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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


"I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessings on THIS HOUSE and on all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule this roof."
-John Adams, second President of the United States

Amityville The House Of Horrors Facts and Fictions...

The Amityville Horror . "Horror or Hoax" and "The Haunting"

Jay Anson's novel is said to be based on these events but has been the subject of much controversy. The house featured in the novel and its film versions still exists, but has been renovated and the actual Amityville House's address has been changed in order to discourage thrill seekers from visiting it. Because of the notoriety whether the house is haunted or not if only in the publics eye it is the most well known and often considered by most as the best most real haunted house in the world. But is it?

Story by Kim Hardy

My deep seated long hard fascination with the Amityville Horror has burnt inside me for many years. In trying to understand that, I set out to find all the information I could on it's history haunting's and murders. In trying to put it all into words I found much of the facts scattered through out the internet.

Yes as we all know "The Amityville Haunted House" haunts us all but the facts are very scattered, so I try now in my most hard hearted effort to present to you the actual facts that are out there. Including interviews with George Lutz his family and Ronald ("Butch") Joseph DeFeo Junior. After going through this story you might just be more afraid then if you lived in the house itself.


Click a size to view actual wallpaper, then right-click wallpaper to download


800 X 600 1024 X 768


The DeFeo Stigmatized property residence was a large, rambling, three-story Dutch Colonial home built in 1925. Because the property was long and narrow, the dark-shingled house sat sideways with the front door facing the elongated driveway. At the end of the DeFeos’ 237-foot-long lot sat their boathouse, right at the edge of the Amityville Creek.

November 13, 1974 Transcripts of the call to the Amityville police department:

Operator: This is Suffolk County Police. May I help you?"
Man: "We have a shooting here. Uh, DeFeo."
Operator: "Sir, what is your name?"
Man: "Joey Yeswit."
Operator: "Can you spell that?"
Man: "Yeah. Y-E-S W I T."
Operator: "Y-E-S . .
Man: "Y-E-S-W-I-T."
Operator: ". . . W-I-T. Your phone number?"
Man: "I don't even know if it's here. There's, uh, I don't have a phone number here."
Operator: "Okay, where you calling from?"
Man: "It's in Amityville. Call up the Amityville Police, and it's right off, uh . . .Ocean Avenue in Amityville."
Operator: "Austin?"
Man: "Ocean Avenue. What the ... ?"
Operator: "Ocean ... Avenue? Offa where?"
Man: "It's right off Merrick Road. Ocean Avenue."
Operator: "Merrick Road. What's ... what's the problem, Sir?"
Man: "It's a shooting!"
Operator: "There's a shooting. Anybody hurt?"
Man: "Hah?"
Operator: "Anybody hurt?"
Man: "Yeah, it's uh, uh -- everybody's dead."
Operator: "Whattaya mean, everybody's dead?"
Man: "I don't know what happened. Kid come running in the bar. He says everybody in the family was killed, and we came down here."
Operator: "Hold on a second, Sir."
(Police Officer now takes over call)
Police Officer: "Hello."
Man: "Hello."
Police Officer: "What's your name?"
Man: "My name is Joe Yeswit."
Police Officer: "George Edwards?"
Man: "Joe Yeswit."
Police Officer: "How do you spell it?"
Man: "What? I just ... How many times do I have to tell you? Y-E-S-W-I-T."
Police Officer: "Where're you at?"
Man: "I'm on Ocean Avenue.
Police Officer: "What number?"
Man: "I don't have a number here. There's no number on the phone. "
Police Officer: "What number on the house?"
Man: "I don't even know that."
Police Officer: "Where're you at? Ocean Avenue and what?"
Man: "In Amityville. Call up the Amityville Police and have someone come down here. They know the family."
Police Officer: "Amityville."
Man: "Yeah, Amityville."
Police Officer: "Okay. Now, tell me what's wrong."
Man: "I don't know. Guy come running in the bar. Guy come running in the bar and said there -- his mother and father are shot. We ran down to his house and everybody in the house is shot. I don't know how long, you know. So, uh . . ."
Police Officer: "Uh, what's the add ... what's the address of the house?"
Man: "Uh, hold on. Let me go look up the number. All right. Hold on. One-twelve Ocean Avenue, Amityville."
Police Officer: "Is that Amityville or North Amityville?"
Man: "Amityville. Right on ... south of Merrick Road."
Police Officer: "Is it right in the village limits?"
Man: "It's in the village limits, yeah."
Police Officer: "Eh, okay, what's your phone number?"
Man: "I don't even have one. There's no number on the phone. "
Police Officer: "All right, where're you calling from? Public phone?"
Man: "No, I'm calling right from the house, because I don't see a number on the phone."
Police Officer: "You're at the house itself?"
Man: "Yeah."
Police Officer: "How many bodies are there?"
Man: "I think, uh, I don't know -- uh, I think they said four."
Police Officer: "There's four?"
Man: "Yeah."
Police Officer: "All right, you stay right there at the house, and I'll call the Amityville Village P.D., and they'll come down."

