared on three episode of "Macabre Theatre" with Butch Patrick featuring the Villa Montezuma and Queen Mary. Contributing writer to the new Haunted Whaley House book coming out this spring. Upcoming interview in Ghost Magazine to be published in March. I am Spirit Advocate. Not only do I have all the psychic senses but I am given action items by the other side to assist with our growth and their release.

Schuylkill County Paranormal Investigators
B ased in Pennsylvania and our Web site presents our paranormal investigations, our group, experiences, thoughts, and more.

Scientific Investigation of Ghosts'n Spirits (SIGNS)
SIGNS offers investigations free of charge. We are located in western Massachusetts but will travel to help those in need. We base our evidence on scientific research. Although we do have sensitives on our team, we do not conclude their findings to be tangible. Our Web site also offers a message board which allows people from all over the world to come and talk about just about anything. It's a really cool place and everyone is welcome!

Seekers of the Afterlife
A UK-based paranormal investigation team who love ghosthunting.

Seven Paranormal Research
North Carolina based research organization that actively works towards 2 goals. The first is the research and understanding of paranormal phenomenon surrounding ghosts. The 2nd is the education for both the haunted and those wanting to investigate ghosts. There is no fee for investigations. Updated site includes investigations, learning center, and much more.

Shoreline Paranormal Investigations
Shadowz Paranormal Investigations is a non profit group located in Biloxi, Mississippi. We use scientific means such as EMF, audio, and video, to help you determine if your house, business, or property is haunted. All of our services are free. We are willing to travel anywhere in Mississippi and to nearby states. If you need help with a haunting, please contact us.

Shoreline Paranormal Investigations
We are a group of paranormal investigators located on the shoreline in southeastern Connecticut. We specialize in scientific investigations of paranormal phenomena in and around the southeastern part of the state. We love submissions and discussions. We are a small group and we are looking to expand our member base.

Sonoma County Paranormal Independant Research Investigative Team S.P.I.R.I.T.
We are a paranormal investigative group who just recently formed a group in Sonoma County, California. We do not charge to investigate a haunting in private homes or places of business. We have a forum and a blog as well as a web site so check us out.

Soulseekers Ghost Hunters. Paranormal investigators researching ghosts, hauntings, spirits, entities, and all paranormal activity throughout the UK and Ireland. Our site has ghost pictures, stories, a forum, chatroom, and more. Please visit our site and have fun.

South Carolina Paranormal Activity Research Association
Located in Columbia, South Carolina, we are a not for profit organization dedicated to the scientific investigation and documentation of the paranormal. We strive to provide education and assistance to people in need and who have encountered strange and unexplained happenings.

Southeast Paranormal Research and Investigation Team (SPIRIT)
SPIRIT Investigations is a paranormal investigation team based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team investigates in the states of Florida and Georgia, however we do investigate nationally when needed. We investigate residential and commercial properties, and historic landmarks... basically, anywhere unexplained activity has been recorded you may find us.

SouthEastern Michigan Paranormal Support & Investigation (SEMPSI)
We are a paranormal investigative group, based in Southeastern Lower Michigan with a satellite group in Flint. We seek evidence of ghosts through photos of ecto and light anomalies and spirit voice recordings, or EVP. We are available, always free of charge, to help the living when they have problems with hauntings. We don't just tell you that "Yes, you are haunted," we are pretty successful at helping to clear your haunted space. We have been around since 2003 in this group, but we are all from other groups and have many years of experience between us. Several of our members have actually grown up in or lived in haunted homes and the experiences give us compassion and an understanding not often found with other groups. We are discreet and take each situation very seriously. Along with private residences, we also investigate historical sites, places of business, and of course, cemeteries.

Southern Ghosts
We are a paranormal research team headquartered in Florida. We conduct field investigations throughout the United States using both scientific methods (high tech equipment) as well as psychic intuition. We offer public overnight events at haunted locations in cities such as Gettysburg, New Orleans, Savannah and St. Augustine. Ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists are our main area of study. We have been trained by Andrew Nichols, Ph.D. a noted parapsychologist and founder of the American Institute of Parapsychology (AIP).

Southern Illinois Ghost Hunters
We are a group of paranormal investigators located in southern Illinois who gather scientific data and information and submit it to the public as proof.

Southern Maine Paranormal Society
We our a non-profit organization based in Southern Maine. We are dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal activity. Our site features original documentation content such as EVP, video, and photographs taken on investigations.

Southern Maryland Ghost & History Society
Society located in Southern Maryland who try to bring ghost hunters and history enthusiasts together in order to learn more about the history and ghosts in Southern Maryland and different locations around the world. Our mission is to somehow prove that ghost exist.

