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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


Making The Most Out Of Taking A Ghost Tour

Take a Ghost Tour with Dash Beardsley and you might just encounter a real ghost!

Take a Ghost Tour with Dash Beardsley's Ghost Tours Of Galveston Island and you might just encounter a real ghost!

And A few Trade Ghost Hunter Secrets

By Gina Lanier

All the real Ghost Tours across America and in the world are all great and wonderful to experience. But how as a serious Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator can you take and make it the best experience possible. Here are a few tips on making your personal encounter with a real ghost on a walking tour more then just the normal paranormal experience.



All the real Ghost Tours across America and in the world are all great and wonderful to experience. But how as as a serious Ghost hunter or paranormal investigator can you take and make it the best experience possible. Here are a few tips on making your personal encounter with a real ghost on a walking tour more then just the normal paranormal experience.

Skeptical or not when taking a walking or riding ghost tour keep a good open clear mind to what you might experience. You might just learn an urban legend or two, or a bit of the cities local history that you never knew. Often those of us that take a Ghost tour in our own cities and towns already know the story being told and sometimes it may differ from the one you know. either your fact or theirs might be wrong. Many haunted building and ghost stories of houses and cemeteries often come from the research of a local historian but fact often get retold to the point that they change.

As a paranormal investigator it is great to learn of these changes in stories and finding out the differences in what you already have gathered is the perfect thing that could happen. Comparing your facts and those of a real haunted ghost tour could in some cases open a new twist on your paranormal investigation.

The tours that are spotlighted here also made the Beat and most haunted Top Ten List here at Haunted America Tours and after reading this article you can certainly see and understand why.

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The do's and don'ts of ghost hunting on a Haunted Ghost Tour...

If your a Ghost hunter or even a historian it is not polite to speak up and challenge a Ghost tour guides ghost story. It is better to take them to the side after the tour and tell them what you know or have heard. of course who's to say your right and they are wrong.

Ghost hunting on a ghost tour is not always openly acceptable. It is better to ask or contact a tour before you take it, to find out if it is accepted or allowed. Many ghost tours today around the world use copy written material and do not like it being Video or digitally recorded. A few tours often give or offer private Ghost Tours especially geared for ghost hunters only, and these are usually much better and relaxed as compared to a quick get the story told move on to the next haunted stop of the tour. These Ghost Hunters only tours may cost a little more but they are certainly worth the time, attention and effort.

Ghost Tours of Galveston Island With Dash Beardsley are the best Texas has to offer. Accept no imitations by any means. If the ghost man of Galveston is not involved the Ghost tour whether it be a hotel or haunted Cemetery is not worth what you paid for it. Often copied but never equaled to Dash who is the real Deal!

Ghost seem to follow him around and his skills at hunting ghost and learning their stories is simply uncanny. Many who have taken his Island ghost tour continue to frequent them and ghost photos when he is around happen all the time. I believe Beardsley is just a natural talented medium and as a ghost tour guide this certainly makes for some real haunted tour entertainment. Galveston, Texas I also believe is the most haunted town in Texas, and Beardsley is the best haunted Tour Guide to take a tour with in the nation or possibly the world.

Ghost Tours Of Galveston Island With Dash Beardsley the most haunted ghost tour in the nation!

Please Visit his Website www.GhostOfGalvestonisland.com

Ghost Tours Of Galveston' Dash Beardsley does many late night private ghost tours for ghost hunters only. He welcomes the use of any type of equipment you might want to bring or use. " I don't openly advertise this tour to the public but it does exist ." And when Ghost Hunting in Galveston or any Haunted City in the world it seems the Ghost tours guides know all the hot spots and the best times to find a real ghost to investigate. Beardsley is a wealth of paranormal information and much, much more of an investigator then he admits to you on his tours. Personally he has investigated many of the hotspots on his tours and gathers new ghost stories almost everyday. He also does many investigations and is always looking for dedicated paranormal enthusiast to tag along for a fee of course. And it is worth every penny!

Take a ghost tour when your sober! A lot of tourist in strange cities often have a few and then decide to take a ghost tour. this happens in cities like New Orleans and New York 9 times out of ten. If you have had to too much to drink then stay at the bar. In most cases people who or over their drinking limit often make a ghost tour unbearable for those taking it.