Police investigators would find an additional two bodies, bringing the Ocean Avenue death toll to six. Six of seven members of the Ronald DeFeo family had been methodically murdered as they slept in their beds, leaving Ronald DeFeo, Jr., as the sole survivor of the grisly suburban bloodbath.

All six of the victims were found lying face down in their beds with no signs of a struggle or sedatives having been administered, leading to claims that someone in the house would have been woken up by the noise of the gunshots. Neighbors did not report hearing any gunshots being fired. The police investigation concluded that the victims had been asleep at the time of the murders, and that the rifle had not been fitted with a silencer. Police officers and the medical examiner who attended the scene were initially puzzled by the rapidity and scale of the killings, and considered the possibility that more than one person had been responsible for the crime. Ronald DeFeo has given several accounts of how the killings were carried out, all of them inconsistent.

On November 30, 2000, Ronald DeFeo gave an interview to Ric Osuna, the author of The Night the DeFeos Died, which was published in 2002. DeFeo claimed that he had committed the murders "out of desperation" with his sister Dawn and two unnamed friends. He claimed that after a furious row with his father, he and his sister planned to kill their parents, and that Dawn murdered the children in order to eliminate them as witnesses. He said that he was enraged on discovering his sister's actions, knocked her unconscious on to her bed and shot her in the head. Attempts to contact the two alleged accomplices have failed, since one died in January 2001 and the other is said to have entered a witness protection program. Ronald DeFeo Junior had a stormy relationship with his father, but why the entire family was killed remains unclear. The prosecution at his trial suggested that the motive for the murders was to collect on the life insurance policies of his parents.

The Offical Website of Ronald DeFeo. This site explores the Injustices of Suffolk County PD and the corruption within the 1975 trial of Ronald DeFeo jr.

Mug shot of Ronald DeFeo. taken shortly after his arrest

Ronald ("Butch") Joseph DeFeo Junior (born September 26, 1951) is an American murderer. He was tried and convicted for the 1974 killings of his father and mother, two brothers and two sisters. The case is notable for being the real life inspiration behind the book and film versions of The Amityville Horror.

At around 6:30 on the evening of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Junior burst into Henry's Bar in Amityville, Long Island, New York and declared: “You got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot.” DeFeo and a small group of people went to 112 Ocean Avenue, which was located not far from the bar, and found that DeFeo's parents were indeed dead. One of the group, Joe Yeswit, made an emergency 911 call to Suffolk County Police, who searched the house and found that six members of the same family were dead in their beds.

The Offical Website of Ronald DeFeo. This site explores the Injustices of Suffolk County PD and the corruption within the 1975 trial of Ronald DeFeo jr. www.injusticesofamityville.com

This site is owned by Ronald's wife, Tracey DeFeo, and contains original trial transcripts, original affidavits, bios and a gallery of the family as well as a case files page, store and much much more.

The victims were Ronald DeFeo Senior, 43, Louise DeFeo, 42, and four of their children, Dawn, 18, Allison, 13, Marc, 11, and John Matthew, 9. All of the victims had been shot with a .35 caliber lever action Marlin rifle at around three o'clock in the morning of that day. DeFeo's parents had both been shot twice, while the children had all been killed with single shots.

Ronald DeFeo Junior was the eldest son of the family, and was also known as "Butch". He was taken to the local police station for his own protection after suggesting to police officers at the scene of the crime that the killings had been carried out by a mob hit man named Louis Falini. However, an interview with DeFeo at the station soon exposed serious inconsistencies in his version of events, and the following day he confessed to carrying out the killings himself. He told detectives: "Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. It went so fast." 