Southwest Washington Paranormal Research
Our purpose is to educate others and ourselves. To provide proof of the existence of hauntings and spiritual contact through photography, EVP, psychic channeling, and various other "ghost hunting" methods. We are a non-profit group. Our photographers follow strict protocol during all photo sessions. All photos are untouched and authentic. We welcome all comments and questions.

SPIRIT - Paranormal Investigations in Washington State
Washington State Paranormal Investigation Team - S.P.
I.R.I.T. If you feel your home or business has paranormal activity and want confirmation, we will conduct a thorough, scientific investigation. Upon completion of the investigation you will receive a package containing evidence of either paranormal activity or natural causes.

SpookHunters is a group of skeptics and believers based out of Florida. We investigate and challenge haunted hot spots across America. We also don't take ourselves too seriously. Have fun while you're alive because there will be plenty of time for other things while you're dead!

Soul Trackers
A non-profit International Paranormal Investigative group. Investigates worldwide free of charge.

South-Central Ohio Paranormal Society
With over twenty years of first hand experience, South-Central Ohio Paranormal Society stands alone as an investigative research organization that not only seeks the truth behind the mystery, but also investigates events to the point of exhaustion. The team consists of four key members who's personal experience and knowledge enables them to collaborate collectively on separate occasions which simplifies the countless hours of research required to bring light to the situation.

South Eastern Paranormal Investigation and Research
Woman owned paranormal investigations service located in the Northwest Florida panhandle outside the beautiful city of Pensacola. Carla Klosowski-Salter has over 25 years experience in the paranormal field. She shares her insights on spirit photography, hauntings, orb activity, ghosts, phantasms, historic sites, as well as techniques involved in the supernatural and preternatural field.

Southern California Paranormal Society
The S.C.P.S. is a non-profit organization based out of several areas of sunny Southern California. We offer public ghost hunts for all who wish to join us as well as take private and individual cases from people all over Southern California (and beyond that). The S.C.P.S. is probably the most diverse of all the paranormal groups in California or even the United States. Our studies range from ghosts and paranormal to metaphysical and the occult.

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association
Our goal is to gather and collate data that will lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings. We are open minded to all theories and methods as this is still not an exact science! Hopefully, we will collect the necessary proof and field tested theories that are vital to bringing the subject of ghosts into the mainstream.

Southwest Michigan Paranormal Research
SWMPRS is a Berrien county based Paranormal Research society. Come here to find out about SW Michigan Hauntings, or just to get more information on ghosts.

Spirit of the Baker Investigations
A non-profit organization that is both a historical and paranormal group. Our primary focus is the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, possibly the most haunted hotel in the United States.

Spirit Quest Paranormal
Spirit Quest Paranormal, founded by Chris and Ginger Pennell, is Houston based and serves Texas, the United States, and Overseas with professional consulting, investigations, and help for families or businesses that are dealing with the paranormal.

Based in Brookpark, Ohio, we search for the unknown: orbs, EVP, ectoplasm, and videos.

Spirit-team are a group of professionally-trained individuals, set up in 2004 to investigate and promote research into the paranormal. Based in the Midlands, England, the team are available to carry out investigations in all parts of the British Isles. To date we have carried out over 20 investigations, ranging from small private houses to castles, including such high profile locations as The Ancient Ram Inn, Woodchester Mansion, Birmingham Alexandra Theatre, and The Falstaffs Experience. We use state-of-the-art equipment, such as, night vision cameras, EMF meters, sound recording and digital analysis, thermometers and motion detectors. We offer a free and confidential service and are available to carry out an investigation at short notice. A full report of our findings is presented on completion of the investigation. This will include a full written report and any photographic/video evidence can be provided in VCD or DVD format. We are affiliated to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and 4 of our members are accredited ASSAP investigators. Our team comprise of professional people, from IT Engineers through to Business Managers and this reflects in our professional approach and the need to uphold trust and confidentiality at all times. We also have several mediums, psychics and a clairvoyant as part of the team, who have proven skills of obtaining any relevant information. To back this up, we also have a local historian, with many years of experience, who will try to corroborate any details found with local records. If you are interested in joining our team and becoming a paranormal investigator or would like to have your property investigated, please feel free to contact us using the links on our contact page.

Spooks Paranormal
A paranormal team based in Crewe, Cheshire who travel the UK researching paranormal activity.

Spiritfinders Scotland
Paranormal investigations and research in Scotland.