Just because you take a tour that is not enough for a Paranormal investigator to soothe his itch in learning more. I often question the tour guides trying to see if they or anyone on their tour has experienced something other worldly. Guides often cope with distractions of the supernatural kind and at times often keep them to themselves. A recent interview into an investigation of a haunted location yielded more info to me after questioning a tour guide then did talking to the owner of the location. The guide who visits the home at least 3 times a day 6 nights a week gave me their observations plus what they could report back what people had experienced on the actual tour.

After 25 years of interviewing individuals who had experienced the paranormal—often in the haunted sites where the events happened—Mark Nesbitt, in 1994, became truly proactive in the field of paranormal investigation. On the darkened Gettysburg Battlefield, Mark, along with Rick Fisher, founder and president of Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania, began seeking out the ghosts he had written about for so many years.

Since then, Nesbitt has participated in, or led, over one hundred investigations of scores of haunted sites in Gettysburg, and on the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Court House, Wilderness, and Chancellorsville Battlefields; in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Johnstown, Pennsylvania; in Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, and other states. He has also conducted hands-on workshops on paranormal investigation techniques for those interested in learning more about this field.

Nesbitt’s forte is EVP—electronic voice phenomena—of which he has several hundred examples. His collection of EVP is the core of his next book, Dead Men Talking: The Spirit Voices of the Civil War.

Ghosts Of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking tour.

Mark Nesbitt Hunting for real Ghost at Ghost Of Gettysburg Tour Headquarters.

Mark Nesbitt leading a Paranormal Investigation Workshop at The Ghosts of Gettysburg headquarters building. Many Writers And Ghost Tour guides often ho,d after hour seminars for those lucky few that are willing to go on a real ghost hunt. Some or publicized as those offered by Nesbitt. Others are just passed on by word of mouth. And if as the old adage goes ask and you shall receive. I took a haunted tour in California once. I simply asked the guide is their any way I could investigate the alleged haunted house on my own. The guide then invited me along to a late night investigation of the property that very night.

When taking a Haunted Ghost tour Or Ghost Walk it is always important just to listen, keep your eyes open and ask questions when it is over. And of course investigate the facts you have heard through books and on the hunted internet.

Tommy Netzbands Haunted Haight Ghost Tour.


Tommy Netzband is the creator and host of the Haunted Haight Walking Tour www.hauntedhaight.com. He also in the founder and President of the San Francisco Ghost Society, a paranormal group that researches claims on of the supernatural in the city of San Francisco. Tommy is often called a "ghost historian" for his passion for researching the history of ghosts. Come discover the macabre history of San Francisco and learn all about the ghosts of Haight-Ashbury. His tours is the one of the most informative and very haunted one I have also taken next to the before mentioned ones in this article.

Netzband welcomes all your questions after the tour and not only glad to help you but also a great guy to get to know.

"Appalachian GhostWalks" was created by The ARC Founder and President, Stacey Allen McGee, who also serves as the Tour Director and attended school for Airline Travel and Tourism at the National Career Institute in Tampa, Florida in 1988-89. He has worked in the travel industry for many years and is assisted by two volunteer staff members ~ Michael W. Combs, CGH and Susan E. James, CGH. Both officers volunteer their time to help develop and present an educational, enlightening, and entertaining experience on each of our walking tours.

Meet the real Ghosts of Southern Appalachia with True Ghost Stories and Authentic Places

The Alternate Realities Center hosts monthly group meetings free and open to the public to discuss the paranormal. McGee host guest speakers and meetings in unique and interesting places. Please Join his Yahoo Group if you would like to stay informed on all news, meetings, and upcoming events hosted by The ARC...

I plan in the very near future to visit and investigate more ghost tours across the United States and Canada. I consider this as one of my newest paranormal investigations and plan to keep the readers of this site a breast of my findings and haunted discoveries.

Gina Lanier can personally be reached for questions by emailing her at: mskitowhawk@cox.net or calling her personally at 504-915-5505 or visit her website at: www.ginalanier.com

Gina Lanier Paranormal Investigations