DeFeo's trial began on October 14, 1975. He and his defense lawyer William Weber mounted a defense of insanity, with DeFeo claiming that voices in his head had urged him to carry out the killings. The insanity plea was supported by the psychiatrist for the defense, Doctor Daniel Schwartz. The psychiatrist for the prosecution, Doctor Harold Zolan, maintained that although DeFeo had an antisocial personality disorder and was an abuser of heroin and LSD, he was aware of his actions at the time of the crime. On November 21, 1975, DeFeo was found guilty on six counts of second-degree murder. On December 4, 1975, Judge Thomas Stark sentenced Ronald DeFeo Junior to six consecutive sentences of 25 years to life. DeFeo is currently held in Green Haven Correctional Facility, Beekman, New York, and all of his appeals to the parole board to date have been turned down. 

Over the years there have been many stories written about the DeFeo's, and the events that took place in 1974. 

The latest version of events tells of a woman named Geraldine Gates who has claimed to have been married to Ronald DeFeo in 1974, and she claims her daughter is Ronald's child. This website debunks Geraldine Gates's claims of ever having known the DeFeo family, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the stories she told Ric Osuna for his book "The Night the Defeos died," is pure fantasy and fabrication. http://thenightexposed.net/


* Recent Defeo News Articles *
Feb 16 Article http://www.newcriminologist.com/news.asp?id=1171618630
Feb 26 Article http://www.newcriminologist.com/news.asp?id=815670783
March 18 Article http://www.newcriminologist.com/news.asp?id=-1549862049

Ghostly Talk Radio http://www.ghostlytalk.com/ interview January 7, 2007 Tracey DeFeo did an interview on Ghostly Talk Paranormal Talk Radio. The show can be heard in their On-Demand Show Archives. http://thenightexposed.net/ghostlytalk.html


Ronnie DeFeo Jr. letter http://www.amityvillehorrortruth.com/defeo.htm

Ronald DeFeo Jr. DNA & New Trial Petition
Ronald DeFeo was never afforded a fair trial. My husband and I are asking you to please sign our "Petition" for a chance to exonerate him of the murders of his sister Allison and his Brothers Mark and John-Matthew.

Justice For Ronald DeFeo Jr

Interview Clear Image Radio April 7/07 http://clearimageradio.com/

The NightExposed the offical website of Ronald DeFeo Jr. http://www.thenightexposed.net/

Injustices of Amityville www.injusticesofamityville.com, explores the Injustices of Suffolk County PD and the corruption within the 1975 trial of Ronald DeFeo Jr. It also contains pages for the victims, the family, and a case files page. The bios page will give you an insight into some of the people mentioned here and within the Amityville Horror community.

Ric Osuna's book The Night the DeFeos Died offers an alternative but controversial explanation of the murders

Ric Osuna's book The Night the DeFeos Died offers an alternative but controversial explanation of the murders

Here's The Amityville Horror House Which Was Shot In June, 2005




The Amityville Horror is a best-selling book by the author Jay Anson which was published in September 1977. The book has also formed the basis of a series of films made between 1979 and 2005. The story is allegedly based on real life events, but has caused controversy over the reliability of many of its claims.

The Amityville Horror 

Amityville is best known as the setting of the novel The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson which was published in 1977, and has been turned into a series of films made between 1979 and 2005.

In December 1975 George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into 112 Ocean Avenue but left after twenty-eight days, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena produced by the house.

Almost from the moment that they moved into the house, the Lutz family would insist they noticed a paranormal presence in the house.

William Weber, Ronald DeFeo Jr.'s trial attorney, discusses how the Amityville Horror story was made up.


Amityville Horror - Good Morning America

George and Kathy Lutz appear on Good Morning America on July 26, 1979, alongside actor James Brolin (who played George Lutz in the original Amityville Horror movie).


But the most distinguishable characteristic of 112 Ocean Avenue was its dramatic front yard. Overlooking the street were two quarter-moon windows that looked like eyes, a feature common in Dutch Colonial homes. On the front lawn stood a lamp post with a sign attached that read “High Hopes,” a symbolic title of the family’s life in suburbia. Kneeling behind the sign were three figurines of children praying to a larger statue of St. Joseph holding the baby Jesus.

A Stigmatized property is a term used in the real estate business which describes possible detrimental features of a property or home, all the result of unfortunate occurrences. These can include murder, suicide and torture, in addition to a belief that a house may be haunted.