We are a husband and wife ghost hunting team located in central New Jersey. We take a serious scientific approach to investigating paranormal activity through documentation, research, and a wide variety of state of the art electronic equipment. We work with and are affiliated with many paranormal research groups.

Suffolk & Norfolk Paranormal Investigations
We are a paranormal team based in East Anglia, UK. We are looking for hauntings to investigate free of charge. All investigations are confidential, so if you have a ghost and would like us to investigate it, view our Web site.

Supernatural Paranormal Investigative Team (S.P.I.T.)
S.P.I.T. is a Wooster, Ohio-based paranormal research team. As ghost hunters, we are dedicated to prove or disprove claimed paranormal activity.

Sutton Paranormal Group
Sutton Paranormal Group is
an investigation team based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Syracuse Ghost Hunters
Helping those in the central New York area. Need help with a haunting? We are here to help. Working with EVP, EMF, cameras, psychics, and more. Please contact us at any time with questions.

Tarrant County Investigators of the Paranormal (Texas)
T.C.I.P. consists of investigators from an array of backgrounds, brought together by one common goal -- understanding and proving/disproving the existence of things that go bump in the night. We were brought together through our own personal experiences with the paranormal, giving us compassion and an understanding of what you are going through. We are a professional not-for-profit organization based in Tarrant County, but serving the entire Dallas/FT Worth, Texas Metroplex and surrounding counties. Our only goal is to provide those who contact us with peace of mind and understanding. If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity, we encourage you to contact us.

Team Phenomena
Team Phenomena is a team dedicated to investigating and researching the paranormal. We are a non-profit making organization based in the Northeast of England. On our Web site you can find pictures and reports from the investigations that the team have carried out and also friendly forums where you can come in and chat about all things paranormal. You can read interviews from those who are well-known in the paranormal field and also come along to our chat room to discuss anything to do with the paranormal.

Tennessee Ghost Hunters
Located in the Nashville area, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of ghosts, classic hauntings, poltergeists, and other paranormal phenomena. We also provide education and assistance to people who have encountered spirit, ghost, or other unexplained activity.

Thomas Bryan Foundation
The Thomas Bryan Foundation for Paranormal Research, Houston Texas.

Queen City Paranormal Researchers
We are a small group located in Springfield, Missouri, dedicated to professionalism in the field of paranormal research and investigation.

Tri-State Paranormal Research
We are Tri-State Paranormal Research, a group of researchers in New Jersey with years of experience in this fascinating field. TSPR's purpose is to gather, collate and share with working paranormal research groups data and evidence gathered during our investigations. Our investigators use modern, state-of-the-art tools and equipment for our research. Our members possess a wide variety of abilities. Some are sensitive/psychic, while others specialize in EVP, photography and video. Together, we make a balanced team to investigate the "paranormal".

Tri-County Paranormal Investigators
Tri-County Paranormal Investigators are a small group of researchers serving the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. We go above and beyond our duty to give you answers. With a professional staff, the right equipment, and the will to find your haunting, we guarantee we will find the root of your paranormal activity! Yes, we call ourselves ghost hunters, and that's exactly what we do. "Putting minds at ease and spirits to rest," we are TCPI.

Tristate Ghost Hunters
Tristate Ghost Hunters are based out of Pennsylvania. We currently investigate in the tristate area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. We want opportunities to explain the unexplainable and want to help those in need of assistance. We are serious about what we do and take all the precautions to investigate in a safe and professional manner. We use scientific equipment to gain concrete evidence on paranormal activity. Tristate currently investigates private residences, penitentiaries, businesses, historical sites, and cemeteries.

TRP Paranormal
We are a Paranormal group based in southern Ohio. We document and capture paranormal activity. Ghost pictures, EVP, ITC photographs, and Paranormal research information.

Tulsa Ghost Investigators
TGI - Paranormal researchers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are a professional and confidential team working to find the truth in this fascinating field. Founded by Vicky Glidewell and Becca Lindsey, we wish to share a warm welcome to those who are interested in the truth only the data can provide.

Two Counties Paranormal Investigations
TCPI is a skeptic-based paranormal investigation group based jointly in the counties of West Sussex and Surrey, England. We are an investigative group and we strive to use scientific techniques and make the maximum use of any modern technology that helps to improve the recording and quality of our investigations, and more importantly our results. We seek only the truth.

UnKnown Society Paranormal Investigators
The UnKnown Society Paranormal Investigators is a paranormal group located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We investigate ghost sightings, stories, hauntings, and other paranormal and supernatural activities. The UnKnown Society Paranormal Investigators are not limiting it's members to local areas of Kentucky, but we wish to extend our membership base nationally and world wide. We learn more when we work together.