Even though a particular buyer may not care about any stigma attached to the property, the stigma may make it very difficult to resell in the future. Therefore, while a buyer may or may not believe in supernatural phenomena, he/she may want to know about a property's bloody past. However, depending on the jurisdiction of the house, the seller may not be required to disclose the full facts.

After a attempted exorcism, a Catholic priest entered the house, after agreeing to exorcize it, an eerie, disembodied voice told him to "get out". The horror of this haunted house reached even more dramatic proportions. Loud banging and scratching sounds, a demonic creature was seen outside the windows at night, George Lutz reportedly became "possessed" by some unseen spirit and green slime oozed from the walls and ceiling. 

Local New York television’s Channel 5 “investigated” the alleged haunting by bringing in alleged psychics together with “demonologist” Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine, a professed “clairvoyant.” The group held a series of séances in the house. One psychic claimed to be ill and to “feel personally threatened” by shadowy forces. Lorraine Warren pronounced that there was a negative entity “right from the bowels of the earth.” A further séance was unproductive but psychics agreed a “demonic spirit” possessed the house and recommended exorcism (Nickell 1995).

The family was further terrified by ghostly apparitions of hooded figures, flies that appeared from nowhere, cold chills, personality changes, sickly odors, objects moving about on their own, the repeated disconnection of their telephone service and communication between the youngest Lutz child and a pig that she called "Jodie". Kathy Lutz reported that she was often beaten and scratched by unseen hands and that one night, she was literally levitated up off the bed.

The family managed to hold out for 28 days before they gathered up their possessions and fled from the house. According to their story, they left so quickly that they didn't take their furniture or many of their other possessions with them. The demonic spirits, they said, had driven them from their home.

In February 1976, not long after the Lutz family left the house, local residents were stunned to see New York Channel 5's news team doing a live news feed from the house on Ocean Avenue. The news crew filmed a séance and a dramatic "investigation" of the place conducted by Ed and Lorraine Warren, two of America' most famous "demonologists".

At the most recent count in the land of remakes and sequels, the story of The Amityville Horror has been the subject of nine major Hollywood films.

James Brolin was hesitant when he was first offered the role of George Lutz. He was told that there was no script and that he must obtain a copy of Jay Anson's novel and read it as soon as possible. Brolin started the book one evening at seven o'clock and was still reading at two o'clock in the morning. He had hung a pair of his pants up in the room earlier and at a really "tense" part in the book, the pants fell down from wherever they had been hanging. Brolin jumped out of his chair, nearly crashing his head into the ceiling. It was then that Brolin said, "There's something to this story." He agreed to do the movie.

Inside Edition - Amityville - Hoax or Horror?

Christopher Quaratino Lutz, step son of former 112 Ocean Avenue owner George Lutz, describes his opinions of the Amityville events and the most recent MGM remake.

The Amityville Horror (1979)
advertisement The outdoor scenes of the movie were not filmed in Amityville, Long Island, but rather Toms River, New Jersey. Local police and ambulance workers played extras.

The Toms River, New Jersey volunteer Fire Company Number One was used to provide the "rain" during one of the exterior scenes. If you look closely, you can see that it is sunny and not "raining" in the background, the next street over.

This film's theatrical success was followed by two theatrically released sequels - Amityville II: The Possession (1982) an official sequel/prequel; Amityville 3-D (1983), not an official sequel; and five direct-to-video low-budget sequels released from 1989 to 1996. Then there's The Amityville Horror (2005), based on the book written by Jay Anson.

Jay Anson who wrote the book "The Amityville Horror" actually wrote out a screenplay for this film only for the producers to turn it down. Eventually they found Sandor Stern and liked his take on it so he was hired for the job.

Even though James Brolin became friendly with George Lutz and his children, he was highly doubtful of their story.

James Brolin said he didn't get a job for two years after doing this movie because of cruelty of his character.