Upper Penninsula Paranormal Research Society of Michigan
Welcome to the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society. By the name you can tell we are researchers of the paranormal/ghosts. Our head office is located in Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where people are affectionately referred to as Yoopers! Although we are located in the Eastern U.P. of Michigan, our research will take us all the way to the Western U.P., and into northern lower Michigan. Within our site you will find stories; stories from our actual investigations, and stories submitted from individuals like yourself who know first-hand accounts or legends from the U.P. and Northern Michigan area. You will also find within our supernatural walls, pictures, Directors Notes, our Mission Statement, frequently asked questions, and more.

Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research (WSPIR)
WSPIR is a skilled paranormal investigation and research organization committed to seeking scientific evidence of other realms of existence. We are dedicated to scientifically researching, investigating, and documenting paranormal phenomenon with integrity, honesty, and discretion. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility and performs every investigation with professionalism and respect. Our members follow strict analytical protocols during investigations and attempt to rule out all naturally occurring phenomenon, such as human influence, environmental affects or errors, by reasonable assumption and scientific processes so that the only other explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature. All paranormal evidence collected during investigations will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only be released or published when permission has been granted. All evidence will be presented unaltered and uncensored.

The Waynesboro Paranormal Research Group
This is the site for a paranormal research group who sells nothing and doesn't charge for help with paranormal events. Need help or interested in the paranormal? Contact us on either of or 2 sites. We are located in Waynesboro, Virginia. We have message boards and chat rooms on both sites. Leave a message, boards are checked often. Our Meetup site is: ghosts.meetup.com/425

West Central Georgia Investigators of Paranormal Activity
Completely free, profesionally conducted investigations into claims of ghosts and hauntings. check our homepage for EVP, pictures, and more information.

West Virginia Ghost Hunters
The West Virginia Ghost Hunters are a paranormal research group based in Charleston, West Virginia. We offer free membership to anyone who is interested in the paranormal. We also offer free, scientific, and professional investigations throughout all of West Virginia and most of Ohio and Kentucky. Our Web site also has the most extensive list of haunted places in West Virginia.

White Rose Paranormal
White Rose Paranormal is an established Yorkshire-based paranormal investigation team looking to uncover the dark side of Yorkshire, England. Join our forum for information and chat on ghosts, hauntings, and occasional investigation invites!

Wisconsin / Illinois Paranormal Society

Paranormal investigators located in southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois dedicated to proving or disproving hauntings in locations with both scientific and sensitive methods. You are not alone, we are here to help!

Worcester Regional Area Investigation Team - Hauntings (W.R.A.I.T.H. Paranroaml)
W.R.A.I.T.H. (Worcester Regional Area Investigation Team - Hauntings) Paranormal is based in Central Massachusetts and services the following states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and New Jersey. We are a non-profit based organization that relies on scientific evidence to prove the existence of ghosts as well as proving or disproving a possible "haunting." We carefully examine any evidence we collect during an investigation and consider all alternative explanations before considering something Paranormal. We are very professional and pride ourselves on our confidentiality for our clients.

World Paranormal Investigations
We are an internationally-based paranormal group with three branches in the US and a branch in the UK.

WPARanormal Inc. Paranormal Investigators

WPARanormal Inc, a 501(c)(3), Clergy led, Paranormal Investigation Club, based in Portage, Michigan. We were founded by Bob Penny and Rev. Robert DuShane, both Certified Paranormal Investigators, as "Kalamazoo Ghost Hunters Club" in 1993. We do investigations in the tri-state area, with most efforts focused on Southwest Michigan. Our goal is to prove to the world the existence of paranormal activities. One method we use is to disprove some "hauntings" and then focus on sites we believe to be active, and attempt to disprove them too. We are non-profit and never charge for our services. Donations and the members themselves support us. We use the latest scientific equipment to aid us in our investigations.

X Investigations
The world's only paranormal team affiliated with a licensed New York detective agency, X-Investigations goes beyond traditional ghost hunting. We tackle supernatural cases including curses, possessions, and all manner of unexplained phenomena. The Los Angeles team made up of an occult expert and Czech clairvoyant, has been called the 21st century avengers of ghost busting.

Yuba Sutter Paranormal Investigators
We're a non-profit ghost hunting group who operates out of Northern California. We offer advice and diagnosis through investigation for alleged hauntings and other supernatural or paranormal occurrences. Visit our Web site for more information and to request a free investigation.

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Join us now as we travel to the edge between the worlds, to locations and destinations where visits from the “other side” are more than commonplace.