 The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror (1979)

Starring: James Brolin, Margot Kidder Director: Stuart Rosenberg Rating R

The Amityville Horror (1979)
Amityville II: The Possession (1982)
Amityville 3D (1983) (this film was made in 3-D)
Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes (1989) (This was made for television)
The Amityville Curse (1990)
Amityville 1992: It's About Time (1992)
Amityville: A New Generation (1993)
Amityville Dollhouse: Evil Never Dies (1996)

The Amityville Horror (Widescreen Special Edition)

The Amityville Horror 2005

A family is terrorized by demonic forces after moving into a home that was the site of a grisly mass-murder. George & Kathy Lutz and Kathy's 3 children are moving into an elegant Long Island home. What they don't know is that 6 gruesome murders were committed there the year before - Ronald DeFeo Jr., the oldest son in the family, murdered his parents, his 2 brothers & 2 sisters by shooting them with a .35 caliber in November of 1974. No sooner are the Lutzes moved into the house than they begin seeing horrible things - the ghost of Jodie DeFeo, horribly disfigured bodies - and hearing ghostly voices throughout the house. George seems to notice it the most, and it isn't long before he becomes a danger to those around him. When the local priest, called in to bless the house, comes charging out in horror after being swarmed by flies, he issues a dire warning to Kathy - 'Leave that house'. But will they be able to escape before the house and its vengeful spirits take control of George - and make him into a deadly menace?

Most horror movies establish an atmosphere of normalcy, which they gradually rupture with spooky or creepy or stomach-churning images. The Amityville Horror--a remake of the 1979 movie about a possessed house that torments the family that moves into it--tosses normalcy out the window in the first five minutes, unleashing a nonstop barrage of unsettling camera angles, decaying wood and stained wallpaper, half-glimpsed shadows in motion, fast edits of grotesque ghosts, and dozens of other horror-movie devices. Whether you like the movie will depend on whether you like feeling slightly nauseated and cut off from any semblance of reality--for many people, that's why they go to horror movies. Others won't be able to suspend disbelief that anyone but an actor would spend the time necessary to develop Ryan Reynold's insanely buff physique, prominently displayed as he runs around wearing nothing but a pair of loose-fitting pajama bottoms. In addition to Reynolds (Van Wilder, Blade: Trinity), the movie also features Philip Baker Hall (Magnolia) and Melissa George (Down With Love). --Bret Fetzer

Product Description
From Michael Bay, the producer of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," comes the true story of Amityville. In November 1974, a family of six was brutally murdered. Now, a year later, an unsuspecting young couple, George (Ryan Reynolds, "Blade: Trinity," "The In-Laws") and Kathy Lutz (Melissa George, TV's "Alias"), and their children move into the house that was the site of the horrific event and is now haunted by a murderous presence. What follows is 28 days of unimaginable terror. With demonic visions of the dead and relentless screams of terror, this is the haunted house story that isn't just a movie - it's real.

The Amityville Horror Collection (The Amityville Horror/Amityville II: The Possession/Amityville 3-D/Bonus Disc - Amityville Confidential) 

The Amityville Horror Collection (The Amityville Horror/Amityville II: The Possession/Amityville 3-D/Bonus Disc - Amityville Confidential) 

Amityville Horror Trailer 2005 remake




Amityville The Real Haunted House on The internet

The Amityville Horror Official Website www.amityvillehorrortruth.com/

The Warrens Investigate: The Amityville Horror www.warrens.net/amityvill.htm

Ric Osuna's The Amityville Murders™ www.amityvillemurders.com/

Ghosts of the Prairie: Behind the Legends www.prairieghosts.com/amityville.html

During the period that the Lutz family was living at 112 Ocean Avenue, Stephen Kaplan, a self-styled vampirologist, was called in to investigate the house. Kaplan and the Lutzes fell out and Kaplan went on to write a critical book entitled The Amityville Horror Conspiracy with his wife Roxanne Salch Kaplan. The book was published in 1995 and Stephen Kaplan died of a heart attack in the same year. On the night of March 6, 1976 the house was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, a husband and wife team described as demonologists, together with a crew from the television station Channel 5 New York. During the course of the investigation a photograph was taken allegedly showing a demonic boy with glowing white eyes.

During the course of the investigation a photograph was taken allegedly showing a demonic boy with glowing white eyes. The original photograph can be viewed online at http://www.thedemonologist.net/work6.htm

The house was also investigated by the parapsychologist Hans Holzer. The Warrens and Holzer have suggested that 112 Ocean Avenue is occupied by malevolent spirits due to the past history of the house.

In recent years many web sites devoted to the Amityville Horror have sprung up, often taking a strong stance either for or against the events. Virtually every aspect of the story has been disputed at some point, and rivalry between researchers has been a long standing feature of the case.

Amityville Horror Documentary Clip


George Lutz registered the phrase The Amityville Horror as a trademark in 2002, and it is referred to as The Amityville Horror™ on his official website. The Amityville Horror Official Website http://www.amityvillehorrortruth.com/

The 2005 film says that the basement of the house was built in 1692, but 112 Ocean Avenue - also known as High Hopes - was built around 1924 for John and Catherine Moynahan. It is a six bedroom house in the Dutch Colonial revival style, with a distinctive gambrel roof. In the film versions, the house was renamed 412 Ocean Avenue.

The That's Incredible team investigates claims by the Cromarty family that the Amityville "Horror House" (which they bought a year after the Lutzes fled) is not haunted, after all - and that the whole haunting was a fraud. Check out how Mrs Cromarty proves the front door was never broken/repaired with the help of her magic screwdriver!


One of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Peter O'Neill, lived in the house from 1987 to 1997.Also, the actress Christine Belford lived in the house from 1960 to 1965

Eminem recorded a song called Amityville for his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP. The lyrics of the song are controversial and contain strong language.

Former owner of Amityville horror house dies in Las Vegas
May 10, 2006 http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/nevada/2006/may/10/051010103.html

LAS VEGAS -- George ''Lee" Lutz, whose brief stay in an Amityville, N.Y., house spawned one of the most famous haunted house stories ever, has died of natural causes. He was 59. Mr. Lutz, a Las Vegas resi- dent, died on May 8, 2006, his lawyer, Larry Zerner of Los Angeles said. The Clark County coroner listed the cause as heart disease. Lutz, a former land surveyor, became famous after moving his new bride and three children into a Dutch colonial house on Long Island in 1975. About a year earlier, six members of the DeFeo family had been shot and killed in the house. Ronald DeFeo Jr., the eldest son, was later convicted of those mur- ders. The Lutzes lived in the house for 28 days before being driven out. The family's eerie tales became the source for Jay Anson's 1977 book, ''The Amityville Horror," along with a 1979 film. The book and movies chronicled horrors that include visions of walls oozing blood, furniture that moves, and a visit from a demonic pig named Jodie. The fran- chise made a cult figure of Mr. Lutz, who some claimed bore a likeness to Ronald DeFeo. He passionately defended himself against those who accused him of intentionally moving in- to the house to profit from the DeFeo mur-ders. The Amityville tale and the rights to profit from it led to a tangle of litigation involving the Lutzes, publishers, and others. After fleeing the home and abandoning their possessions, the Lutzes moved to San Diego, briefly selling Amway products. His former wife, Kathy Lutz, died of emphysema on August 17, 2004. The couple were divorced in the late 1980s.
Associated Press

 The Amityville Horror Conspiracy

The 1995 book The Amityville Horror Conspiracy by Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan was critical of the Lutzes' version of events.

The 1995 book The Amityville Horror Conspiracy by Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan was critical of the Lutzes' version of events.

Sources & Bibliography:
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Kaplan, Dr. Stephen & Roxanne Salch Kaplan - The Amityville Horror Conspiracy (1995)
Lynott, Douglas B. - The Real Amityville Horror (2001)
Sullivan, Gerald & Harvey Aronson - High Hopes: The Amityville Murders (1981)

A 10 year owner of 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville NY, tells some of the made up stories about the Amityville Horror story and the house.

The man who later lived there for eight months said he had experienced nothing more horrible than a stream of gawkers who tramped onto the property. Similarly the couple who purchased the house after it was given up by the Lutzes, James and Barbara Cromarty, poured ice water on the hellish tale. They confirmed the suspicions of various investigators that it was a bogus admixture of phenomena: part traditional haunting, part poltergeist disturbance, and part demonic possession, including elements that seemed to have been lifted from the movie The Exorcist.

Made up Amityville Horror Story




Las Vegas, NV (October 23, 2005 ) – The US District Court Southern District New York ruled on October 17, 2005 against Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, ordering his “action closed.” This brings to an end nearly three years of legal struggles that Ric Osuna, author of The Night the DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders, has had to endure in order to validate his work and defend himself from the defamatory claims made by individuals looking to prevent his book from achieving the international recognition it has gained.

In February 2004, DeFeo brought a civil action against author Ric Osuna and his former publisher, good friend and Amityville colleague Ryan Katzenbach, claiming he lied in his book, made defamatory statements, and stole his property. Osuna always has maintained that the case was revenge, filed against him because he refused to help DeFeo profit from his crime. The case against Ryan Katzenbach was dismissed in July, when the court ruled DeFeo was libel proof. Osuna, on the other hand, held off until August to request a formal dismissal, which was recently granted after DeFeo could not address the merits of his case.

Osuna said, "I am pleased that the New York court, after carefully weighing all the evidence, has found that the accusations against me were without merit and has summarily dismissed the case. Far too long, certain individuals have called into question my character to prevent the truth from being reported and sabotage my diligent work. This court decision, like the others, has exonerated not only me, but also the individuals who have stood by me."

Ric Osuna is no stranger to legal action. In 2003, George Lutz filed a lawsuit against Ric Osuna arguing several absurd and self-serving claims that a court of law eventually dismissed. Like DeFeo’s action, Osuna feels the case was nothing but an attempt to bully him into silence. Representing himself, Osuna filed a 200+ page summary judgment that won four of the five causes of action. Although in the court proceeding Lutz never attacked any of the facts presented in Ric Osuna's book, Lutz tried to claim that Osuna was guilty of fraud, conversion of stolen property, trademark infringement over a domain name dispute, copyright infringement, and breach of contract. Despite the fact that in an earlier letter Lutz's attorney promised Lutz would "own" him, the court ruled in favor of Osuna, citing that Lutz's "mere scintilla of evidence is not enough to defeat a motion for summary judgment."

Explaining a summary judgment, Ryan Katzenbach said, "Ric, who moved for summary adjudication [judgment], had the burden of presenting evidence and facts that prove, SO CLEARLY, that he is right and the other side is wrong. In this case, George and his attorney had the upper advantage, frankly. Lutz's attorney was fighting a pro-se Defendant with no formal legal training or degree."

As the case neared the final showdown, Ric Osuna filed an 18-page motion, expecting to win his case with an involuntary dismissal of the last cause of action pertaining to the disputed domain name. The day before the hearing and upon the request of Lutz and his attorney, Osuna settled the last cause of action over the disputed domain name for no money or damages. "If any of the opposing parties in these proceedings would have had a leg to stand on," Katzenbach quipped, "they would have prevailed. THEY DIDN'T. George and his attorney had 80% of their lawsuit blasted out from under them by a 30-year old with no formal legal education. Apparently, our courts can still see the differences between right and wrong."

However, Ric Osuna and Ryan Katzenbach were not the only party to prevail in the courts. Back in 2003, Butch DeFeo retaliated against his ex-wife Geraldine because, among other things, she would not remarry him. The lawsuit against Geraldine was nearly identical to the one he would eventually file against Osuna. As in Osuna’s case, the New York superior court found Butch DeFeo’s charges to be baseless. The case was dismissed, helping secure Geraldine DeFeo’s authenticity.

The results of these court cases further substantiate that Ric Osuna’s book, The Night the DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders, was based on the truth supported with factual information obtained through legitimate and proper methods. Osuna picked up the entire tab for the research, which amounted to more than $13,000.

But, Ronald “Butch” DeFeo and his current wife Tracey did not limit their accusations to court documents. They continued their defamatory remarks through sensational claims against Ric Osuna and Geraldine DeFeo made to various law enforcement agencies. Osuna contacted these agencies offering cooperation and proof of his innocence, being proactive with his defense. The U.S. Department of Justice, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office and the Attorney General of New York State informed the embattled author that they had found no wrongdoing on his part. Disbelieving Butch and Tracey's allegations, in an October 3, 2004 letter to Ric Osuna, the U.S. Department of Justice wrote that it "does not intend to initiate a criminal investigation regarding this matter." For the record, Osuna has never been arrested or a suspect in a crime and has even assisted law enforcement in criminal cases. In fact, Osuna has a clean record and is a volunteer with the American Red Cross along with several other prominent community organizations. He freely gives of his time to the needy and less fortunate.

"It is a great day." Osuna concluded, "The absurd allegations, along with the various parties who have resorted to character assassination, have been proven false. Their failure only reinforces the validity of the truth and corroborating research contained in my book and at my website."

The Night the DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders (Paperback)

The Night the DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders (Paperback)
by Ric Osuna (Author)

For more information, please visit www.amityvillemurders.com or purchase The Night the DeFeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders


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The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

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